Impersonation of Michael Jackson Comes Naturally To One Sergio Cortes

Impersonation is a skill that takes a long time to learn. Many people have taken time to look and act like famous celebrities, with the most intriguing acts being that of the late Michael Jackson. Renowned and hailed as the king of pop, MJ, as he was widely known, had many followers. Some of these followers just enjoyed his music while others decided to make money out of his legacy. While the impersonation of MJ comes naturally to some people in terms of physical appearance, some have to undergo extensive surgery in order to resemble him. One example of a natural is Sergio Cortes.

This Spanish national comes across as MJ, not just in the way he looks, but also in the way he sings. He performs in Brazil under the support of Destiny Projects, an institution which focuses in identifying, nurturing and managing art. Cortes has created an artistic niche for himself with many people traveling from all walks of life just to see him performing. Those who have witnessed his skills can attest to the fact that he puts in a lot of time and effort to recreate and perform MJ’s songs, although his looks and vocal abilities make it a lot easier for him.

Watching Cortes on stage, one would think that it is MJ doing his act. He capitalized on these unique features in teenage years when people realized that he looked and sang a lot like the pop star. Since then, he has been hired to appear in many acts and concerts, with the most memorable being the tribute show in Madrid in 2012. During the event, he performed for two hours, showcasing the life and times of MJ through the star’s songs which he recreated.

Cortes stands out as the best MJ impersonator, not only because of how he looks and sings, but also because of how he dresses and dances while on stage. He has gained fame among lovers of the genre and has attracted people who want to meet an MJ impersonator. Needless to say, he has inspired many while advancing the legacy of the legendary musician. At least, for many who never got to meet the musician while he was still alive, they can get a taste of what he used to offer.

Indeed, the love and passion Cortes has for MJ has inspired many to believe in the power of art, and has attracted a lot of support from different corners of the earth.

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George Soros and Phillip Diehl Agree About Gold:Invest Now

Ever since his service as the Director of the United States Mint, Phillip Diehl has offered innovative ideas and insight regarding our nation’s currency and how the American Dollar stacks up against our competitors, as well as the once popular gold standard.

Selected personally by former President Clinton in the 1990’s, Mr. Diehl has implemented the 50 states quarter program. Because of this unique idea of making currency distribution more interesting, many different forms of United States quarters with different engravings pertaining to each of the fifty states, as well as other designs representing many aspects of America’s rich history.

Phillip Diehl has recently issued advice about how the American people should effectively invest their money. Mr. Diehl and George Soros, a multimillionaire, a renowned businessman from Budapest, both concur that with the collapsing economies of the BRIC alliance (consisting of the countries of Brazil, Russia, China, and India) and other nations worldwide, all of the global currencies are risking more susceptible to volatility and instability. In the event of complete economic failure on a global scale, gold is a precious metal that always has and always will hold a universal standard of value. More of the United States Mint director’s insight and suggestions can be heard in a recent interview with the Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

A piece from the Jaws Youth Fund revealed that Hungarian businessman George Soros has withdrawn most of his investments in bank stocks and shares. In the past two years, he has gradually moved his funds from big banking into shares and stocks for oil mining companies. While this is a risky investment which requires a lot of money to initially take on, the payout has the potential to be exponential compared to what was invested to begin with.

Another piece of investment advice recommended by the director of the United States Mint is that Americans should invest in coins. They hold a more structured value, which is pre-determined by the US Mint based on weight and the composition of precious metals within certain coins. This is an especially more advisable monetary commitment, especially if you can’t afford to buy top-karat gold by the ounce.

The Time Is Now For NYC Buyers And Sellers Of Real Estate

The time is now to buy or sell NYC luxury real estate. The market is improving, and will continue to do so over the next several months and years. What was once a very bleak outlook because of the recession, has now turned into a booming period in the area.

Are You Looking For A Great Place To Live In NYC?

There are so many great neighborhoods that you might want to live in. Whether you are family oriented or a single person, there is quite a selection that you will be happy with. Know what you have in mind in terms of the type of area you want to live in, and the price that you are interested in. This makes it a lot easier for a real estate agent to help you locate the right place for you.

Town Residential Real Estate

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You Are The Customer

Since you are the customer, we are at your service. We will assist you in any way we can, whether you are a buyer, seller or investor. With our high levels of skills and experience, we have a knowledge base that will lead you to the right avenue for you.

NYC real estate will continue to improve, though properties are going fast. Since the market is always an up and down route, it is best to make your move when the going is good. Be sure that you contact us at Town Residential Real Estate so that you can get in on great prices while the market is so hot.

A Detailed Recap on Madison street capital

The performance of most hedge fund strategies in the year 2015 was average. This however, has not affected the hedge fund industry assets as they are at the top as compared to the past few years. The institutional investors have taken to themselves to allocate alternative asset management sector hoping to achieve higher returns to match the rising liabilities. Managers of smaller hedge fund are struggling to attract capital. This is making them operate below the set portfolio capacity level. Generally, the managers are forced to incur higher operational expenses as the pressure on fees is forced downward. Therefore, strategic alternatives are becoming popular among the hedge fund managers.

The dealing environment for the hedge fund industry happened to be solid in the year 2015. Much improvements is expected to make it even stronger in 2016. Operationally, a number of mechanisms are being used to accommodate sellers and buyers. Apart from the traditional M&A, the transactions are structured as incubator deals, PE bolt-ons, revenue share stakes and others. The industry is expecting to see consolidation, mostly on the partnership that bond distributions to product offering.
More on Madison Street Capital

There is more in Madison street capital than what meets the eye. In banking investment, the company is involved in term loans, syndicated loans, debt refinancing, secured lending facilities, revolving credit facilities, and other forms of commercial operational lending. The financing transactions mentioned earlier are being overseen by the financial arranger, MSC. There is no guarantee as to whether the MSC will be a success in identifying financing source. The MSC will act as a lender and therefore should not be confused for a bank. The agreement and negotiations between parties of financing will be the backbone of the terms set by MSC.

The MSC has gone global in providing investment banking and financial advisory services. It also has industry sectors all over the world with engagements ranging from: private debt placements, M&A transactions, valuation, ESOP advisory and restructuring. Its professionals have taken part in representing the company in public and private companies not forgetting shareholders and special committees. With Reginald McGaugh as the managing director, the company is positive to utilize his experience and relations to take the company to higher heights. Apart from his main focus in healthcare, Mr. McGaugh is focusing his efforts on advisory side of deals structured in compliance with the Islamic law philosophies as the company expands in Middle East and Africa.

Thor Halvorssen Leads The Human Rights Foundation To Success

The Human Rights Foundation was formed by Thor Halvorssen in 2005 to provide an independent body capable of working with oppressed people in the world, under the leadership of the Venezuelan film producer. Halvorssen has sought to establish one of the most impressive boards in the history of human rights activism to make sure the Human Rights Foundation provides the best options in helping those trapped in closed societies. The dictatorships of the world are being placed under threat by the campaigning completed by the Human Rights Foundation, which has recently been aiming to publicize how corrupt governments are keeping resources from the people they rule.

Thor Halvorssen has a long history of working in the realm of human rights activism, inspired by the problems members of his own family had in having their own human rights limited or denied. The Human Rights Foundation is only the latest in a long line of charitable organizations Halvorssen has worked for as he sought out the largest level of experience available to him. The Human Rights Foundation founder is now one of the best known and respected members of the activism community in the world.

There is much to admire in the history and life of Thor Halvorssen, particularly in the way the leader of the organization has led the activism industry. Along with the growing level of success the Human Rights Foundation has achieved Thor Halvorssen has also looked to develop a number of other groups, such as the Oslo Freedom Forum and The Children’s Peace Movement.

Thor Halvorssen has led the Human Rights Foundation into a number of new areas, such as seeking to make sure the plight of people trapped in closed societies is not ignored by the media. Halvorssen has recently been publicizing the plight of people oppressed by criminal leaders who are paying members of the entertainment industry to visit their country. As a well known figure in the media Thor Halvorssen has looked to use his influence with a number of open letters explaining why certain celebrities are wrong to visit closed societies, such as that found in Angola.

Sanjay Shah Combines Two Of His Favorites In Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah found a way to combine his love of music with his love for his son Nikhil, who happens to have autism. As founder and CEO of Autism Rocks, Shah started a Go Fund Me fundraiser for his charity. All funds raised by this campaign go to the Autism Research Trust, of which Shah is a trustee, which in turn funds autism research at Cambridge University. These projects are not looking for a cure; they are investigating intervention programs that offer the greatest benefit to children with autism. This will help parents, like Sanjay Shah and his wife, understand how their autistic child is feeling and what he or she needs.

Shah came up with the idea for Autism Rocks while entertaining rapper Snoop Dogg at his Dubai home. He decided to invite wealthy friends and business associates to private concerts with big names from the music industry. Shah knew that people in London and Dubai wouldn’t mind donating to a worthy cause by buying a ticket to see Lenny Kravitz or Prince in an exclusive setting.

Autism Rocks is the latest endeavor in wealthy businessman Sanjay Shah’s illustrious career. Born in 1970, Shah is widely known as the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners, a private investment firm, however, after moving from London to Dubai, he says that he is semi-retired. After studying medicine at King’s College in the U.K., Shah decided that his real interest was accounting. After holding several jobs at prestigious trading firms, Shah, like so many others, found himself out of a job during the recession. However, his redundancy was a blessing in disguise, since it pushed Shah to open Solo Capital Partners, which made him a millionaire.

Currently, Shah is living in Dubai with his wife and three children. He’s said to have a net worth of $280 million, enough to provide his youngest son with all the therapy he needs, nevertheless, Sanjay Shah understands that other parents with an autistic child are not as fortunate. He’s made several personal donations, besides raising money for research, to help wherever it is needed the most.

How to Become A Famous YouTuber

YouTube is a famous video sharing site that is visited by billions yearly. This is an absolutely amazing number. People are allowed to upload videos to the site and share them with the world. The videos are on a wide variety of subjects. For example, some might share their singing talent, tell jokes, show pictures of their cat or dog, while others rant about a subject that is personal to them. A large number of famous YouTubers like to share their knowledge on subjects like skin care, beauty, and health. One to note is The Wonderful World of Wengie. The person behind the channel is Wendy Huang.

How to Become A Famous YouTuber
The first step is to follow the leader. Well, look at the latest trends. What are people excited about? What are people talking about? Hop on the bandwagon and create your own original spin on the latest trend or trending topics. Act like yourself. Don’t try to copy someone else. Upload high quality videos on a regular basis. For example, every Monday and Friday or Every Wednesday. It is your choice. Just make sure that you are consistent enough to build a following. Make sure that the video is well-planned and edited. Certainly, taking this step assures your fans that they are in for a good experience. Always encourage your audience to share the videos. Interact with followers that leave comments. This step makes the follower feel that they are part of the inner circle and more likely to share your videos.

About Wengie
Wengie is an Australian YouTuber that is one of the most popular and famous YouTubers in the world. Take a look at her videos on YouTube. You will quickly discover that her videos have all the traits mentioned in the article.

Visit the Wengie YouTube channel. Wengie loves sharing information about hair, beauty, and fashion. Her hair tutorials, diet and fitness tips, are the best. She definitely loves trying new products and helping others make the right choices concerning products or the latest fashion and hair styles. Wengie also shares, brand new videos every Saturday and Thursday.

Check Out What Beneful Is Doing For Your Dog

When you get a dog, everything becomes clear that you need to pay close attention to what they eat. My dog isn’t too particular when it comes to what his food tastes like, but I have surely heard of dogs that have particular tastes. Usually, I recommend to the to try to buy premium foods for their dogs because premium brands employ people to taste test their foods before they find the perfect combination of high quality ingredients. I prefer to buy premium dog food because of the fact that the companies that make it know what they are doing, and they actually care about the food that they are making for dogs.

Premium Brands That You Can Trust

Purina is a well known brand, and they came up with a great food that they call Beneful. It is a combination of high quality and nutritious ingredients that every dog needs in their diet. These types of ingredients give your dog more energy to perform at its best, so you will have better walks, and your dog will have more energy because of the food it is eating. I found this article on the subject that is published by the Daily Herald. It talks about the types of procedures that high quality, premium brands have in place to keep their food a step above the rest. Beneful is one of the brands that I trust to feed to my dog. I love to see the package of Beneful because it sounds like something that my dog should be eating instead of the cheap foods that are shameful.

Beneful has a special blend of meats, vegetables and rice that they call Chopped Blends. It is sold in a plastic container, and it comes in 20 varieties. They even have real meats and real vegetables in their foods, unlike the cheap brands that have imitation products and meat flavoring. Beneful provides my dog with the nutrients that he needs to get up and go, and we go everywhere together. You can check out the article for yourself by going here.



James Dondero: Experts in Credit Strategies

Highland Capital Management (HCM) is a registered investment consultant firm that offers the best credit strategies. The 13F quarterly report represents only 22.73% of Jim Dondero’s HCM that is listed in the United States. In the quarterly, the company made 69 new purchases with the following transactions topping the list; the $67.07 million for the acquisition of Spdr S&P 500, $23.35 million for the purchase of Amazon Com Inc, $17.73 million for acquiring Eagle Pharmaceuticals and the $17.24 million for acquiring Danaher Corp.

HCM also increased its shares in some of the existing ones like the addition of 60% of the American Airls Group to $204.25 million, 173% of Kinder Morgan Inc., the 18% increase in its Salesforce Com Inc and the 10.10% increase of its shares in Burlington Stores Inc. They also sold some shares to the market. For instance, James Dondero’s HCM sold out its 5.63% stake in Spdr Series Trust, 0.81% of its Nexpoint Cr shares, and the 0.43% of the Laboratory Corp Amer Holdings shares. The reasons for selling the shares was either due to secure the HCM Lp’s capital or to add its value. The top holdings managed by the company currently include the American Airls, Ishares Tr and the Salesforce Com and the three constitute about 13.59% of the company’s portfolio.
Jim Dondero, the President and founder of the Highland Capital Management studied double majors and graduated from the University of Virginia. He graduated with a bachelor in accounting and finance and is also a Certified Management Account and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Before starting HCM, he used to work and built the Protective Life a subsidiary of GIC as the Chief Investment Officer. The branch grew to over $2B between 1989 & 1993. Jim has also worked for the American Express as their Portfolio manager and an analyst at the Corporate Bond.
Highland Capital Management is a top notch company that has been tested by some credit cycles. Jim as the president and founder of the enterprise ensures that discipline through transparency is present where there are aligned interests. The company started in 1993 under his leadership, and it has been the best in developing solutions applicable to retail investors and institutions. James Dondero also chairs other entities like the Cornerstone Healthcare and the Nexbank. He is an active philanthropic who supports education and public policy. Mr. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and finance. For a detailed insight on the 13F quarterly report click here.

Philip Diehl Speaks His Mind

Philip Diehl has had an interesting career. He is one of the very few people in American history whose resume notes “Director of the U.S. Mint” as previous work experience. In the present day, Diehl is acting as president of U.S. Money Reserve, one of the top providers of gold coins in the world. With such an interesting career history, Diehl makes a great talk show guest. Recently, he was asked to talk about gold coins on the EPN podcast network.

The popularity of investing in gold grew dramatically over the past ten years. Not all gold assets are the same. Yes, they do have to maintain a certain level of purity to be legitimate investment items. Gold coins are different from bullion and bars. Coins produced by the U.S. Mint are legal tender. A coin’s value is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, and this makes them appealing to investors.

According to prnewswire,  Diehl points out his tenure at the U.S. Mint opened his eyes to the great value of precious metal coins. Under Diehl’s tenure, the U.S. Mint opened a host of distribution channels all throughout the world. Previously, the U.S. Mint dealt mostly with distribution channels exclusively in the United States. Meeting the strong demand for gold coins throughout the globe left Diehl with a better understanding of what buyers are interested in. He also knows how to logistically sell and move gold throughout numerous markets. Bringing such experience to U.S. Money Reserve definitely helps the company growth in the precious metals sales market.

U.S. Money Reserve is based in Austin, TX and has facilitated hundreds of thousands of gold, silver, and platinum coin sales. The research department puts a great deal of effort into acquiring only high quality coins for resale. Sales representatives work carefully with customers to make sure those customer by the coins best suited for their needs.

In the podcast, Diehl mentions he makes good customer service a guiding principle employees and executives should follow. In doing so, the company can meet its mission and help investors build up their portfolios.