George Soros Predicts a Financial Crisis

George Soros was born in Hungary. He, however, flee from the nation and decided to settle in Britain. He went to school there for several years, and after graduating from the company, he managed to settle in the United States. In the new country on, he has managed to accumulate a lot of wealth over years, and he is currently one of the richest people in the world. He is a hedge fund manager who commands a lot of respect from different people in the world, and he has also managed to start several companies and foundations.

One of the organizations under his name is known as Open Society, started after George Soros accumulated a lot of money. The organization helps many people all over the world. During the apartheid in South Africa, the organization helped young African students acquire education, and it also helped other people in Africa get justice by offering free attorney services.

Due to his wealth and expertise in the finance department, George Soros always has a say in important issues whenever they happen. He is always warning people on whenever a problem is about to happen, and people who listen to him find themselves lucky and away from problems. The Hungarian investor is also famed for his political involvement in the United States of America. He gives a lot of money to support different candidates who he believes have the best interests of the country.

In the year 2007, the billionaire warned investors from the industrialized nations to be cautious because a crisis was going to happen. True to his words, the financial crisis took place on, and many people from different places in the world were affected. It took a lot of time for the countries to recover from the crisis, especially for the countries that were still developing.

It seems that investors have something to worry about in the year 2016. According to the Hungarian billionaire George Soros, another financial crisis might be happening very soon, and investors must be cautious in all their activities so that they do not get big losses like what happened in the year 2008.

The cause of the financial crisis, this time, is believed to be China, according to George Soros. China has been in the having financial issues for several months now, and it has done all it can to get a positive interest rate. All its efforts have not given any results, and the currency continues to lose value in the international markets. If nothing is done to control this, investors will be getting problems.

The financial climate at the moment resembles that of 2008 because these problems can easily be transferred to the rest of the world. Although China says that the billionaire is exaggerating things, it is important for investors to watch out. 

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Yeonmi Park Tells of her Escape from North Korea

Yeonmi Park never knew what freedom was, she had never even known of that word. To her, the happiest thing was simply having something to eat.
The story of Yeonmi begins with her initial steps outside of North Korea in 2007. Together with her mother, they crossed the frozen Yalu River in the middle of the night. They arrived in China with no idea of what to do next. Yeonmi was only a thirteen-year old. Distress was only beginning, a journey that would take her years to cross China through the Gobi desert. They were to go all the way to the border of Mongolia before finally getting into South Korea.

For Yeomni to be able to survive the journey, she had to sacrifice a remarkable strength of character. Going against the law, she got subjected to unending abuse, and suicide and starvation were not that far away. Her father died a few months after crossing the border to be with her.

In an interview with Reason TV, Yeomni tells of how her father died unaware of the level of democracy that existed in the US. She adds that her father did not even know that the world had abundant food. On putting how much they were desperate, Yeomni stresses that if only they could have had those things that Americans put in trashes, she would have never escaped North Korea.

The survival story of Yeomni Park has captivated various readers and taken her into global spotlight. However, Pyongyang has gone to produce a video in attempts to discredit some main part of her story. The Youtube video vilifies Yeonmi and her mum by accusing them of being puppets of the US. Critics say that they have found inconsistencies in her story and inaccuracies within her depiction of her country.

Yeonmi has however insisted that her story is based on true events. She insists that some details were changed in order to protect some of her family members that were still living in her native country. On events such as sexual abuse, she claims that she had to hide the secret. Yeomni told that she never wanted to admit that she got raped while she was thirteen years old. Other misstatements, she has attributed them to her ineloquence in the English language.

Designer Surgeries Help Women Look Like Goddesses

Designer surgeries were made for women who want to look perfect, and they are offered by great surgeons like Dr. Jennifer Walden. Doctors are helping women do things like shape their vaginas for wear with yoga pants or bikinis. Yoga pants and bikinis give women a chance to have a thigh gap that is very easy to see, and that shape has to be perfect. Women who want to have their bodies look just the way they want can come to a plastic surgeon for help, and Dr. Jennifer Walden has the best office for helping women.

Dr. Jennifer has made sure that he office is going to be perfect for women who want to make sure that they are changing their bodies, and women who want to look great should make sure that they come out to see Dr. Jennifer. She can give consultations that explain how the surgeries work, and she makes sure that women are going to feel comfortable with the work she will do.

Women can see a rendering of what they will look like when the surgery is complete, and they will feel like they have made the right choice once they go under the knife. These are very simple surgeries that women can get at any time, and they are done on an outpatient basis when they come in. A woman who gets the surgery done today could be in a bikini or yoga pants in just a short time.

Inspirational Findings About Helane Morrison

While I was doing research on my own investigations in journalism I discovered one of the most powerful and influential investigative journalists of all time. This woman has worked and dedicated her life to serving the general public by providing the type of exposure that the public deserves. She has exposed corruption in financial and business matters for decades. Her name is Helane Morisson, and I found several articles about her work. I would like to take time during this post to share what I’ve found from Project Eve about her life and career.

About Helane Morrison’s Bold Career In Journalism And Law

Helane Morrison started her education in the field of journalism by getting her Bachelors degree in journalism from Northwest University in Illinois. This was the start of a budding career in journalism. She went on to attend law school at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. As she was attending law school there, Helane Actually continued to use the skills that she developed at Northwest University by working with the law review at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. She was actually the Editor in Chief of their law review, so she had the opportunity to bring her skills in journalism to their community. This was inspirational for me because I am still working in a university setting, so I am considering taking a similar route as Helane Morrison did by working with the paper at my university.

There are many ways that Helane Morrison went on to affect the world of journalism and the legal communities after she finished with her university life. I like to find about influential people like Helane Morrison because they lead such bold careers. She worked as a law clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals. She actually worked with a Supreme Court Justice while she was there.

Much of this information is published on Project Eve in a compelling article that is all about Helane Morrison’s life. She is currently still dedicated to the cause, and she worked with Hall Capital Partners LLC to help enrich the legal community with her skills in law and journalism. She also is a speaker on topics that surround legal issues and compliance issues. She is the Chief Compliance Officer and supports Hall Capital in other capacities as well. To read the article from Project Eve, go here.

Healthy Pet Food Industry Grows, Beneful Helps Lead The Way

A healthy mindset is no longer only for pet owners, now pet owners are looking to make sure their pet stays healthy and lives a long life. Pet owners own healthy choices has helped surge the healthy food industry for pets by nearly $10.5 billion since 2009, according to an article on Daily Herald.
The pet food industry is already estimated to make over $23.7 billion a year. With more people being conscious of healthy diets, more pet owners are looking at better pet food, food with less processed products.

The pet industry is aware of this with newer products that remove preservatives, artificial flavors or additives making a product far more healthy for the pets. Many of the new foods created in the healthy pet food market are frequently touted as tasting not just pet good, but human good too. These new healthier choices are often better smelling as well making them less intrusive when storing compared to other pet foods.

Some of the companies trying out the healthy market are also offering consumers the ability to customize what is mixed in, offering pet owners the ability to choose what types of meats, fishes, or vegetables are in each dish. Giving Wal-Mart store consumers the option to tailor make meals can also help connect the pet owners with their pets more.

While many companies within the healthy pet food were new companies, the larger companies are also joining in, such as Purina, have created branches like Beneful specifically for this purpose.

PurinaStore has used Beneful as a way to market their healthy brand of products, and as a way to help develop healthy products. Beneful currently offers natural ingredients, while offering numerous choices like dry dog food ( for pet owners, so they can find the one that fits their needs.

The healthy pet industry is not showing signs of slowing down as more pet owners look at healthier options for their pets.

Philanthropist Keith Mann Makes Education Possible for Future Business Leaders

A few diligent pupils at Uncommon Schools’ charter high schools in Brooklyn New York will now have the opportunity to advance their business education ten-fold, thanks to New York entrepreneur Keith Mann’s generous new scholarship program. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will award one graduating senior student every year with $5,000 toward their college tuition. This will help make possible an enriching four-year college education for the selected strong young individual looking to break into the world of business.

The Founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann is passionate about preparing young leaders to succeed in the business world. The requirements for the scholarship application will be to submit the best 1,000 word essay describing how earning a college education will help the student to make his or her professional dreams into reality. The scholarship deadline was February 26, 2016 and the winner will be announced by the end of March 2016. Part of Uncommon Schools’ mission is to empower low-income students and Mann’s scholarship will help to do just that.

As a business entrepreneur in New York City, Keith Mann certainly know his way around the professional realm in the Big Apple. His experience in the executive search industry spans 15 years. Mann is the CEO and founder of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). DSP, established in 2009, is an executive search firm that finds its niche in alternative investment throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Prior to his widespread success with DSP, Mann specialized as an expert in the hedge fund industry.

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Avi Weisfogel Supports Operation Smile Through his GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel is providing his support amounting to $2,000 through GoFundMe campaign in order to benefit Operation Smile, an international charitable organization. The medical charity provides free surgical procedures for children and young adults that have cleft lips, cleft palate, and other facial deformities.

The support for Operation Smile is committed to offering every child with hope for a brighter and healthier tomorrow. In a recent interview, Avi Weisfogel pointed out that Operation Smile believes that each child deserves a free surgical care to treat the facial deformities. The organization aims to ensure that each child understands that no matter what challenges he or she faces, there is a reason to be hopeful.
Operation Smile partners with local hospitals, medical professionals, and governments to develop varying surgical care models. The aim of this collaboration is to establish the most effective solutions that will reach many children. Every year, Operation Smile carries out several medical missions across various locations in the world. The specific mission may need equipment to be imported or medical expertise. This is depended on the on-site resources. The organization always collaborates with local health providers to offer patient care in their own dialect and culture.
Bill and Kathy Magee established Operation Smile in 1982. Over the years, the organization developed a strong network with volunteers from 80 nations. So far, the team has offered over 220,000 free surgical procedures.
Weisfogel noted that his passion as well as background is the key factors that led him to choose Operation Smile to be the beneficiary of his GoFundMe campaign. According to him, children deserve the best care. Avi Weisfogel has built a successful career of more than 15 years as a dental practitioner as well as sleep dentistry specialist. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, which is based in New Jersey.
Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a rich background in sleep disorders and sleep treatment. He created Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. Avi Weisfogel has managed the office for over 15 years. He has earned several accolades from the community that includes the designation of Best Dentists for multiple years. Over the years, Avi Weisfogel has developed interest and started exploring the world of sleep. In 2010, he created Healthy Heart Sleep, a firm that worked with physicians around the globe. He advises physicians on the development and management of sleep labs.

The New Marketing Strategy attracting Many

Talk Fusion has already become of the leading communication programs in the majority of the countries all over the world making it the eighth preferred application on the market. It is ranked number one in Indonesia when it comes to communication applications while it is ranked 20th in Switzerland and 5th in Japan.

Video chat is a relatively fast mode of communication. Therefore, it is preferred. The reason behind this is the fact that it is quicker and compatible with various devices that include Apple, Android, Mac, Tablet, and PC. With a good network connection, this form of communication is faster and instant. This product is of High Definition (HD) quality.

According to Business For Home, in the last 3months, the web ranking of Talk Fusion, has climbed over 30,000 positions because more people have opted to use this application whether as unique visitors as well as page views. Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, is determined to keep rising and has no will to stop or even consider slowing down. Soon the company is planning on launching a 30-day free trial, the international excitement that has clients waiting eagerly.

After the results from just one product, the company is expecting to make high gains from other products that they have to offer their clients as free trials. Before long, the brand will be popular among many users. The application for the video chat is currently free in both Google Play stores as well as iTunes making it easier for interested parties to download the products once the free trials are launched.

Talk Fusion is a successful venture that involves video communication such as live meeting and conferencing solutions; emails and newsletters; analytical and reporting marketing tools as well as live chatting. The company is made up of a team of tech gurus, graphic-gurus, master wordsmiths as well as the video pros who work hand in hand to ensure that the application works accurately. There is also a community blog that is meant to keep your questions sufficiently answered.

This service was started by Bob Reina, who was determined to put his 20year experience to the test. He decided to come up with a mass communication tool that can help build marketing relationships that could help individuals with their businesses.

Oisin Hanrahan and the Success of Handy

Handy, which at one time was known as Handybook, is an ambitious on-demand cleaning company based out of New York. The founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan, began his professional career during college developing overseas real estate in Hungary, and transitioned from there into the burgeoning on-demand taxi industry. Hanrahan and two of his friends from college designed the concept for Handybook while attending Harvard. Deciding to take a leap of faith, Hanrahan and his two colleagues left that prestigious University in an attempt to grow Handy into a real business, with great success.

Even though there are many companies that are like Handy, Hanrahan is not interested so much in competition as he is in building upon his lead. Being a company within a two-sided marketplace, which is a business model that has only developed in the past decade, offers advantages to the success of Handy. Hanrahan seeks to continue to expand Handy, and as it grows it will in a sense evolve on its own, building upon customer satisfaction and relying on the idea that as Handy increases in size retention of customers will decrease and customer acquisition costs will lower.
At this moment in time Handy employs a staff of 160 individuals along with over 10,000 contractors. Contractors that work for the company benefit from flexibility of work hours, since many of them are either students or busy parents. By offering this sort of employment opportunity Handy provides an affordable on-demand cleaning service for professionals and customers alike.


How to Have a Successful Investment

The Secrets of Obtaining the Best Advice on Investment

In the modern world according to the Wall Street Journal, there are many dynamics involved in the business arena. More often than not, most people will be overwhelmed in an attempt to understand how businesses work. However, business does not have to be frustrating at all the times. There are numerous companies that have been established for the purposes of issuing investment advice to the clients. Laidlaw specialize in investment banking for their clients.

There are various things that make Laidlaw and Company stand out from the other competitors in the industry. First and foremost, it is important to note that their employees are the most qualified in the industry. The employees are also experienced from working for the company for a long period of time. This implies that the client will not get a raw deal after engaging the services of the company. The investment advice that the client obtains from the company can then be used to grow his business by leaps and bounds.

For clients that wish to put their capital in alternative investments, Laidlaw is the place to be. The employees of the company have a lot of knowledge about the kind of investments that are likely to earn the client the highest returns within a short period of time. The main reason why many people are looking for alternative investments is that they involve minimal risks.

The services of Laidlaw and Company have been tailor made for all types of customers, both in the public and the private sector. For instance, a client can obtain advice from the company relating to initial public offerings. Such advice will enable the client to predict whether the shares of the company are likely to rise after the exercise. The client can also obtain advice from the company relating to financial restructuring. The restructuring of an organization might become important if the company is to become more productive and effective. The services of the company are always customized to the requirements of the client. Laidlaw and company also strive to create long term relationships with their clients.