Tackling the Refugee Crisis with George Soros.

George Soros is described on many forums as a man one cannot just ignore. He possesses a wealth of experience in economic matters, politics and so much more. Soros at 85 years had seen and done it all.

In the1930’s, Hungary fell under the command of communists and the occupation of the Nazi. George Soros was born in these tough times. A young Soros fled Hungary and settled in London where he spent the next fifteen years as a refugee. The experiences Soros underwent in his early life made him the man of character we know today. He defended the underprivileged and troubled in life such as refugees.

Forbes billionaire George Soros has been spending sleepless nights because of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Europe. His analysis of the response to the crisis leads to the observation that the European Union is on the verge of collapse after failing to act in unison and tackle common problems. At some point, he opined that the union had lost its founding spirit, and member countries were acting on individual interests.

George has also weighed in on the matter and formulated a plan of action to solve the crisis in the long term. Soros also observes a vast difference between the way the world handled refugees back in the days and today. All the years he spent as an exile saw him accommodated and accepted in the United Kingdom and the Unite States. George Soros now fights for the rights of other refugees and immigrants like him.

In the US political landscape, Soros has become some kingmaker whose support of Democratic candidates yields significant wins. The presidential nominations in the US are in progress and Soros has been searching for the right candidate to support. However, some strong comments from Republican candidate Donald Trump caught his attention. Trump persistently speaks of the need to close US borders and deport immigrants as well as refugees.

Soros caught wind of such intent and rubbished Trump. Trump was further accused of doing the work of ISIS, who is responsible for the influx of asylum seekers in Europe as well as the destabilization of Syria and Iraq. Soros found Trump guilty of infringing fundamental humanitarian principles. Furthermore, such cruel acts against tortured people only make them adopt violence.

George’s contribution to the analysis of the volatile global economy and social welfare continues. On the tough economic times experienced in Europe and China, Soros believes it’s just a passing cloud and investors need not worry. Soros also sees another round of Quantitative Easing in Europe that would save another deflation or depression from happening. George Soros continues to be one of the most successful hedge-fund managers of the past generations.

Wikipedia Business Page Creation for Companies of All Kinds

Business owners put tons of time into their marketing and advertising, but they may not realize how important the site known as Wikipedia can be for their business ventures. When you own a company, most people will use the Internet to learn more about your services and history before they make the decision that you are the right choice for them. This is great if you have all of the right content working for you, but it might not be such a great thing when you are not working with a successful Wikipedia page all for yourself. When you go to the Wikipedia site and try to make a page yourself, you will often be met with a ton of guidelines and error messages because you are not following their set format.

To make a Wikipedia page takes a certain amount of knowledge and skill that you probably just do not have yourself. If you want to have a Wikipedia page, it is often a good choice to work with experts. The best Wikipedia writing service available currently is known as Get Your Wiki and they are working on thousands of Wikipedia pages at the current moment for people and businesses alike. Their expert writers know the Wikipedia format in and out, ensuring that you will have a page created for you that is easy to have published and known by the world. With a small fee, you can have professional writers do the Wikipedia page creation for you.

Once you make the decision to hire Wikipedia writers, they will look over your entire company and get a feel for what they should be writing about. Once this is complete, they will get to work right away to ensure that the page is created both quickly and professionally. The last thing you want to have to think about as a company owner is making a Wikipedia page for yourself. It is a waste of your time, but it can also be a great way to bring in a ton of new clients who you might not have reached in the past. Once your page is published on the Internet, it is easy for people to find out about your services and then utilize them for their own doing. This is a great way to bring in a ton of new potential customers and for you to get better known right on the Worldwide Web.

Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães is the head of the family business known as BMG Bank, and his family has stood at the helm of the bank for some time. Their family empire helps people around Brazil with many types of credit. The bank is planning to make a change in which it will partner with Bank Itau. This partnership is a necessity in the banking world today, and it is a process that BMG Bank hopes to complete soon. This article explains why BMG Bank and Bank Itau are coming together to give the people of Brazil better services.

#1: What Is Ricardo’s Role In The Process

Ricardo Guimarães is the president of BMG Bank, and he believes that his company must cede some control to Bank Itau. The partnership will see the two boards come together, and the executives of both companies will take on different roles. Ricardo has had the bank in his family for so long that this may seen like a shocking development, but smaller banks must merge to prevent the onslaught of the largest banks in the world.

#2: How Does The Partnership Work?

The partnership between BMG and Itau is one that will see both companies taking up quite a lot of room in the market. The two plan to offer better payroll loans to people around the country, and these loans will replace other loan products that were created in the past. Payroll loans will help businesses and individuals around the country find the cash infusions they need, and both banks will market the same program.

#3: How Much Money Does Brazil Need?

Brazil is in need of cash that will help fund new businesses, payrolls for established businesses and money for individuals who need extra cash. These services will help the citizens of Brazil find the money they need quickly, and the two banks together will cover more area. The partnership helps strengthen Brazilians and the banks at the same time.

#4: Fighting Against Larger Banks

Citibank and other large banks have been established in Brazil over the past few decades, and these banks come with resources that are extensive. BMG Bank and Bank Itau are not as large as these competitors, but they will have a greater impact together. A bank like Citigroup will have a much harder time competing with two Brazilian banks that have teamed together.

The partnership that Ricardo Guimarães approved will bring together Bank Itau and BMG Bank in one group. The two companies will share executives and resources as they try to beat back larger banks who are taking over the country one customer at a time. Ricardo’s wisdom has likely saved his family enterprise from the clutches of a larger foreign bank.

Ricardo Guimaraes And BMG Find Success In Many Different Areas

Remaining at the top of any industry is something thzat is hard to do, particularly the competitive financial industry that has been something of a rollercoaster in Brazil. The largest economy in South America has often been a difficult one to navigate, but the changing face of the BMG organization has seen this bank remain at the top of the financial industry since 1930, according to Wikipedia. Since the 1980s Ricardo Guimaraes has been looking to determine the best ways of keeping BMG at the top end of the financial industry through changing the focus of the company.

Ricardo Guimaraes spent the early years of his career learning as much as possible about the financial world and BMG in particular. Although Guimaraes is the grandson of the founder of BMG he decided to embark on a career taking in almost every aspect of the BMG business, which saw him work as an office clerk and in the majority of areas of the business. This grounding in the entire business saw the career of Ricardo Guimaraes lead BMG to success in new areas of the financial industry. The focus of BMG has shifted over time to include funding for the mining industry, vehicle loans, and in the 21st century investing in the future of sports teams and their stars.

The interest Ricardo Guimaraes has in soccer has seen him look for the best ways of improving the finances of the top clubs and athletes in Brazil, esporte reports. The move to payroll loans for major companies completed by BMG, headed by Ricardo Guimaraes has now moved to the sports industry. Guimaraes has spent a large amount of his time leading the movement towards the sponsorship and investment in many of the top sports teams in South America. Ricardo Guimaraes has also looked to make sure the top options in investing are made available to the top athletes in Brazil through the BR1 fund he established for many soccer players. The skills and financial experience of Ricardo Guimaraes have so far attracted around 50 top soccer players to the fund, which has seen the fund reach more than $50 million in assets.

Massive Revenue Increases

Status Labs’ revenue streams reflect both the popularity and necessity of the company’s services. Privacy is very difficult to maintain in the modern landscape of the internet. Everyone is plugged into the search engines and social media. Once aspects of a person’s life or business endeavors are published in the search engines, the info is there for the world to see. Flattering information is a plus. Negative information can set up massive personal or business disasters.

Status Labs of Austin, TX offers access to services capable of fixing a reputation. Those whose names have been besmirched rarely have a way to address things on their own. So, they turn to Status Labs for assistance. In roughly 35 countries, 1,500 clients have contacted Status Labs for help. The company’s annual revenue figures have gone up 939% from 2012 to 2015. Yes, cash flow has increase by nearly ten times what was generated in a three year period.

To reiterate, Status Labs is a successful public relations firm because the company offers a solution to a very difficult problem.

For good or for bad, people are defined by what the first page of the Google results say about them. When a crisis occurs, material may end up being published in the search engines. News reports and blog commentary end up being indexed. Social media can get very chatty and cover details people do not want known. Once private information is revealed, there is not much anyone can do to fix things other than contact a reputation management firm.

Status Labs is a top reputation management capable of producing counter content and online material that provides a more positive alternative to the awful information that might be online. The company clearly is handling this type of work effectively as evidenced by the huge increase in revenue.

The Austin, TX company is run by Darius Fisher, a standout in the world of digital marketing. The firm has become a member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, another sign of growing success. The opening of offices in New York, NY and San Paulo, Brazil also reflect the incredible growth of the firm. Look for the company to be around for a long time.

A Young Woman’s Journey To Freedom

Yeonmi Park, author of In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom was recently profiled in Reason Magazine (the text can be found at https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/15/yeonmi-parks-north-korean-defector-story). Park defected from her native North Korea when she was thirteen years old and recovering from a botched operation to repair what was thought to be an intestinal injury. Barely able to walk, Park and her mother crossed a frozen river into China to escape the brutal and oppressive living conditions the family was subjected to. North Korea has a long and well-documented history of human rights abuses and Park’s story confirms what many have said before her. Her father was a civil servant working for the local office of the Worker’s Party and by local standards was well off and held a high status. But during one of the many contrived food shortages, he was caught in a smuggling operation selling metals to Chinese black marketers. Sentenced to hard labor at a prison camp, the rest of the family was pushed to the margins of the local society and endured near stravation on many days. Park, like many North Koreans, had been indoctrinated to believe that the Kim dynasty was the ultimate deity and to be revered in a God-like way. So strong was Park’s belief in Kim, she believed the ruler could actually read her thoughts. Despite her fears, Park, and her mother did set out to China with the plan to reunite with her father, locate her older sister who had unexpectedly left earlier, and then crosses the border into Mongolia where they could seek asylum and resettlement at the South Korean embassy. Immediately after entering China, Park, and her mother were betrayed by their human traffickers and sold into the sex trade. Both women were raped and repeated abused. With the help of other Koreans and Christian missionaries, the two women were eventually able to cross the Gobi Desert into Mongolia. Once they resettled in Seoul, Park quickly caught up on her educations devouring books by the dozens. She at long last forgot the notion that Kim was reading her mind and found her voice to speak out against the dictator and his ruling party. While some have expressed some concern about the veracity of Park’s accounts on NY Times of her defection and the conditions in North Korea, she has been able to garner a strong following of human rights activists and her fellow defectors.

Charles Koch Speaks Out About The Race For President And The Direction The Country Is Going

Multi-billionaire Charles Koch has spoken out about the current Republican candidates in a rare interview with the Financial Times, done at Koch Institute headquarters. Koch has recently come under attack by liberals and the media, but he was quick to defend himself. According to Koch, he is a classic liberal. He is also disappointed and disillusioned with the current race for president, saying that when he looks at what the country needs and in which direction it is going versus which direction it should be going, he is utterly disappointed.

Koch expressed his displeasure and disagreement with Republican front runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. He criticized their anti-muslim rhetoric, and criticized both Donald Trump’s pledge to ban Muslims from entering the United States and Cruz’s promise to carpet bomb ISIS until “we will see how it is possible for sand to glow in the dark.”

Muslims are a a sixth of the world’s population, Koch argues. Are we really going to alienate 1.6 billion people? According to Koch, the Iraq war was a total failure and should not have been done, and we must be careful not to repeat our mistakes.

Nevertheless, said Koch, he will still donate $900 million to the Republican cause and eventually settle on a Republican candidate whom he will endorse.

Charles Koch was born in Kansas in 1935, and is the president of the Koch Institute, together with his brother David, who serves as vice-president. They inherited the institute from their father. The Koch Institute is the second largest privately owned company in the US by revenue, and Koch was once listed as the sixth most richest person in the world, with assets totaling an estimated more than $25 billion.

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Recap: HomeJoy Goes Bankrupt

The house cleaning and repair company that everyone knew by the name of Homejoy Inc. has recently made the decision to file for bankruptcy within the well-known chapter 11 of bankruptcy. This company was well-known for having commercials which had the famous star David Hasselhoff as the center of the act. The case for the Homejoy bankruptcy was actually filed in the location of San Jose. This happened around the amount of 5 months after Homejoy had already started to tell all of their consumers that they would be closing their doors for good.


The company known as Handy is a company that is a two-sided market location that helps with cleaning residential homes and they also are able to provide other types of home services that their clients need. This famous company was actually founded in the year of 2012. They are currently operating in many different locations, including the United Kingdom, the United States and also in Canada.

The History Behind the Handy Company

This well-known company was founded by a group of people, Umang Dua, Oisin Hanrahan, Ignacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott. When these four people founded the Handy company, it was originally named Handybook. At the time of the creation of the Handybook company, Dua and Hanrahan were both going to the same college, Harvard Business School, and they were also roommates at the time too. They chose the Handybook name because of the fact that they wanted their business to be a company that people would be able to book both cleaning and also handyman services at times that were convenient to them.

The year of 2014 was the year that the Handybook company had made the decision to change their name to the name Handy, during the month of September. The Handy company attempted to buy the Homejoy company in the year of 2015, but the company ended up shutting down, therefor not being able to be bought. The Handy company currently employs over 160 different people with their company that are working full-time jobs and raised $50 million in funding. Around the amount of 80% of the bookings that the Handy company receive are actually coming from the clients that repeat their business with them, meaning that they are a great company to work with.

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Keith Mann Shows Support For the NYPD

Keith Mann, founder of Dynamic Search Partners, is showing support for the NYPD, responding to the recent protests surrounding the police department. Mann and his wife made a gesture of thanks by sending lunch to the 54th Precinct in a effort to boost their moral.

Mann has a personal connection to the police department. His wife, Keely, has an uncle that is a detective in Staten Island. Mann later sent lunch to the precinct a second time.
Mann believes police react to situations according to their training. He does not want to see his family, or other people’s family, hurt because of any action taken against the police department. Mann thinks that citizens should be aiding the police department rather than hampering their efforts.
Keith Mann is the co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He is currently a managing director for the company. The company specializes in executive search services for hedge fund and equity firms. He started the Alternative Inventory Practice with DES in 2002 after he identified the hedge fund industry as a growing market under served by the executive search community.
Keith Mann began his career with Dynamic Associates. He was the manager of the Alternative Investment Division. He rose through the ranks to become the Vice President of the company.
People like Keith Mann have been supporting police in light of recent news stories. A support rally for the police in January drew a crowd of over 150 people. Supporters say there is a strong silent majority of citizens that have support for the police department.

Avi Weisfogel Is Asking For Your Help In Any Way Possible

Operation Smile seeks to ease the suffering of those effected by cleft lip and cleft palate around the world. It is a non-profit charity that sends willing dentists to perform surgeries in impoverished areas. They seek to right the socioeconomic injustice of treatment. Only 4% of all cleft lip and palate surgeries are performed on low income people.

The charity is good at what they do, and you can help them achieve their goals through a New Jersey Dentist’s Go Fund Me campaign. All proceeds to Avi Weisfogel’s campaign go to benefit the Operation Smile Charity, so you can donate with full faith that people around the world will be helped with your contribution.

Avi Weisfogel has a plethora of experience in the dental field. He opened Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 and has focused all of his efforts on sleep apnea the past few years. You can watch his educational video below.

Those with cleft lip and palate face a series of challenges; some of them medical and some of the social. The medical challenges include difficult eating, speaking, breathing, dental problems, ear infections and hearing trouble. The gaps left in the lip and the roof of the mouth have a far reaching impact on quality of life. But the medical issues are for Operation Smile and Avi Weisfogel to take care of. You can not only help by donating to the Go Fund Me campaign, but you can help socially as well.

The birth defect effects nearly 3,000 babies in the U.S. every year. And coping with the defect can be difficult for the child and the family. Here’s what you can do to help:

Focus on the person, not the condition

This makes it easier for the person to socialize. They don’t want to be known for their condition, they want to be known as a person.

Say positive things about others that do not focus on appearance

Make it known that you look for positive qualities in other people that do not focus on appearance. This will assure them that you are friends with them because of who they are, and not how they look.

Stand up to bullying

A cleft lip can make a person a target for negative attention. If you see this kind of behavior, stand up for your friend.

Avi Weisfogel wants to help people with this condition around the world. He’s been helping people through dentistry for years and is always seeking to find better ways to contribute. You can aid him by donating and being a thoughtful citizen when it comes to cleft lip and palate.

Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign.