Women Financial Support and Advice

NexBank is a financial institution that has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The bank offers a variety of services such as commercial banking, mortgage banking and also provide institutional services. It was an existing bank that was acquired by the Highland capital’s partners in 2004 and renamed to Nexbank.

Commercial banking involves the supporting of business and other institutions with their suitable banking services and solutions for them to be able to operate. It Includes financial advice, management of funds among other services. In mortgaging banking, they focus on creating long-term connections between their clients and their partners. They also understand that the market is dynamic and thus keep updating their services. Institutional services include teller services to clients and partners such as bank accounts, ATM services, among others.

NexBank is a regional bank which boasts of assets of about 6.4 billion dollars. It is the 12th largest bank in the state of Texas and 179th largest bank in the nation. It was established in the year 1934 under a different name and is now has 87 years of experience in the banking industry. It has about 90 employees in its three branches across the region.

It is also involved in charitable events such as donations and service to the community. They had pledged to hand out 2 million dollars to charity in a time of 18 months. They were recently the proud sponsors of Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon that took place in Texas. The foundation is involved in the economic empowerment of women and girls. The event broadcasted to 20 schools across the whole region of Texas in a bid to reach the young girls.

The Nexbank also offers support to the Dallas Women Foundation through economic security and leadership in a move to help advance the foundation. It is through investment advice and having guest speakers to talk to the women and girls about finances. One of the guest and motivational speakers invited at the event was Dr. Hope Jahren, an award-winning scientist who also is a book best-selling author. She featured in the Top 100 influential people by the Time Magazine.

EOS Changing How Consumers Protect Their Lips In Weather With Vegan Free Crystal Clear Formula

Anyone who is beauty conscious and loves their beauty products are always looking for the right level of moisture for their lips. If you are someone who has dry lips often, you know how important it is to have the right lip balm to ease the dryness. If you are someone who has been looking for a new way to increase moisture, you might not know about the EOS brand.

The brand was first marketed to sell because it no longer resembled a tube but rather a round sphere with lip balm inside. The new shape helped to bring sales in for those interested in lip balms but they also were intrigued by the various flavors of the lip balm. Before EOS was placed on the market, more consumers were stuck with simply purchasing Burts Bees or even Chapstick brand lip balms. Read more here.

Previously shoppers who chose the brand were already in love with the various flavors of lip balm but when they released the latest form of lip balm, the shoppers fell even more in love with the brand. The new formula has removed anything related to animals from the formula. What was once a beeswax formula is now made with coconut and shea butter along with other vitamins and minerals needed to keep your lips perfectly moisturized.

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In the middle of winter or during the summer, you want to keep your lips protected from wind or sun. The EOS brand has a number of flavors that also offer SPF protection, refer here at dm.de. The protection is needed for lips which easily burn when exposed to sun for lengthy times in the sun. If you suffer from chapped lips during winter, you need something that will also protect you from harsh wind. There are EOS brands that will keep your luscious lips moisturized.

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A Review Of Vegan Lip Balm From EOS

There are some who have been searching for a long time for a lip balm option that is vegan. There are some who have yet to find a lip balm that is vegan and that still does the job that it is meant to do. Based on evolutionofsmooth.de, EOS has come out with a lip balm product that is made without animal ingredients. This new product is something that those who are living a vegan lifestyle can use without guilt. EOS has released a Crystal lip balm that is made with plant ingredients and that works to smooth the lips of those who use it.

The EOS Crystal lip balm is something that applies to the lips in a smooth way. The packaging on this product is similar to that of other EOS products and yet more beautiful. This product feels lightweight on the lips and it is something that nourishes them without making them feel too caked up with product. Those who are looking for a simple and smooth lip balm option can find that in the EOS Crystal lip balm, order here at amazon.de. Those who are seeking a lip balm that is made of plant oils and without beeswax will find that this new vegan product suits them.


Drew Madden Unique Team Building Skills and Unbreakable Passion in EMR

Drew Madden is a man led by passion, intelligence, and dedication. The celebrated Healthcare IT entrepreneur boasts of a unique ability to consolidate unbreakable staff-customer relationships, strong team spirit among staff members, and most importantly, a culture that positive and forward-looking. He has succeeded at the highest levels of Healthcare IT, both as an employee and as an executive. The B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering holder has a key focus in ensuring that the healthcare industry is revolutionizing through IT. Clients have built trust around Drew Madden and by extension every company associated with him, seeing him as a reliable healthcare partner.

Madden’s Passion in EMR

The University Of Lowa College Of Engineering is the alma mater of Drew Madden. While at the institution, he specialized in the study of Medical Systems, an area that he holds so close to his heart. In his admission, his passion lies falls within the study and application of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). He has dedicated much of his post-university life to consulting and brainstorming with other bright and like-minded professionals within the field in an attempt at improving the field. He is a firm believer in that if proper troubleshooting and subsequent proper EMR implementation are done, then the Healthcare IT fraternity would optimally benefit from the technology. Madden was quoted in 2014 saying that his ultimate goal is to get solutions to some of the complex challenges that currently hinder the success of EMR projects.

Career Excellence

The last seven years have seen Drew Madden develop his career and take on difficult challenges after the other with confidence. After joining Nordic Consulting Partners in 2000, the young professional worked to his level best and managed to catch the eye of the firm’s top leadership. Within a year of the job, he was promoted to become the president and the most senior executive in the firm. Over a half a decade that followed, he was able to lead the company to the top of world’s Epic consulting industry. Under his watch, Nordic won the top position in Epic implementation services twice within a space of three years. Madden also won several KLAS awards during that time. After leading Nordic to an annual revenue of $130 million, Madden quit his job to focus on entrepreneurship.

Talkspace Grows as the Need to Therapy Increases

Talkspace is a powerful app that is going to be able to change the way that people look at technology when it comes to communicating about mental health issues. This is the app that has allowed people to gain a better grip on their daily realities by talking about their problems. This is the app that has people that have become certified in therapy, and they want to reach out and help people via text messages.

When people sign up for Talkspace they get a chance to have an initial face-to-face video introductory talk with their therapist. From this point they can go back and forth with text messages about what they may be going through. There are so many people that are having issues with anxiety, depression, bullying and an array of different issues. It goes without saying that Talkspace is an app that many other entrepreneurs would like to mimic.

It comes at a time where this type of technology is incredibly important. Bullying is at an all-time high and sexual harassment is also something that is at peak levels in entertainment as well as in the working-class environment. That is why more people are going to open up to a therapist. The reality, however, is that everyone may not always be comfortable with talking to a therapist in person. The wounds may be too deep and the heart may still be too fragile for them to vocalize this in person. That is why Talkspace presents such a great way for people to purge the hurt through written messages via text. They have the chance to connect with a therapist that can actually provide a sense of comfort in what a person may be going through. This is why Talkspace has gained a wide audience with app users.

How Kate Hudson Achieved Worldwide Acclaim For Fabletics

Fabletics knows a thing or two about how to increase their revenue by leveraging the power of the crowd. They are pioneers in this technique. In fact, Fabletics has over thirty thousand reviews on Trustpilot alone, where they have a trust score of 8.2.


Reviews are essential for a successful growth rate. For example, Fabletics grew two hundred percent since it was launched a few years ago. Reviews really do affect your bottom line. They also help increase trust in your brand, and they improve brand awareness.


Two studies showed that positive online reviews can help you rank better in the local search engine results on Google, including in the pack of three local companies that appear when you search for a local business. In fact, having reviews on sites that are Google Partners, such as Trust Pilot, can also help you increase your Google Seller Rating, which can help you increase your click through rate when it comes to Google Adwords ads. In addition, having positive reviews on sites such as Amazon or Walmart can help you increase your rankings on those sites, which will help increase your sales.


According to a study by Brightlocal, seventy four percent of people said that they would be ready to move on to the next step in the purchasing process after reading positive online reviews. In fact, including reviews on your landing page can improve your conversion rate by seventeen percent or more.


Let’s take a look at Yelp reviews and star ratings. An extra half star general rating on Yelp led to restaurants being sold out nineteen percent more times. An extra star rating across all industries can improve your revenue by up to nine percent.


Reviews also increase customer trust. So much so, in fact, that you will see a great increase in repeat customers. In fact, Fabletics has over one million active customers who are subscribed on a monthly basis. This is important, as eighty five percent of Fabletics’ revenue comes from these repeat customers, and seventeen percent of new customers are referred by these repeat customers.


Almost twenty six thousand people have the Yelp app installed on their phone. There are just so many options for online reviews. You can do them on your own site, or you can do them on Yelp, Trustpilot, Facebook, and various other sites. People trust these online reviews. Most people said that they would trust what they see on online reviews as much as if a family member or a close friend gave them a personal recommendation.


Kate Hudson is a well known actress who was the star in Almost Famous. However, she is also a marketing genius who has helped Fabletics gain worldwide acclaim. She joined Fabletics early on. She was asked to do so, and since then, she has been working hard for their success at every turn. One thing you should not forget to do is to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz. It will help you understand which clothing is good for you.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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An Insight of Dr. Clay Siegall Contributions in the World of Medicine

Dr. Clay Siegall is an investment magnate and a business executive. With an education background in zoology and genetics, Dr. Siegall has heavily invested in scientific innovation and drug development. Over the years he has involved himself in research and development of cancer drugs. Currently, Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder, chairman, president and CEO of the Seattle Genetics.

Dr. Siegall attended the University of Maryland for BS in zoology and the George Washington University for his Ph.D. in genetics. Dr. Siegall got involved in Seattle Genetics from 1998 and has steered the company to be one of the biggest prospects in rigorous research and development several of cancer medicines. Dr. Siegall also serves as a board of director in Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical

.Seattle Genetics prospects

Since 1998, Seattle Genetics has involved itself in researching, manipulating, and developing of human antibodies. Its ability to establish effective antibodies lies in their connection to therapy. This strategy has pushed the Seattle Genetics through up and down to become a renowned pharmaceutical company.

Seattle Genetics has a workforce of around 900 staffs and $10 billion market value. In 2016, its sales improved by 46 percent to about $418 million with its share prices increasing from $20 to $66 over five year period. The company’s big ambitions under Dr. Clay Siegall and massive investment in research, as well as marketing, cement the company as being the most significant pharmaceutical in Washington. Furthermore, it expects to increase its team by 200 by the end of this year. One of the latest Seattle Genetics drug is the Adcetris. The testing of Adcetris is underway and is expected to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma, a lymph system cancer. Also, the company has a pipeline of eleven drugs scheduled to be launched soon.

Dr. Clay Siegall aspirations for Seattle Genetics involve marketing of newer drugs in the international market. To this effect, he opened a new company’s office in Switzerland for the region marketing. Also, in February, he made $2 billion bid to acquire commercial rights to market Immunomedics cancer drugs. However, Clay did withdraw the proposal after a court order.

The Seattle Genetics ambitions have seen it spending $376 million on research in 2016. The firm’s primary drugs, Antibody-drug Conjugate and Adcetris are showing a positive result for being commercially viable. Others include 33A for myloid leukemia, 22ME for bladder cancer and LIV1 for breast cancer are in their prime.

Felipe Montoro Jens- Changing the Business Perception

Felipe Montoro Jens has excelled in the business of technology.His Brazilian organization is closely included with a variety of places in addition to products and services. .He’s famous for his broad experience in disciplines of technology in addition to business management These include vitality to structure.Felipe Montoro Jens is presently on the board of directors of the own company. He’s looking following the technology department of the own company. His business is one of the greatest manufacturers of gas now in Brazil. This provider on odebrecht.com uses a number of the peak tier technology technologies as a way to exploit the possibility of their tools being used because of it.

He’s personally managed a couple of those contracts. Thus the Provider today has global Associates in the Us, Africa, in Addition to the Center East and Asia. This signals several campaigns he’s making to be sure the victory of the company from a lot of jobs that it’s carried out.He’s famous for his broad experience in disciplines of technology in addition to business management on jusbrasil.com.br. The combo of both these two skill-sets has aided him to guide his companion in a way that’s beneficial because of its own growth. Today, the business is actually a pioneer within the Brazilian technology market. Additionally, it has been put in its situation to be fully a dominant business which is famous from the global engineering arena far too. The skills of Felipe Montoro Jens is maybe not restricted by the technology department of this corporation on your own. He’s given his skills in many of different sections of their provider far too.

These initiatives created by Felipe Montoro Jens have not been in vain. It’s represented by the sum of achievement appreciated by his own business in Brazil, in addition to around the global arena, and everybody else is very well conscious about his achievement.

Multi-talented Doctor and Businessman, Mark McKenna

The licensed Dr. Mark McKenna was trained and qualified in surgery and medicine. He practices medicine in Georgia and Florida. When undertaking his job, people praise him as a patient individual who loves doing his job. He always has time for his patients and is also involved in community service. He took part in festivals like the New Orleans Jazz Festival and served as a board member in the entrepreneur section.

New Orleans, LA is where he was born and brought up. He studied at Tulane University Medical School and when he graduated he worked with his father at his enterprise, opened up his own company, McKenna Venture Investments that offers real estate services. It also comes up with significant properties that can be sold. Mark has acquired possessions like the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Tile Inc. The companies have made him a fortune and wealth employing more than 50 people who build and design, finance and offer real estate facilities.

When the Hurricane Katrina struck the USA, most of his hard earned money and property was damaged. He did not despair but offered to move on by rebuilding the city and his own demolished property. The OVME was formed from his mastering of medical aesthetics; he saw that it was untapped and could earn money.

His daily routine is to wake up at 6.30 am then go to work at 8 am all the way up to 6 pm. He attends Jiu-Jitsu lessons then go home to relax at the end of the day. His life ideas are yielded from simple visualization and meditation and as a result of these two combinations, brilliant opportunities are created.

When the percentage of people smoking declined in the USA, he was pleased and excited. He would wish that if time could be reversed, he could try to find his passion once again. He offers advice by saying people should take time and think right before concluding. Making the right choices is good. He goes on to say that the easiest way to success is to employ people who are smarter than you.

To Learn More : twitter.com/drmarkmckenna

Look and Feel Like a Unicorn With Lime Crime’s Latest Products

Next time you’re in a room full of people, take a look around. Chances are that you’ll find that everyone looks more or less the same cosmetically. When it comes to makeup, people tend to go the natural route. They wear black eyeliner, a foundation that matches their skin tone, and a small amount of eyeshadow typically in a gold shade. Most people also wear their hair the same by using a color found in nature. It can be frustrating for those who feel that they were born to stand out.

It’s hard to be different in a society that is trying to make everyone look, feel, and act the same. That’s where Lime Crime comes in. The founder, Doe Deere, knows that there are many people out there who treat makeup as an art form and a form of self-expression. Those people want bright colors that match their moods. They don’t want to look like everyone else.

LimeCrime has released the newest colors in their line of Unicorn Hair Dye. They’ve released dramatic colors that are here for the fall. These include a deep maroon, a spooky purple, a dusty gray, and a mermaid’s tail green color. It doesn’t matter which color you choose, this latest line is designed to give you full-coverage with no worries. All of Lime Crime products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. This latest line is no different. The products are free of ammonia, bleach, and other harmful toxins that damage your hair. With Unicorn Hair Dye, you’re safe. These colors are perfect for those who have dyed their hair hundreds of times and those who never have before.

The latest line of Unicorn Hair Dye is designed for those with darker hair color. It allows you to start off with a bold look and over time it will gradually fade to a softer color. This is a product that always looks good! When you’re ready, simply dye hair again. The Unicorn Hair Dye line also is a great compliment to any of Lime Crime’s already existing cosmetics such as their lipsticks and eyeliners. All products combine to help you look and feel like a unicorn.