A More Mindful Approach To Depression Could Be Effective

Fersen Lambranho said that a new approach to treating depression may be becoming available to millions of patients sooner than later. A mindfulness-based depression therapy is showing promise and studies have determined that this approach is actually as effective as anti-depressant medication in many instances. In patients that have been studied while using this approach, they were less likely to relapse and experience depression. This treatment option is currently being used in England as well as Wales with great success and the hopes are that it comes to the United States soon.

Mindfulness is designed to put each individual in charge of their own future and well being. Patients are educated to notice when they are becoming at risk of becoming depressed or falling back into old habits. This can prevent a patient from having to go back on medication. Many people do not appreciate the side effects of many of the antidepressant drugs on the market or are unable to take them and mindfulness gives people a set of skill that they can use long term to manage their mental health and well being.

This mindful approach is being encouraged to medical professionals in the United States. It has proven to be useful for all different kinds of depression and with the help of a trusted doctor and / or therapist, success and happiness can be achieved; drug free.

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