Sanjay Shah, Founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks Shares His Expertise

Sanjay Shah recently shared some of his life experiences with Eric Dye, host of Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The show regularly talks with successful entrepreneurs and business owners about how they attained success in their businesses. It is done to motivate and inspire others to achieve their goals as well. Sanjay talked about his creation of Solo Capital, and how he made it a highly successful company. He also talks about why he started Autism Rocks, and what to expect in concerts for 2016.

Sanjay started his career studying medicine. He shortly decided that this was not the path he wanted to follow, so he studied accounting instead. Eventually he went to work for a variety of investment banks including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and then Morgan Stanley. After the real estate meltdown and stock market decline in 2007-2008, Shah lost his position. He decided at that time to start his own brokerage firm and Solo Capital was born. The company, headquartered in London, England was incorporated in September, 2011.

Solo Capital specializes in proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investing. At the end of March, 2015 they had a net worth of 15.45 million pounds. The company was managing around 67 million pounds at the time. During 2014, Shah took over Old Park Lane Capital, an institutional brokerage firm that specializes in natural resource investing. As of January, 2016 Sanjay considers himself retired, with a net worth of $280 million. Sanjay’s advice for those who want to achieve business success is not to underestimate the amount of money required to start a business. He also advises against trying to do all the work of starting a business by yourself.

In 2011, Sanjay’s youngest son, Nikhil was diagnosed with autism. This prompted him to start Autism Rocks, an organization to raise awareness of autism and to raise money for research by staging concerts, featuring popular artists. In 2014, the first concert featured Prince. Since then other artists have included Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Snoop Dogg and other well-known entertainers. Autism Rocks has its own website that reveals coming events and concerts. The organization has been a big success and continues to work towards finding solutions for families dealing with autistic children.


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Even Coca-Cola Exits Venezuela

Venezuela found itself in an odd situation. The country is running out of beer according to, due to a lack of imports . This indignity is bad enough. Now, there is another beverage which is soon to be in extremely short supply in the country. Soon, Venezuela is going to be out of Coca-Cola. Upon reading the news about the diminishing supplies of Coca-Cola, probably the most popular soft drink in human history, the first response to the news is to assume its a joke. Perhaps someone with a propensity for poor-taste humor decided to write a fake article about the situation in Venezuela. Sadly, there is no joke to be found in the news.
Coca-Cola is stopping production of its beverages in the country of Venezuela because there is no sugar available. Without sugar, very little of the Coca-Cola inventory can be produced. Venezuela’s economy has made it extremely difficult for domestic production of anything. Sugar is not excluded. Importing products is extremely difficult as well. Once again, the horrible state of the economy is the cause and sugar imports are going to suffer.

Then, “there is the other obvious problem” says analyst Norka Luque. Coca-Cola would be producing a product that cannot be purchased by people due to lack of funds. Sales to those who buy and flip at higher prices on the black market are not likely what Coca-Cola wants to get involved with. The ceasing of production makes sense for Coca-Cola from a business standpoint.

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Beneful Dog Treats: Healthy Smile Dental Ridges.

We all love it when our favorite furry friend slaps us with a sloppy kiss, but not necessarily when theirs a bad case of dog breath at hand. These Healthy dental treats are the cure! They help to reduce plaque and tarter buildup while also keeping teeth strong. Your dog will love them and you’ll love his fresh breath!

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