A Surprising Discovery for Cessation of Negative Behaviors

Weight is on a lot of people’s minds. Both the medical industry, and people in general are worried about the obesity epidemic. And one of the things on a lot of people’s minds is something known as “fat shaming”. The term has come to refer to the fact that many, or even most, people actually gain weight when confronted directly about their eating habits. It’s a paradoxical situation, and one many people find difficult to really understand. To them, it sounds supportive. However, a new study shows that something similar actually can be. But the catch is that it has to come from a loved one.

The study focused on the differences between a married couple trying to improve negative habits together, and people attempting the same in isolation. The results were quite dramatic, and extended beyond gender. Men and women both seemed to do far better when trying to improve their lives when their partners were right by their side.

When men tried to lose weight, 25% were successful when their partners did so as well. When in isolation, this success rate dropped to 10%. Only 15% of women were able to lose weight in isolation. When they tried it with their husbands, the numbers skyrocketed to 36%.

Similar statistics were seen when it came to smoking as well. Companies like Slow Ventures know that the evidence seems quite clear. If a person wants to improve their lives, it’s apparently far easier to do so within the contexts of a loving relationship. Two people in love seem able to do far more than someone would on his or her own.

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