Kerry to Begin Diplomacy with Venezuela

Secretary of State Kerry to Enter Talks with Venezuela
The United States has decided to try and find a way to ease the crisis in Venezuela.

Secretary of State John Kerry has announced via Corporation Wiki that the U.S. will begin high-level talks in order to deal with the increasing tensions occurring with the socialist government running Venezuela. This decision came only mere hours after he threw in his support for a recall referendum that would remove president Nicolas Maduro from office.

Kerry stated that these high-level talks would begin in the capital of Caracas and Thomas Shannon, a diplomatic veteran in the region, would be the one overseeing it. There was an attempt at similar talks the year before but the worsening crisis in Venezuela forced both sides to postpone them. Both countries have been hostile towards each other as far as diplomacy goes since presidents Hugo Chavez and George W. Bush were in their respective offices.

Maduro himself was very open to these proposed high-level talks and also offered a suggestion that would allow ambassadors on both sides to stay at each country’s respective capitals, the first time since Chavez expelled the U.S. from Venezuela. He mentioned there were already ones from Cuba, China and Vietnam. Expert Norka says it is a good development for the country.

Venezuela has been in the middle of serious strife and unrest for several months, with an economic collapse all but certain, after previously being an incredibly prosperous nation.

Slyce It! Visual Search Technology Perfect For Shopping

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Image recognition is an amazing technology that offers many benefits to both businesses and consumers. This technology at is used to extract valuable information from images. Even though humans can recognize scenes and images without difficulty it takes great effort to create a computer program that is capable of achieving the same result.

There are numerous uses for image recognition technology across almost any industry, including security, safety, comfort and health. Specific examples include: surveillance and security, search and e-commerce, object recognition, film and video, industrial automation and inspection, face recognition, people, head and eye tracking, visual geolocation, medical and biomedical image analysis, road surveying and traffic management, and much more.

Image recognition is useful in mobile commerce. Nowadays, image recognition is often used in mobile applications to precisely identify specific products, providing shoppers with a more interactive view of things around them, allowing them to searchable and buy what they want.

Image recognition technology identifies items like sunglasses, shoes, watches and handbags in photos taken through a smartphone or tablet. This technology allows customers to see products or items while they’re in use and provide search results as well allow them to make a purchase on the spot.

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Why Online Reputation Management is Essential for Your Business’s Success


Back before the Internet reached epic proportions, online reputation management (ORM) consisted of bare basic customer relation techniques. But these days, it entails so much more than a solitary individual or business can handle alone.

Online business practices are not just exclusive to former clients and customers in this very socially driven society. Instead, everyone watches you with a close eye these days. Complaints, testimonials, and negative remarks are aired everywhere and can be viewed on hundreds of websites and social media platforms. You may wonder how to fix bad reviews.

This is where online reputation management (ORM) can come to the rescue and assist you in avoiding the numerous repercussions that can result from negative press published on the net.

ORM has become so essential for your best business success, and here are a few viable reasons why:

Fix my online reputation!
Reviews can make or break your business. You want them to be positive so that you gain exposure and can earn a positive reputation. However on an opposite note, negative reviews can hinder people from opting for your products and services. It can cost you money and customers in the long run.

Unlimited Negative Reviews Can Be Published
One negative review is not so bad for your business. However, when you get them frequently and from different customers it can be of enormous detriment to your business. Take that single review written by one individual and magnify it a few times. Reviews by one person and many can multiply online and spread like wildfire. Once it is published everywhere by the same person in different outlets and others join forces and publish more negative accounts it is very difficult for you to do damage-control alone. You may need to consult a reputation management consultant.

People Trust Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials on Products and Businesses
Reviews have become the leading resource which consumers trust to decide on purchasing someone’s services or products. You can bet that if you have a large amount of negative reviews online, you business revenue is likely to suffer if you don’t fix bad reviews.

Is it possible to fix bad search results?
If you are concerned about your online reputation and want to maintain an impeccable brand status, we highly recommend that you employ the services of a reputable online reputation management service like The Search Fixers.

The Search Fixers are the experts in online brand and reputation management that are well-equipped to handle all of your needs. They can keep your reputation as clean as a whistle and maintain your good standing in the web world. They have already helped thousands of clients to fix bad online reputation that can come from negative customer experiences and they can help you too!

Hair Troubles and the Right Forumula

Having a full head of hair is desired among many people, especially women. Women especially take pride in their long locks. However, hair comes with its own set of problems. For one thing, there are many days when women have frizzy, wild, or otherwise out of control hair. A lot of it is because of the chemicals that are put into the hair. Shampoos and conditioners are often filled with chemicals that do more harm to hair than good. Fortunately, there are formulas that are filled with natural ingredients that will not only spare one’s hair, but also nourish it and repair damages to it.
One product is WEN hair by Chaz. Wen hair was created to restore hair and bring it back to its top condition. The products have multiple formulas in one container. It is both a shampoo and a conditioner. This saves a lot of time for the individual. It also saves her the trouble of putting in another potentially dangerous formula in order to get the hair in better condition. The results from the conditioner include a shinier appearance as well as a livelier condition for the hair. Women get to experience the same quality of hair that celebrities have.

The QVC infomercials on Wen hair by Chaz make a lot of claims on the quality of the product and the benefits of using it. One lady decided to test the claims and report the results on Bustle. She has immediately began to see results from her use of Wen hair by Chaz. She is also very satisfied with the condition that her hair is in. Wen is available online. The customer can order one of the wide variety of products online via Amazon. She just has to provide her contact information as well as her billing and payment information in order to receive the product.

WEN Hair FAQ page: