Another Senseless School Suspension

We all know that it is illegal to brings drugs to school, but an 11-year old Virginia boy has been suspended for bringing in a leaf that officials thought looked like marijuana. Tests were conducted, proving that it was, in fact, just a leaf and was not marijuana. Despite those findings, the young man is still being punished and has received what I think severe consequences.

I get it. We live in a crazy world and crazy things happen every single day. But if you ask me, people need to take a chill pill said AnastasiaDate. When something illegal happens, take action. But do not automatically jump to conclusions on every little whim. Stories like this are becoming more and more common. As a parent I can completely understand why a parent is upset and in disbelief.

A one-year suspension. Probation. For something that wasn’t even marijuana. Tests were conducted. Three of them, and the same results. In the possession of a ‘gifted’ student. Give me a break people! This student lost a year of schooling over this, his parents were forced to pay fines. Something has to give.

It seems that some people are more concerned with being right or doing what they want to do to avoid making themselves look silly, even when they know they are wrong. Kids are paying the price for their mistakes, and it is just not right. Enough is enough.

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