How White Shark Media Has Improved Their Service

White Shark Media is an incredibly respected digital marketing agency that has provided users with top of the line marketing services for years. They are known for their incredible work and techniques that guarantee businesses get the advertising that they really need. The one thing that they had to struggle with over the years was their list of horrible complaints that have been shared, and several reviews have reported experiencing certain things. Over the past few months, you will come to find that White Shark Media has worked immensely hard to help guarantee that their service is improved upon down the road.

How White Shark Media Has Improved Their Service

One of the main things that they have worked intensely on is the fact that their communication programs in place guarantee all clients get the help they need when they need it the most. For the most part, you are given a complete overview of what you are getting and the plan with monthly phone calls and conference meetings. The truth about this company is the fact that some people didn’t like how they weren’t communicating well enough with their clients. Their customers are now given direct phone lines to their marketing managers and consultants to ensure that they are given only the best service possible with quality communication when needed.

For some people in this industry, they are annoyed at all of the horrible things involved with joining an agency and only discovering that you have to deal with an annoying consultant down the road. It pays off to invest your time and money on White Shark Media because the person you speak to when you first sign up for their marketing services is the exact person who you will keep in contact with down the road. This can help you avoid the stress of having to deal with somebody daily that clearly does not enjoy his job. The best part about this product is the fact that White Shark Media knows all about effectively handling issues now. They are not the perfect marketing agency, but they have clearly done a whole lot of effective changes in their process to help ensure that customers are given the best services possible.

White Shark Media has worked immensely hard over the years to guarantee that all customers are given only the best services possible. They have perfected their strategy with clientele, and all new customers are noticing that they do deliver efficient secrets to helping you grow and develop. White Shark Media is very well-known for their years of experience, and their new approach to business is surely showcasing that they do understand how to better improve what they have to offer their clientele.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel and GoFundMe, Making the Way for : for Children

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, DDS is an expert in the field of sleep and the dental related problems that can occur during it. He received his DDS from the New York College of dentistry and opened his own practice in New Jersey in 1999. Avi worked and managed Old Bridge Dental Care for about 15 years, until his passion for helping people get a good night’s rest drove him to found Health Heart Sleep. This organization educated doctors all over the world on how to open and manage successful sleep labs.

In 2012, Avi Weisfogel decided that he could focus the help that he offered even more and so he started Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, exclusively for dentists. He lectured and taught dentists how to become sleep doctors, how to gain clientele and how to treat that population through the use of dentistry. In 2014, Avi launched Dental Sleep Masters which helps dentists use appliances to treat different types of sleep problems like sleep bruxism and sleep apnea.

But, Avi Weisfogel does not believe that individuals with sleep problems are the only population who deserve his treatment and care. He also has a soft spot for children, and that passion has led him to do something pretty amazing. Recently Avi Weisfogel started a GoFundMe page to benefit Operation Smiles. GoFundMe is a website that subscribers can use to request financial assistance from anyone who is in a generous mood. They set up a profile and a goal of how much they would like receive and contributors can add as they please. Although this website has been used in the based for both those who were deserving and those who might not have been quite as misfortunate as they claimed, Dr. Weisfogel is using the power of the internet as a force for good by donating all the proceeds of his page to this well-known organization.

Operation Smiles was started in 1982 and performs regular missions to impoverished countries where children may not have good access to medical care and may desperately need life-changing or life-saving operations that they simply cannot afford. To date, the organization has performed over 220,000 operations on children and young adults free of charge. They even do corrective surgeries on young adults born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other orofacial disfigurements. Dr. Weisfogel believes that children should know that no matter what conditions they were born in, there is hope for a brighter future.

Low Income Students See High Potental with the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

Keith Mann seems to have a knack for finding a niche and filling it. In the world of business and finance, he noticed that hedge fund companies were an underserved population when it came to hiring and staffing search companies, so he decided to do something about it. In 2002, he began the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search, but he would use this practice in 2006 and expand it to include the private equity industry. By 2009, had created what is now Dynamics Search Partners and devoted it entirely to the staffing needs of the alternative investment industry.

This year, 2016, saw yet another way that Keith Mann has identified a lack and done something positive to fill the gap. This year, Keith Mann decided to use his keen eye for picking the right people and filling needs to choose students for a scholarship, The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Business Achievement, that is. This is no ordinary scholarship. This fund allots $5,000 to one student from the Uncommon Schools charter public schools system. These schools specifically focus on students who are low-income or at-risk and helps prepare them to go to and graduate from college. The goal of these outstanding schools is to “close the achievement gap” between its students and those at similar academic levels but with more financial opportunity. The scholarship comes as Mann’s practical means of supporting this goal since many of these students might otherwise not have been able to attend college, some almost exclusively based on financial reasons.

Students who are seeking the scholarship must apply for it and submit a 1,000-word essay on how a college education will help them achieve their business goals. Once a student is selected to receive the scholarship, he or she can use the money towards tuition at whatever four-year learning institution he or she desires. This scholarship will encourage students who may not have seen any means by which they could attend college to now strive for and achieve their goals. It is Kevin Mann’s hope that the students can use the degrees they earn to find success in the business world.

Talk Fusion Hits The Market With Video Chat

The Talk Fusion Video Chat communication program has risen to dominate the global market. With its recent move to soon provide Video Chat on a free trial, it is now the #1 communication app in Indonesia, according to Android Market Discovery Tool App Brain. It ranks 5th in Japan and 20th in Switzerland, and has revolutionized the way that modern people communicate with each other.

Talk Fusion is an up and coming company, shown by a jump in Traffic data from Unique leaders and page views over a 90 day period. Its Alexa web ranking has risen 30,000 points. This is due to the success its product has in meeting needs, which is a hallmark of the company. By giving back to friends, family and meaningful charities the company shows a concern for the people it finds around it. It has a strong commitment to animal charities to bring positive global change to reality.

In a similar way, it has found out how to bring positive change to the communication market. Its Video Chat app is now available at iTunes and Google Play stores, and soon will incorporate a 30 day free trial offer, that consumers can take advantage of without even a credit card. The company is committed to changing lives, and is now a leading market force in the video marketing field. Video Chat is both faster and smarter than the others, and is compatible with any device. This proprietary breakthrough, with a patent pending, has changed the way people do business.

Talk Fusion has plans for new products, enhancements and a future of massive growth. The popularity of Video Chat and its potential for future success shows that Talk Fusion is on the crest of a wave to and even greater future. They are equally committed to perfecting existing products, so their consumers will never be left holding the bag.

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The World’s Best Cleaning Service

Handy the cleaning service, has definitely cornered the market for being such a young company. Three years to be exact. Handy is now worth $500 million. Oisin Hanrahan who attended the Web Summit in Ireland, said that he has a lot to thank New Yorkers for, they are partly responsible for his success. Oisin was born in Ireland, so he was more than elated to go to his country and for the opportunity to see his college friend. These friend once collaborated on two business ventures.

Oisin said at an interview, when he came to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue an MBA he had two roommates, one was very messy. The other became his business partner. They managed to come up with $50,000 but thought the Boston was not feasible to began a company like Handy, so they move to New York. He added that there were competition in New York but nothing like Handy. It far surpassed the rest, they just focus on one best for the company.

The employees who work for Handy works when they may need extra money and have the flexibility of scheduling their own time. For the customers they have piece of mind in knowing they can schedule appointments at their convenience, while knowing that the person who show up is reliable and trustworthy. Oisin says the company is in a good place, stressing that their plans are to keep working with clients in the New York area. The founders are beaming with pride since Amazon former executive and Tumblr former engineer came aboard.

Handy contractors are friendly and professional. They go through a background check. The company has a 100% built money back guarantee that says, if a customer is not satisfied with the job that was done, they will be refunded. They stress “no question asked”.

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James Dondero Stock Market 2016

James Dondero Predicted Argentina Would Enter Global Markets Again

James Dondero, President of Highland Capital Management predicted Argentina would enter international markets after the country defaulted on $95 billion worth of debt. According to Bloomberg online magazine, Argentina didn’t pay U.S. bondholders because the previous president, Christina Fernandez refused to obey United States Federal court orders to settle its debt with bondholders in July 2014. Elliott Management Firm was one of the investors that filed a claim against the foreign government with the Supreme Court. The court inevitably ruled in favor of Elliott Management, ordering Argentina to pay U.S. bondholders. Jim Dondero expected an agreement would have been reached in 2014, the fourth quarter, but it didn’t happen until February 2016.

Argentina plans to return to global bond markets in April to raise approximately $12 billion. Highland Capital Management Advisors stayed optimistic throughout the Argentina economic crisis. Jim said, “the firm has earned annualized return on the country’s bonds of nearly 20 percent since June 2014.″ He admitted the returns offset the losses from investments in the energy industry in 2013. Highland was the largest bondholder of $4 billion in Argentina’s notes that matures in 2033.

During the 4th quarter of 2015 until now, Highland Capital started to trim its holdings. The firm plans to continue holding the country’s remaining bonds and buy other types of securities, although Dondero isn’t sure of the pricing of debts and trades. With the political efforts of Argentina President, Mauricio Macri, the country is resolving its issues concerning bond debts. U.S. bondholders will receive relief when Argentina sells three bonds for over $11 billion in April to pay defaulted debts. After the bonds sells and the transaction is completed, investors, including Highland Capital and Elliott Management will likely invest into the Argentina economy.

Bloomberg reported the Finance Ministry officials told Congress that Argentina will expect the bonds to yield up to eight percent in April. According to Finance Secretary Luis Caputo, the three bonds will be offered with maturities of five, 10, and 30 years. James Dondero had the foresight of Argentina entering the global markets again will become reality in April when bonds are issued. Highland Management and other bondholders are planning to purchase some the offered securities despite the nation’s current economic conditions and past investment relationship. The Argentina economy has a chance to recover if the country fulfils its debt obligations to foreign bondholders.

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Substantiating myths from facts about Koch network

The political activities of Koch brothers are associated with both financial and political influence in the U.S. politics. Charles Koch commonly known for being owner and manager of Koch industries are sons of Fred C. Koch, the founder of the company. Koch industries is still the second largest private corporation in the U.S. which the two brothers manage and own 84% of the enterprise.

Charles Koch describes himself as a person committed to free societies and free market principles in the society. To influence the world of politics, Koch brothers through the three Koch family foundations have contributed to 34 political and policy organizations in 2008. By 2011, the Koch Industries political action committee donated $2.6 M to candidates mainly on the GOP side. In 2012, reports from the Center for Responsive Politics showed that $274 million anonymous contributions were recorded, and the Koch network contributed another $86 million.

Even though many Americans never knew Charles Koch before President Obama got into office, there are still myths about Koch network that should be substantiated with facts. For instance, the Democrats have taken advantage of these myths to demonize the actions of Koch network saying that they have spent millions of dollars blocking the President Obama initiatives, especially in trade and health reforms. However, even as more information flows and some myths are being shed to the light, more need to be done to ensure people don’t take advantage of the myths. The following are facts related to some of the myths about Koch network.

Many people believe in the myth that Koch network is the third political party in the US. The fact is that Koch network has never been a political party but a network that rallies the Republicans to promote free-market positions. In fact, some party organizations and other workers have gone ahead to work with Koch network and vice versa. There is a myth that Koch network only focuses its financial resources to the hundreds of conservative groups. The fact is that it is network is interlocked with a set of organizations that include an integrated political machine to develop favorable policies.

Some people believe in the myth that Koch network is only about Charles Koch. Koch network has however convinced many other rich people in the US to join the network to reshape US politics. As opposed to the myth, Koch network is not about Koch industries or Koch brothers themselves. Koch network has grown to become a conservative-minded and self-righteous movement to participate in American politics.

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Technical Steps Slyce Made In 2015 And Its Direction In Growth

2015 was a good year for the technology-based industries. The year was marked by numerous inventions and innovations that saw the entire industry grow. The world’s leading provider of image search solutions, Slyce, also has various notable success in its technical sector. One of the things any of this firm’s clients must have noted its improvement in 2015 is the firms image recognition services. These services were greatly improved to provide clients with search results faster. With the introduction of 4G network, Slyce went ahead and greatly improved its servers response to achieve great search speeds.

On top of this, the search results for the images were greatly refined. This made sure that Slyce clients were able to receive accurate search results for their images. In instances where the firm felt the search results provided were not sufficient to the customers then the results were compliments with related search results. This made sure that this firm’s services users were fully satisfied with the services they received. This firm also placed a lot of emphasis on the development of search systems that enables easy customer use. This move was aimed to serving the new clients on board to making sure that they enjoyed their experience using the services.

The product feeds system automation was also improved through its expansion. This expansion allowed for easy packaging of the firm’s products and increase its capabilities. In October, Slyce released a new set of products to its mobile visual search platform. This allowed the expansions of their services to cover more products. This firms Universal Scanner was also incorporated into more retailers systems. This allowed the firm to use the retailers databases to support the search results for their clients. This also enabled clients using the search services to easily order and pay for products if they wish to purchase. The improved Universal Scanner also facilitated easier automated recognition for searched objects. This new scanner allowed physical objects alongside non-watermarked printed material to be easily recognized.

Drive Halts

For the past few years, the communities and businesses North of Lake Tahoe have suffered the brunt of both nature and what Andy Wirth terms as divisive political activism. It all started with an epic drought that swept through the land bringing with it devastating effects on the small businesses and winter resorts that rely on them. These include the Squaw Valley resort and some of the most popular winter sports terrains in North America.
In an article published by Reno-Gazette journal, the situation was further aggravated by the incorporation suit brought against the Olympic Valley communities. This case lasted four long years pitting the incorporation backers led by Fred Ilfield against the Olympic Valley communities. The communities and their interests were represented by the Squaw-Alpine resort CEO, Andy Wirth, who saw the incorporation move as a threat to the business and civic climate in the valley.
Wirth described the incorporation as a long-term threat to the survival of the valley communities and businesses therein. He noted that such incorporation would serve to increase taxes on the valley businesses making it difficult to open up a business or a operate one in Tahoe. According to Wirth, this would also lead to a decrease on the services that people depend on for survival such as road maintenance and snow plowing.
It, therefore, came as a relief to the Olympic Valley residents when the incorporation sympathizers decided to withdraw their case. It also served double relief to the Valley businesses as the winter season storms and colds came in earlier than anticipated and thus the opening of the various resorts across Tahoe including Wirth’s Squaw-valley resort. Wirth also mentioned that case was quite divisive and called on the Tahoe Valley residents to see the dropping of the case as a chance for healing.
About Andy Wirth
Andy began his career in as an intern with the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986. For over 20 years, Andy has been working with the company in its marketing department in various roles until 2006 when the company was purchased by Intrawest. This saw Andy elevated to the position of the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of sales. In 2010, he joined Squaw Valley Ski Resort as CEO where he serves up to date.

iFunding Presents a new Opportunity for Investors

iFunding is a company that deals with real estate investing. The platform makes it easier for people to participate in real estate investing. People who are interested can sign up with just a low minimum of $5,000. This is a lot lower than the normal $50,000-$100,000 of normal companies for real estate investing. One good feature about iFunding that there are a lot of assets that people could investing. With each asset they choose, there is a review of the asset. Among the pieces of information that are included is the estimated length, and annual return that they would get on the property.

This real estate investment company has been founded by William Skelley. He is a professional of alternative investment who also is passionate about crowdfunding. He himself coined the term in 2012. With crowdfunding, investors could put together small amounts of money in order to make some major investments for huge opportunities. These opportunities are not available to the individual in some cases. However, iFunding as a platform really shows William Skelley is one of the people who have made it possible for people to crowdfund opportunities. William Skelley also handles all of the developments of business in iFunding.

MarketWired has also written that William Skelley also speaks at industry events in order to bring more awareness to iFunding. He talks about the purpose of his company in order to encourage people to sign up and find something to make investments toward in the real estate industry. Skelley speaks both English and Spanish and lives in Boston and New York. He is particularly an expert in real estate, crowdfunding, technology, and social media.

iFunding has a long list of features that it boasts for people to learn about and use. It is important for people to actually figure out these features so that they could learn how the account works for them. iFunding is also involved with their clients. They take the time to update the client on the progress of their assets and also notifies them on the milestones that are coming. LinkedIn also indicates the dashboard is the area where they let the user know such information.