As the use of internet for business transaction explodes, here is a new innovation that ecommerce sites need to consider. The new visual imaging technology is software that allows visual search as opposed to the traditional text based searches. The technology has already rolled out with the social network the Pinterest and the Both companies have made a remarkable progress in the significance of the software in increasing sales. The management specified optimism in the new technology and said it’s willing to roll the technology to other products.

According to the, they initially ran the software on women footwear and performed excellently. By narrowing the search to the characteristics the customers are looking for, they can quickly identify specific products they want to purchase. The Pinterest has gone a step further and incorporated the purchase buttons in the image results. It results in specific images from the drawing the user input to the search box. Visual imaging system uses the deep learning technology which enables the software to understand the search image and return specific image results. With the technology, e commerce sites can significantly increase sales. Visual imaging systems are estimated to be worth over $21 billion by 2018 in returns.

According to the optical imaging technology firm Slyce, a large number of consumers are dissatisfied with the text based system. They complain it’s inefficient in helping them identify specific products they wish to buy. A report published on the company’s websites also shows that a number of consumers attach value to a product through its image quality.

Slyce has partnered with several app developers and software companies on various visual web projects. The company agrees with interested parties in several ways including integration, percentage sales and pay per search options. With several decades experience in soft development, the company is right position and committed to innovations in the upcoming visual web technology.

Ecommerce businesses need to embrace the technology to boost their sales. In the latest news, the companies that have incorporated the technology have attested to its working well. Since the invention of the internet, the text-based search method has dominated the browsers and the search engines while other features on the internet continually change. Embracing the technology early may give the business the mileage it needs to stay competitive.

Venture Capital Firms Targeting European Market

For many years, venture capital companies have been seeking markets across the U.S. and the vast Asia, but now they are getting attracted to European market. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Intel have all been targeting Western European region for high technology outfits like mobile money transfer firms, cloud software developers and data-mappers. Due to this trend, even venture capital firms have started to show interest in emerging companies in Europe. In fact, operating startups in major cities in Europe like London, Berlin, Stockholm and Paris is significantly easier than doing the same in the U.S.

John Somorjai, who heads Salesforce Ventures, noted that there are a lot of innovations emerging out of Europe, after his company invested $100 million to the region. He continued to say that his trips to Europe are associated with tight schedule with interesting companies planning to meet him. Over the years, startup companies in Europe were meant to serve local markets, hence expanding very slowly and using several years before hitting sales of 100 million euro. In recent years, venture capital firms have begun making cash in London, Berlin and Stockholm. European market is progressively developing billion-dollar according to a venture capitalist in Berlin, Ciaran O’Leary.

About Highland Capital Management

HCM is an alternative investment expert that manages more than $20 billion worth of assets. The company was co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. HCM was the pioneer of Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), which is one of its credit option offered to investors. The company also focuses on credit hedge funds, separate accounts, and private equity funds. The company has a wide network of clients in North and South America as well as Asia. HCM began operation in 1993, after Jim and Mark had worked together for a long time in credit and equity markets.

Jim Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management. He has worked in the equity and credit markets for more than 30 years. Before he co-founded HCM, Dondero worked for Protective Life as CIO, and during the time he was working at the company, he managed to turn things around and expanded the business approximately $2billion in capital.

Jim graduated from University of Virginia focusing on Accounting and finance. Under his leadership, HCM has emerged as among the largest investment managers across the world. Jim has always ensured the company is focusing on equity and debt markets.

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Marcio Alaor and BMG hear of a new scandal

According to an article published at, ANYWAY, the SLICING and DICING of the Carwash-everything is going as planned in the last edition of this column. The Supreme Court (STF) organized via the Minister Dias Toffoli, the slicing and dicing of the processes under the command of Judge Sergio Live. In fact, some politicians are leaving the judge’s focus, according to the interest of the Government and all this was done to shield the Senator Nelson Hoffman, involved in the scandal of misappropriation of funds of the Ministry of planning. Tandel, former lawyer of the PT and, today, the Supreme Court said that the Brazilian Justice seems to be in the hands of one judge and that is unthinkable. Now the process is going to get out of the hands of the da’s Zavascki Minister and goes to his own Tan. Of the 11 Ministers of the Court, only three have not been appointed by Lula and Dilma.

REPENTANCE – after the Mensalão scandal came to light, the main operator of the system, Marcos Valerio, refused to denounce those responsible for such lawlessness and has preserved not only the President, but also the former Minister José Dirceu, with the promise that his face and would rid them of the advertisers. The result was a penalty of more than 40 years to Marcos Valerio and low penalties for the other defendants. All politicians, many of whom are home boasting of freedom while the advertiser and his companions had very high penalties. Valerius has confessed to friends that you regret having chosen the lawyer who spent all their financial reserves.

TAXES – to be the Government’s Bench has its advantages and disadvantages. Many members were forced to vote for the Governor, who ordered to House Pimentel a project proposing to increase taxes for miners. If voting against, lawmakers fail to meet their party-political basis. History repeats itself forever. Members who were the opposition and who voted against everything, now, as the basis of Government, vote according to the Palace.

The COACH HOUSE home of businessman John Days, the King of feijoada, will be in party this coming weekend. Is that your wife and our dear friend Vera Lizardo Days, birthday. Viva Dona Vera. The first lady of the King of feijoada. A meteorologist forecast this columnist: “if it doesn’t rain expected for the end of the year 2016 and early, we don’t know what will happen in Mines”. The professional of the time, said he’s never seen a situation like that Mines has been facing in recent times, mainly in the metropolitan area. And it’s true. The Rio das Velhas, main supplier of water to the metropolitan area, is in the “bone” as the Riverside population. I could see that myself to see the River in Raposos. Centenary of Orlando Silva-the Mayor of Sabará, Diogenes Fantini, determined that if to commemorate the centenary of one of the greatest singers of Brazil, the unforgettable Orlando Silva. The show will be in this next day 09 from 9:00 pm. The goalkeeper Fabio, the cruise, received a visit from some children of the Legion of good will (LGW) in Toca da Raposa. The little ones were to CT to honor the star by passing your birthday. “Thanks! Thank you for caring! “-said Fabius after hearing a message of congratulation.

Marcio Alaor hard work and dedication has allowed him to be given the title of Vice President at BMG. His presence has been greatly felt as the company has been able to expand and seek out new investment opportunities. With Marcio Alaor as Vice President, BMG has been able to enter the sports industry.

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The Variety of Beneful Products

Beneful is one of the largest dog food products in the United States. For over a decade, the brand has managed to become one of the best-selling dog food in the United States. Seven of the eight food products developed by Beneful met the AAFCO nutrient standards for all life stages. Beneful is owned by Nestle Purina Petcare. As of 2012, it was the fourth most popular dog food brand and generates more than 1.5 billion dollars in revenue every year. With such a large brand, Beneful has dozens of products. Each product has a distinct flavor and ingredients, most of the dry and wet dog food products meet the nutritional standards for dogs.

Beneful IncrediBites

Beneful IncrediBites is a dry dog food on that is listed to be 31% protein, 14% fat and 47% carbs. As the main ingredients, IncrediBites lists corn, chicken and corn gluten meal as the top three on the nutrition label. it also contains beef, corn, soy flour and animal fat. In addition, it contain garlic which has several claimed health benefits for dogs such as acting as an antiviral agent and boosting the immune system of the dog.

Beneful Prepared Meals Roasted Turkey Medley

Beneful on twitter Prepared Meals Roasted Turkey Medley is a wet dog food product that is estimated to be 46% protein, 9% fat and 37% carbs. The fiber content is estimated to be around 6.8%. The main ingredients in turkey, considered to be one of the best ingredients in dog food. It also contains wheat gluten, liver and corn. Wheat gluten is a plant-based protein that is less nutritionally dense than meat. Liver is considered a quality component in any dog food.

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

In addition to dog food, the Beneful brand has eleven treat products. The Healthy Smile Dental Ridges help reduce plaque and tarter. They contain a center of meat surrounded by parsley. One of the most overlooked aspects of a dog’s health tends to be their teeth. It is as important that animals maintain a healthy mouths as much as humans because sugar is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in dog food products.

Beneful Baked Delights

Baked Delights are a more traditional treat than Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. Baked Delights are a shortbread brand of dog treats made with chicken and cheese. In addition to the traditional flavor of Baked Delights, the brand also has peanut butter, bacon and beef flavored treats.

London Escape – Why I Love It

I just love traveling to new places, and going to London was definitely among one of the best experiences ever. Not only were the attractions amazing and the sightseeing opportunities tremendous, I found that the location I stayed in also made a big difference to my trip. Staying in an ugly location can be super annoying and stressful, and it can be tough to deal with if the hotel is just comfy. I found my location at the LondonEscape website. LondonEscape is a wonderful online site that connects you to all the right places in London. It’s hard at times to find a good hotel that is within your budget.

What Is LondonEscape?

This place is an online resources that connects you to some of the best places to live in nanny big location in London. We’ve all been there before; you travel to a location abroad and you’re shocked at the expensive locations that are just of much hot of your budget. This is an online booking center that allows you to look through thousands of amazing homes, accommodations, and different hotels in different prices to fit your budget.

The site is known for even bringing houses and apart next complexes to your disposal so that you have the opportunities to find places in your budget. There are several homes and apartments that will gladly let you stay in their home by booking a stay through this website. Hegel a few reasons why I love this site:

Why I Love London Escape

First of all, there are so many websites to book expensive hotels, but this online resource makes it super easy to enjoy and find different places for your accommodations. There are places that may not be available to be booked via a traditional hotel website. London Escape makes it super easy. I also enjoyed how easy it was to find a place that I genuinely loved. I found all kinds of great rooms and homes very quickly with just a few searches. London Escape is also filled with amazing vacation rental and fully-furnished homes that may accommodate tons of people.

Handy’s Tipping Feature Has Broken Headlines

Handy is an outstanding platform through which independent cleaners can find jobs rather easily for a low fee. Many home cleaners cannot afford advertising or promotional costs like large corporations can, so Handy is an important breakthrough in the gig economy as far as services around the home are considered. Handy has other people that do plumbing, carpentry work, and other services to make a home both look and perform better.

Handy has recently implemented a new feature in which clients are now able to tip cleaners for the work they have done that has been performed above and beyond expectations. Some people tip just to give the cleaner a little more money. Tips have only been able to be given in cash in the past, so if a person was outside of their home and was not there when the cleaner finished the job, they would have to go through trouble just to give them a little bit of a tip.

Other apps like Lyft have recently added a tipping feature for their independent contractors which has resulted in a heavy influx of people giving tips, which have not been given frequently in the past. Restaurants and other businesses always have receipts in which customers can give tips, but apps like Uber, Lyft, and Handy have not always had these services. Thankfully for both clients and cleaners, this tipping service has added to the dynamics of Handy.

Handy was founded by Mr. Umang Dua and Mr. Oisin Hanrahan, who were both roommates at Harvard Business School. In their first year, after discovering that there was a need for a place to list home cleaning services, they dropped out because they felt as if they should not miss out on the opportunity to start their application and cleaning service. This turned out to be a great idea receiving over $50 million in funding just this year.

The school of thought on tipping had recently been brought to the spotlight a few months ago when restaurant tipping was widely debated. Handy implemented the ability to tip not only to squash this argument of Handy being against tipping, but to help out the cleaners and clients and make the experience lots more enjoyable.

Lime Crime – Top Notch Makeup From Lime Crime

Lime Crime is one of the few makeup brands that stands out for their quality, immense discoveries, and new products that constantly add to what they already have. With a creative and smart makeup team, you’ll find that Lime Crime knows how to provide only the best products in the industry. Everything from what they design to what they create with their natural ingredients, this company knows all about what they offer. The brand is known for delivering top notch quality and unique ideas, so definitely look out for what they offer. Lime Crime is definitely one of the few companies that tries to come up with ingredients and products that are new and different.

Lime Crime – What Makes The Brand So Unique?

– Unique Products With Healthy Ingredients

First of all, the brand delivers only top notch quality products with a unique approach to using the rig ingredients. The organic approach to making these products is what makes Lime Crime the best in the business. Lime Crime strives to create only the best products that provide seriously healthy ingredients that cannot harm the typical person’s skin. Going organic is worth the investment with this brand. You can be sure your skin is going to love this unique product. There are several ingredients you need to look at in awake up to stay safe, but this brand is worth the investment in the long run.

– Cruelty-Free

Cruelty-free makeup is best because you know that the makeup has been perfectly tested weigh out hurting or damaging any adorable animals by testing. Cruelty-free makeup is great because of how they are designed and how they can’t harm your skin either. With clarity in colors and ingredients, the organic minerals all come together to give the color a perfect look very easily.

– Wide Variety And Great Colors

Lime Crime consistently looks for something different to give their clients only the best quality colors. With their wide variety of items, you’ll find that they constantly look for unique ways to give clients only the best quality videos. Their wide variety of colors and designs makes it more than possible to get top notch makeup. Doe Deere, the creator of the brand, just loves trying to come up with the latest colors and use the best mixtures. Constantly stand out, Lime Crime combines glitters, light shades, and full on colors with their makeup. They love to come up with new items, so going through their list of makeup will show you they constantly love coming up with new products to sell.

Lime Crime is one of the few brands in the world that constantly comes up with the best clothing. Doe Deere continues to look for the latest techniques and programs to give people only the best quality products that can enhance what you look like. Lime Crime is constantly looking updating their product line with new colors and designs, and if you want affordable makeup, Lime Crime is the one to go for.

Higher Taxes A Problem For Investors

Chicago has recently passed a law that allows the city to reassess the taxes of each of the different areas in the city once every three years. This law is aimed at making the tax brackets more fair for some of the businesses as well as the different residents who are close to the area. It is used to either increase or decrease the taxes in the area, but has so far only increased taxes in a large number of areas that are present in Chicago. There are many places that have simple necessity stores, like grocery chains, that are suffering from the tax increase.

Majeed Ekbal is an investor who has seen the crunch from the higher taxes in the districts of Chicago. These taxes have cut into the ability of the businesses to do their business and have been detrimental to the business. The concern is rising for whether these businesses will be able to continue operating and the investors are concerned for the money that they may possibly use as a result of the businesses not working out. Majeed Ekbal’s website mentions that he has investment properties in the North Township 013 where taxes are rising.

In North Township 013, the taxes have risen by about 48 percent in the past year. Due to the tax bracket shift, they are expected to rise even more during the coming years before they are reassessed again. Ekbal is one of the investors for properties in this area and he notes that the concern is growing for whether or not the businesses will be able to make it. There are several things that can contribute to the failing of the business including not being able to afford the taxes and shoppers not being able to afford to shop there.

Any investment is a risk, but Majeed Ekbal has recognized and assessed the risks. As one of Chicago’s top convenience investors, he has been able to take risks that usually pay off. With the rising taxes, some of the grocery risks he has taken may end up not being worth it and could cost money.

Beneful – Their Dog Food Meant To Help With Their Teeth

Beneful is a strong brand known for their amazing approach to handling dog food ingredients and crafting only the best products on the market. Beneful is such an amazing brand known for coming up with the best ingredients that mix well. Their dental related products are perfect for cleaning out the breath of your dog and giving them that nice healthy smile. Beneful is a wonderful brand you need to consider going after.

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

Dental Ridges are basically small little treats in their product list that can help reduce plaque and any annoying tartar buildup that may continue to grow if not cared for. Using the most savory of meaty middles and real parsley, you’ll see your dog enjoy the power of these interesting dental ridges that will give them that perfect treat. Since it’s available in countless sizes, you’ll find that this amazing product is perfect for little dogs to improve their teeth.

Dental Twists

This is just like the other product but it has different ingredients for you to enjoy. Available in peanut butter flavor, your dog is going to love the simple and basic taters of this great product. Known for its unique design, this is by far one of the he few treats that they have that can be perfect for a young dog wanting that extra protection. Dental Twists are a great thing to eat during the day. Your dog is going to love these.

There’s two other products that may not actually have any specific benefits to cleaning teeth, but they do make great retreats for after you eat the above foods. The Baked Delivhts Chicken and Cheese is a wonderful thing to eat because of the cheesy taste mixed in with chicken inside.these shortbread dog treats are also very affordable and can add some flavor to your dog’s life. In their Healthy Puppy collection, the Real Chicken option is another wonderful thing to give your dog. The taste is superb and can really complement the beauty of the dental treats from Beneful.

Beneful is clearly one of the best brands in the industry because of what they do and how much they offer people. The design in food and how they are made is what makes the brand so reliable when trying to improve your dog’s health. Beneful truly is one of the best brands in the industry that provides quality food.