Marcio Alaor and BMG hear of a new scandal

According to an article published at, ANYWAY, the SLICING and DICING of the Carwash-everything is going as planned in the last edition of this column. The Supreme Court (STF) organized via the Minister Dias Toffoli, the slicing and dicing of the processes under the command of Judge Sergio Live. In fact, some politicians are leaving the judge’s focus, according to the interest of the Government and all this was done to shield the Senator Nelson Hoffman, involved in the scandal of misappropriation of funds of the Ministry of planning. Tandel, former lawyer of the PT and, today, the Supreme Court said that the Brazilian Justice seems to be in the hands of one judge and that is unthinkable. Now the process is going to get out of the hands of the da’s Zavascki Minister and goes to his own Tan. Of the 11 Ministers of the Court, only three have not been appointed by Lula and Dilma.

REPENTANCE – after the Mensalão scandal came to light, the main operator of the system, Marcos Valerio, refused to denounce those responsible for such lawlessness and has preserved not only the President, but also the former Minister José Dirceu, with the promise that his face and would rid them of the advertisers. The result was a penalty of more than 40 years to Marcos Valerio and low penalties for the other defendants. All politicians, many of whom are home boasting of freedom while the advertiser and his companions had very high penalties. Valerius has confessed to friends that you regret having chosen the lawyer who spent all their financial reserves.

TAXES – to be the Government’s Bench has its advantages and disadvantages. Many members were forced to vote for the Governor, who ordered to House Pimentel a project proposing to increase taxes for miners. If voting against, lawmakers fail to meet their party-political basis. History repeats itself forever. Members who were the opposition and who voted against everything, now, as the basis of Government, vote according to the Palace.

The COACH HOUSE home of businessman John Days, the King of feijoada, will be in party this coming weekend. Is that your wife and our dear friend Vera Lizardo Days, birthday. Viva Dona Vera. The first lady of the King of feijoada. A meteorologist forecast this columnist: “if it doesn’t rain expected for the end of the year 2016 and early, we don’t know what will happen in Mines”. The professional of the time, said he’s never seen a situation like that Mines has been facing in recent times, mainly in the metropolitan area. And it’s true. The Rio das Velhas, main supplier of water to the metropolitan area, is in the “bone” as the Riverside population. I could see that myself to see the River in Raposos. Centenary of Orlando Silva-the Mayor of Sabará, Diogenes Fantini, determined that if to commemorate the centenary of one of the greatest singers of Brazil, the unforgettable Orlando Silva. The show will be in this next day 09 from 9:00 pm. The goalkeeper Fabio, the cruise, received a visit from some children of the Legion of good will (LGW) in Toca da Raposa. The little ones were to CT to honor the star by passing your birthday. “Thanks! Thank you for caring! “-said Fabius after hearing a message of congratulation.

Marcio Alaor hard work and dedication has allowed him to be given the title of Vice President at BMG. His presence has been greatly felt as the company has been able to expand and seek out new investment opportunities. With Marcio Alaor as Vice President, BMG has been able to enter the sports industry.

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