House Cleaning Quality and Convenience

Okay, you’ve finally admitted it to yourself. You can no longer keep up with a career, two kids in after-school activities and the housecleaning. Something has to go. The housecleaning must be turned over to someone else. But who?

Luckily, Handy Home Cleaning Services has made the whole process easy for you. From screening all of their employees to background checks and references, Handy Home has done all of the work for you. The person sent to clean your home will have excellent references and will be fully vetted.

Our freelance cleaners are knowledgeable about how to get your home sparkling clean. Imagine, once a week people will come in and mop, sweep, dust and do the other chores you request. When you get home after a busy day at work you will walk into the fresh smell of clean. You can relax with your family or prepare a special meal. You could even read a good book.

No matter how much or little you need done, Handy Home has a professional cleaner who can help you. Maybe you want the house cleaned once a week. Maybe you would rather your home be cleaned twice a month. Even if you want your home done daily, Handy Home has someone who will clean your house whenever you want it done.

No job is to big or small. Do you just want the den cleaned so that you can serve tea and muffins for your book club? Or do you need a deep cleaning with sheets ironed, curtains washed and carpets shampooed? We can handle that, too.

Handy Home Cleaning Services is equally good for their freelance cleaners. There is no more searching for clients. No more wondering if your new customer will pay you or not. You will not be doing a job that is miles from your desired area. At Handy Home Cleaning Services our cleaners view the job up front. Cleaners will see the area where the job is located. You will know how many rooms are to be cleaned.

You will also know the exact start time. No more guessing games or schedule interruptions. You will not have to miss your daughter’s school play or your son’s basketball game. If the start time, the area or the pay rate doesn’t suit your needs, you do not have to accept the job.

Handy on appstore has also made the money part of the transaction easy for both parties. Clients no longer have to leave cash in an envelope on the mantle. Handy Home has the client’s credit card on file. When the job is completed the money is taken from the credit card.

For cleaners, there is not the awkwardness of having to ask for your money. No more worries about whether the client will pay you or not. When you complete the job, simply tap the app on your smartphone and your money will be there. Your phone will become your bank!

Handy Home Cleaning Services makes cleaning easy.

How to Manage Your Online Business Hygiene

Managing business reputation can be difficult. With social media/business review sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, it’s easy for upset clients to complain. They’ll often bash the company that slighted them with legitimate (and illegitimate) claims. That’s why it’s important for businesses to take a proactive approach with their images. Take control of the situation before control is taken away.

The first step to prevent damage is self-promotion in several digital means. What’s also critical is having your own website to organize whatever is being sold. Looking like a legitimate company will help in promoting the product. Optimize this content to focus on relevant search terms. Anything that promotes your products will keep attention on positive rather than negative aspects. It’ll also help stay ahead of competition.

It’s important to remember the internet has taken away rights to privacy. By staying private, you’re making it easier for misperception to dominate the company’s image. The reputation of individuals within a company matter as well. The importance correlates with their rank in the organization. If you or someone in your business has a bad reputation, there are ways to fix it.

An example of an individual that turned his reputation around is Darius Fisher. Fisher is the president and cofounder of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm in Austin, Texas. Fisher gives clients a second chance to polish their search results and improve their digital image. Fisher also offers suggestions for clients to purge bad attention like googling oneself and removing unflattering data. He advocates buying your own domain name and creating a website placeholder page.

Darius Fisher helped polish the image of hundreds of clients through the rigorous methods Status Labs employs to clean up online reputations. With a past working as a political consultant and a current career of helping clients (including public figures, politicians, and executives), Fisher and his firm are definitely professionals in their field of doctoring controversial information floating around.

In addition to online hygiene, it’s good to think beyond business. Charities, hobbies, and interests create another element and assist in humanizing a company; however, it’s advisable to stray from topics that make the business seem biased. Politics for instance are a good way to drive customers away.

By controlling your digital reputation, the company will have insurance against inevitable negative reviews. Overwhelming these negative perspectives with positive content is a guaranteed way to neutralize and surpass this kind of attention.

Finding Solution To Your Credit Card Issue

Credit cards are viewed by some people as evil. It is true credit cards have paved roads for financial disaster. The ever increasing bankruptcy rate is evident to this fact, as does the millions of dollars in credit card balance with high interest added to it. There is no question that some people would be happy without this plastic. But just as most people can enjoy a party without drinking too much alcohol, people can handle credit card or three without incurring debt. Ask Jim Dondero, the founder of Highland Capital Management, a firm that specializes in emerging market and equity funds. He says his firm has advised thousands of clients on credit card issues. A large number of those people carry an average of more than $9000 in credit card debt. Yet, his suggestions and advise have become handy in getting rid of their debt. What he suggests is to use credit card solely for convenience, charging only those balances that can be paid off fully every month.

Many people forget to realize that credit cards offer protections that simply aren’t present in cash or other forms of payment. The credit card company assigns credit score to their clients when they are in good-standing in terms of account balance, which will help them secure loans and other financial benefits. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised to find out the myriad ways thess credit scores can be used. Also, if someone steals your card and you are under protection from the company, no money is lost. Then there are all kinds of rewards you can rack up with the credit card and use it for hotels, flights, upgrades and merchandise. In essence, credit cards can provide an important safety net in a situation where you need money badly. For people who do not want to handle credit card issues themselves, Highland Capital Management offers this service with its main service.

People get into trouble with their credit card companies when they are spending beyond their means and not paying what they owe on time. Some credit card issuers charge 2% or less in interest while others’ charges may go as high as 20%. By paying a bare minimum every month, you will avoiding most of those charges. Carrying a balance, otherwise, will leave you vulnerable to many situations like overnight increase in interest rate or unexpected balance-transfer fees. If you are not carrying a balance, you don’t need to know when the company will increase its rate. Credit card debt is in fact simply corrosive. If not controlled at the right moment, it will encourage you to spend more than you make and create havoc on your financial health. Use it the right way and you will find that your score is good, that not having to pay interest is really a boon. Highland Capital Management has helped many people facing this kind of debt as well. They have well-devised plans to settle financial issues with credit card companies.

Tips for home Cleaning services

Cleaning your house in a fast and an efficient way is paramount. You should look for a cost effective and an easy method to get rid of dirt from various furniture sets and the flooring. If you do not have the skill-set, then you can hire a cleaning service. Therefore, you should be mindful to select a professional to get it done.

  • Swap out your soap

Suitable cleaning begins even before you pick up a scrub brush. Leave your flooring and shower wall shining by stocking the bath with vegetable oil based soaps and glycerin. These soaps are better than their predecessors tallow based soaps that would leave a white gummy layer crusted on walls, floors and counter tops.

  • Avoid disruptions

It is a common experience to find even professionals disrupted by what happens around them. If possible, switch off your phone and computer. Streamline your cleaning process. You can also put your mobile phone into a vibration mode so you can get in touch with anybody who tried to get you.

  • Start with an easy stuff

You might get discouraged when you begin with cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. Start with simple activities and low traffic rooms so that you can get motivated to handle complicated cleaning. Dependent on your household, the home office, dining room and the living room are some places you should start cleaning.

  • Get ready the required equipment

You should have cleaning detergents and scrub brushes. You also need to have protective clothes while you undertake the cleaning. You can obtain them from friends or purchase some from nearby retail outlets.

  • Hire a cleaning service

If you cannot do the cleaning, then hire a cleaning service. You should be careful to hire a professional who is licensed to offer these services like Handy. Get a price quotation and a list of all the items required. You will be able to plan financially for the undertaking.

About Handy
Handy is a cleaning company that operates in 25 cities in the US, two in Canada and also offers cleaning services in London. For most professionals you will find at Handy, the wage bill is average $18 but can be $20. The package gives you the power to decide for the hours and it is affordable.

  • Choose an appropriate cleaning time

You should plan your cleaning when there will be minimal disruptions in the house. Perhaps you shouldn’t do this during a rainy season. The rains may interfere with outdoor cleaning that may have been the better part of your entire cleaning. Keep a close watch over the weather patterns and plan for your cleaning.

Cleaning should be done thoroughly to avoid redoing the job every after a while. Perhaps you can hire a professional to get it done. Keep an eye on the weather patterns: avoid doing it during a rainy day.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Moves Her Thriving Practice To Austin

The recent from New York City to Austin for Dr. Jennifer Walden was necessary for the welfare of her family. Dr. Walden wanted her children to grow up near family, and Dr. Walden is bringing her expertise to a new city that needs her help. Dr. Walden was recently named one of the best plastic surgeons in America, and her profile is growing every day. The art of plastic surgery is no more healthy than it is in the practice of Dr. Jennifer Walden.

#1: Dr. Walden Focuses On Women

The focus of Dr. Walden’s practice is helping women feel great about themselves. Dr. Walden wants women to find their inner diva, and her procedures help women feel good about their bodies again. A woman who has seen blemishes on her body that prevent her from showing skin or wearing bikinis can get help from Dr. Walden. Dr. Walden consults every woman personally, and the consultations allow women to make informed choices about their medical care.

#2: Dr. Walden Uses Cutting Edge Technology

The newest technology available to the cosmetic surgery world is used in the office of Dr. Walden. Dr. Walden is committed to offering women procedures that are more powerful than ever before, and the amazing results that are produced cannot be denied. Woman leave Dr. Walden’s office with better facelifts, better bellies and figures that are to die for. Women can work out as often as they like, but women cannot produce the results that Dr. Walden gets on their own. A woman who commits herself to the process of plastic surgery will see results happening immediately, and the results will be easy to see.

#3: Fast Procedures

Dr. Walden does procedures that happen quickly, and each procedure has a recovery time that is much faster than the norm. Women who want to have plastic surgery done need not worry about recovering for weeks at a time. The minimally-invasive procedures that are done in Dr. Walden’s office require very little recovery time, and the recovery time goes down as procedures get even less complicated.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has created a cosmetic surgery empire that has recently moved to Austin, Texas. She offers her advice to women across the country on molding their bodies, and Dr. Walden’s practice helps women find the gorgeous young vixen who is hiding inside. A consultation today could lead to an amazing transformation tomorrow.

Susan McGalla is a Modern Businesswoman

Today, women are making use of any available opportunities to show their potential and capabilities in performing at the same level as men or even better. Susan McGalla is an American Businesswoman who has managed to compete with men in various executive positions. She has worked in several organizations as chief executive officer or the president, and the companies have performed well under her leadership. She is an encouragement to many women who are not able to balance their gender and professional life. In early 2015, she advised women to advance in their careers regardless of their gender. McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC, an expert firm providing consultancy services to business entities on marketing, branding, operational efficiencies and talent management.

McGalla has been expressing her views on how women should get ahead in business in the same way as their male counterparts. McGalla has addressed audiences in several conferences and seminar like the Women Foundation of Pittsburgh and another event hosted at Carnegie Mellon University for CEOs. She has spoken to many women who have approached their careers in professional ways but not as women. McGalla points out that this evolution is very encouraging and more women should have this approach in their careers. This is the only way women will be able to compete with men in various leadership positions and other business opportunities available.

McGalla was brought up in East Liverpool, Ohio, in a family with two older brothers and their father was a football coach. Her parents did not deny her any opportunity because she was a girl. They encouraged her to work hard and express her views with confidence regardless of how the audience will approach them. This was an encouragement because she has managed to work with both genders in a comfortable manner. McGalla said that this idea served her well. She studied at Mount Union College where she received her BA in business and marketing. She is serving on this college’s Board of Advisors.

Susan McGalla started working at Joseph Horne Company, holding various managerial and marketing positions between 1986 and 1994. Later in 1994, she joined American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandise buyer specializing on women’s clothing. She would later be transferred to various managerial positions until she was appointed to be the president and chief merchandising officer the entire company. Before this appointment, she was the president and CMO for the firm’s flagship American Eagle brand. At American Eagle Outfitters she was managing P&L, $3 billion of revenue, e-commerce site and four brands.

Susan McGalla is in control of her career where she is offering consultancy services to high ranking individuals in the finance sector. She is providing them with an inside perspective concerning the world of retail. In fact, McGalla has autonomy over her career and this has been achieved through years of hard work, passion and flexibility. According to her, gender never factored in as an issue and this made her achieve her goals.

Getting Into the Online Dating World of AnastasiaDate

Online dating is one of the most common ways to meet new people nowadays, and it is something that millions of people are getting into for their own benefit. If you are having issues with finding someone special, you might find that getting hooked into the online dating world is one of the best ways to go about doing things. This enables you to get away from the bar scene or relying on friends to hook you up with someone new and instead allow you to find someone special with whom you can connect.

One such site that you can use when you are looking to get into online dating would be AnastasiaDate. AnastasiaDate is one of the top online dating sites on the Internet with millions of people using the site on a regular basis. As you can see, many people are finding AnastasiaDate to be a prime example of a professional site that can be used for a variety of different ways. When you first visit AnastasiaDate, you might notice that it is very much like other sites out there. The key difference here would be the quality and ultimate number of users who happen to be using AnastasiaDate at any given time.

Once you begin to visit AnastasiaDate and their instagram account, you will want to start by making an account for yourself and making sure that you are mingling with people all around your local area. The great thing about using this site is that you can search for people either locally or far away depending on your needs and desires. You can then send messages and mingle with these people to get a feel for what the site is all about. Many people who have used AnastasiaDate in the past have found someone special and have started relationships with these individuals. This is what makes this particular site one of the very best on the Internet.

For anyone who is looking to get into the dating world, online dating is definitely an option that does not have to be scary or weird. In fact, online dating is taking the world by storm with millions of people getting in on the action themselves. This is great for those who wish to meet new people they might not have met otherwise in their local area. Instead of relying on others to get you to meet someone brand new, you may just want to use a dating site and make an account for yourself. From there, you will be able to easily and quickly find who you want and be able to start messaging them right away to see what their interests happen to be and what types of things they are into.

U.S Money Reserve Leading In Gold Investment

National development of many countries is measured by the economic development indicators. There are different economic development activities that dictate the amount of revenue each country makes. As a result, money plays a very huge part in the economic development of any given country. Other countries invest mainly in mining as an economic development activity. There are many products that are extracted during mining. Gold is one of the most valuable treasures that are extracted during mining. Gold mining has highly improved the economic development of many countries. Gold mining and the subsequent investment have grown to be among the world leading economic hubs. Gold is cherished by many people due to its glittering nature and the monetary value. Gold is always used as a source of investment for many countries that aim at maximizing on the profit outcome. United States of America is one of the countries that have invested a lot of resources in gold investment. The American government has invested a lot in the bullion coins made from gold as a source of hedge against any economic inflation. These coins are usually used as security in case the economic situation of the country is disrupted. It is always used to dictate the inflation or dwindling of the currency in any economic market.
U.S Money Reserve is the largest distributors of the government issued gold, silver and platinum coins. The company has made good name over the years as being one of the most notable leading money reserve company in the world. The company provides high quality coins for there diverse number of clients. This has made many clients develop faith in the company. The company allows American citizens that are financially stable to acquire high valued coins for investment. This has made majority of Americans to become financially stable through purchasing the gold coins. The company has invested a lot in professional personnel who have scaled the quality of service provision to a world standard. The employees serve the clients with diligence thus leading to increased sales. The company has also maintained good working relationship between the employees and the clients. This has culminated in maintaining both new and seasonal clients who have maintained their purchasing power on the company. The American government has put more trust in the company which has seen the company ship over millions of gold coins for the U.S government.

FreedomPop to Offer 4G for Free in the UK

FreedomPop has become one of the fastest growing mobile service providers in the world, and this is of no mistake. The company offers several different services throughout the United States as it allows customers to receive free access to data, text and message services. While all of these services are limited, customers can purchase added minutes, texts messages or data for a very low rate, often saving them hundreds of dollars over the course of a single year against a more traditional mobile phone provider. With the quick expanding inside of the United States (nearly one million customers within three years), FreedomPop is moving to other regions of the world and currently it has its eyes set on on the UK. Not only is FreedomPop moving into the UK, but it is going to be offering 4G for free to its UK customers.

Offering Free Services

FreedomPop on engadget is going to continue its services throughout the UK and the rest of the world as it pushes to expand. In order to bring in more customers and attract them from their current service providers, FreedomPop is offering the free services. With the FreedomPop free service, customers receive 200 minutes, 200 text messages and up to 300 MB of data, all over a 4G connection. This way, the data connection is fast and customers do not need to worry about suffering through slower data connections. With the service comes the ability to connect to a wide number of Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the country, so while 200 MB isn’t a huge about, it is able to last longer thanks to the Wi-Fi offering. Once that is all used up, a customer is able to purchase a data package or other amount without spending anywhere near what they might spend on their typical monthly rate.

Expanding Throughout the World

FreedomPop is expanding not only throughout the UK but throughout the world as well. While the UK is the first stop over for the growing mobile service provider, it is going to be expanding to other countries within Europe as well as southeast Asia. In fact, it has a very large plan in the works to expand its services throughout southeast Asia and, by doing so, it is going to instantly increase the number of customers it has by more than Verizon and the customers the company has inside of the United States. It is going to be that substantial.

Fearless Modern Cosmetics: Lime Crime

These days, cosmetics are no longer subdued or conservative, but instead, they are adventurous, bold, and flamboyant. Today’s cosmetic tints and application techniques allow the wearer to express their unique, plucky personalities. However, there are still some subtle makeup users that need to have the courage to express their gutsy side and show their individuality with brilliantly, dazzling colors and sophisticated makeup applications. In describing modern makeup trends such as these, the manufacturer of such eye-catching makeup that comes to mind is Lime Crime. That particular cosmetic company can definitely help the more muted makeup user get in touch with their daring side, and that would be due to Lime Crime creator, developer, founder, and CEO, Doe Deere. Lime Crime is Ms. Deere’s brain child and she has done a truly remarkable job presenting her cosmetics to worldwide potential customers.

Visiting the Lime Crime company’s website on is an eye opener, to say the least. The website is very impressive in the creative way that it is put together with the ethereal graphics displaying the many different makeup items, the colors, and cosmetic application techniques as shown on the various models. The makeup tints span the color pallette and the makeup items are very innovative, for example, the Velvetine liquid-to-matte lipsticks. That idea is brilliant for easy lipstick application. There is also Venus: The Grunge Palette, which features 8 eye shadow shades, that are the colors of conventional lipsticks. But after seeing these lipstick colored eye shadows on the models, it looks really glorious. There are also vividly tinted lipstick lines called Unicorn and Carousel Gloss. There are variously tinted eye liners, the jewel tones of Zodiac Glitter, and the pastel color nail polishes.

Another admirable thing that Lime Crime has done is create makeup that is environmentally conscious and socially responsible and made it cruelty-free and vegan. There is also a very elaborate Customer Care page that is a lot like a FAQ, which makes it apparent that Lime Crime cares very much about their clientele. They’ve taken the time to answer every possible customer question that could come up. The packaging of these cosmetic products is elegant, fancy, girlish and purple. The website is really easy to navigate and is very user friendly. It also provides an opportunity for live chat, and if they aren’t available at the time for a chat, there is a way to leave a message. The overall feeling of the website is welcoming, friendly and a desire to be helpful in any way to the customer. It’s clear that Doe Deere has put a lot of thought, talent, energy, effort, time, and care into her cosmetics business. With all that is dedicated to this cosmetics company, it’s more than likely that Lime Crime will be around for a long time to come.