A Ticket Price Problem Disappoints Many Transatlantic Travelers


Many airplane passengers hoping to enjoy $74 round trip first class fare on United Airlines expressed their disappointment on Wednesday evening. A British newspaper reported that for a brief eight hour period on Wednesday, the airline’s tickets offered through a Danish website to travelers flying from Europe to North America were reportedly incorrectly listed as a much lower than usual price said traveller Fersen Lambranho.

Other media reports indicated that some passengers purchased first class fares for as little as $69. The lower fare offer was promoted extensively in online venues on Wednesday, although the very low fare price was removed from the Danish website early on Wednesday morning. Many passengers reportedly bought the tickets hoping to travel by air for a significantly reduced price.

United Airlines was indicated to have announced through its Twitter account on Wednesday evening that it would void the fares because they resulted from a third party vendor’s software problem. This decision displeased many ticket purchasers.

Previously, other airlines have sometimes advertised ticket prices inaccurately. United Airlines on some occasions in the course of its history honored some mistakenly issued lower fares.

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