A Comeback Is Unfolding For Norka Luque

Norka Luque was out of the public limelight for a time. Now she is back with a new song, ‘Tomorrowland,’ and a music career that is firmly back in action. Her initial success in 2011 with ‘Come As You Do’ (Como Lo Haces Tu), stunned and gyrated in the Venezuelan Latin nightclubs. It then took off in the clubs of Puerto Rico and Miami. Her song ‘Milagro’ hit number 11 as a top song for several months on the Billboard Dance Charts. That song still rides high in the local Venezuelan Music Charts.
Norka came to prominence in Venezuela, singing Archie Peña songs. After her artistry became a viral hit, she was revealed to the whole world music scene. She was voted Female Pop Artist of the Year by Premios Lo Nuestro. On her second big single, Señor Peña’s ‘Miracle,’ she shined like the star she is. It shot up to Numero Uno (#1) in the pop salsa music chart, Record Report. She worked with the maestro on a great Club Mix version of Miracle. There is also a Dominican El Cat version of the same song.

The star power that Norka brought to her power to entertain has definitely benefited from her mentor, superstar Emilio Estefan. She also credits her close knit family in Venezuela for the phenomenal career her artistry has launched. She says her wealth of wonderful experiences in her childhood being raised in South America, along with being able to learn to speak many languages, to her view of full diversity. She has expertise in so many different genres of music that it was hard to settle down to select only one for the band’s focus. They settled for ballads, pop rock, garage rock, R & B, and tropical dance for their main focus.

Norka Luque is a muscled, tall, fit young woman. She has found to take on a lifestyle of high exercise and better diet. She has stated in the past that she is dedicated to following her training by a professional personal trainer. She has successfully lost weight using her trainer’s methods. Weight is what she says became a problem for her music career. Producer brothers, Ricardo Gaitan and Alberto Gaitan assisted Peña to produce this well-loved Norka album. The famous Puerto Rican technicians, Luis Giraldo and Cuco Peña, were also on hand to get the album absolutely perfect.

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