The Endearing Legacy of John Textor in Digital Movie Production

John Textor is one of the most distinguished and accomplished movie producers in the world. He is the Executive Chairman and the President-head of studio at Pulse Evolution Corporation and Co-Founder of the Florida based private equity fund, Wyndcrest Holdings LLC. Pulse Evolution Corporation has stood out as the leading developer of hyper-realistic digital human figures for virtual reality, holographic live performances, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. At Pulse, Textor is responsible for managing special projects, venue partnerships, strategic partnership and rights acquisition among other responsibilities. Textor has served as the president of Wyndcrest Holdings since 1997. The company primarily focuses on advancing technology in areas such as telecommunication, internet and entertainment. Textor is also the former board chairman and majority stakeholder of the world’s second leading snowboard brand, Sims Snowboards.

Textor received his Bachelors of Arts degree in 1987 from Wesleyan University in Middletown Connecticut. He became the director of BabyUniverse, an internet based retailer in 1999, before assuming the position of company CEO in 2005. In 2006, Textor became the Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group and the Digital Domain division. Under his guidance and leadership, he oversaw the production of more than 25 visual effects for large scale movies. The productions include Transformers and the Pirates of the Caribbean. In 2009, Textor led Digital Domain Media in winning an Academy Award for creating the first realistic digital human actor in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Textor is today working to establish entertainment properties across various technology platforms and venues. One of his eagerly awaited projects is the production of an animated feature film called Art Story, which is being developed by Aaron Blaise, a seasoned Disney filmmaker. In November 2013, Textor was instrumental in the in the production of a science fiction fantasy film, the Ender’s Game.

To crown his achievements, Textor has led various projects that have witnessed the release of virtual versions of music and movie celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Marylyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur and Elvis Presley. The Michael Jackson virtual image was unveiled during the 2014, Billboard Music Awards. John Textor told reporters that the image of Michael Jackson was an illusion and not a hologram as many had thought. According to a report by Marco della Cava of USA Today, the image was created under John Textor’s tutelage by a team that included Frank Petterson, the CEO of digital effects and Stephen Rosenbaum, the visual effects supervisor. The Michael Jackson performance was broadcast live to more than 10 million live television audiences. The performance recorded an even greater viewership over the internet and other media. Textor believes the practical application of the digital human technology is likely to impact surgical and military simulation as well as education.

James Dondero’s Prowess In The Credit Market

Highland Capital Management is -known as a top global alternative asset manager that focuses on credit investments. Highland, an SEC-registered investment adviser, is one of the pioneers of corporate loans into CLOs and has an extensive client base that is varied in nature and they include corporations, governments, and financial institutions among many other bodies. This firm deals with hedged fixed income markets as its major area of specialization. The firm comprises of assets worth $18.7 billion and counting. It boasts of a vast number of employees who are more than 100 employees with two international branches namely London and Singapore. This has led to a wider market range whereby they can easily offer their services to remote locations thus giving them a larger client base.

The company was founded in 1993 and has over the years grown to be a leading alternative investment manager preferred by most influential persons and institutions. Thanks to its founders James Dondero and Mark Okada, who have been extremely adept at the credit markets. The fund also deals with miniature portions of this AUM in equities. The two worked for Protective and three years later diversified their operation and created a joint venture with Protective that later transformed into Highlands while they relocated to Dallas. They then acquired the entire company in 1997.

Mr. James Dondero serves as the President Co-Founder, Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner Highland Capital Management where he handles the execution of the firm’s operational initiatives and strategic investment. Since the inception of the firm, Dondero has been skilled at effectively managing the private equity business. His prowess can be understood for his 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets that primarily concentrates on distressed and high-yield investing. To add on this, Mr. Dondero is also recognized as one of the original masters of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and in upgrading credit-oriented solutions that he has incorporated in Highlands Capital Management. This has attracted the prominent clients ranging from institutional investors to retail investors across the world. Currently, CLOs have maintained the biggest unscathed in contrast to collateralized debt obligations that had a rough time during the 2008 financial crunch.

As a number cruncher in analysis and a self-disciplined personality, Dondero has gathered a trove of knowledge in investment banks that has enabled Highlands offer various award-winning services dealing with CLOs, hedge funds, institutional separate accounts, REITs, ETFs, mutual funds, and private equity funds. His knowledge on investing was attained from the University of Virginia where he attained his Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Accounting and Finance) focusing on Accounting and Finance back in 1984. James Dondero is also a Certified Managerial Accountant, a Certified Public Accountant as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst designation holder.

Prior to founding Highlands Capital Management, Dondero plied his work with Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary a firm that saw him raise and handle over $2 billion in assets. In 1985 to 1989, he was employed by American Express where he handled an estimated 1 billion in fixed income funds.

Every One Is Cashing In New York

When you call it comes to real estate it can be a dicey shuffle. Basically the demand cannot for real estate cannot be created, but in the city of New York it is different. According to The Real Deal which is New York real estate news, New York is a city that is in constant demand for NYC apartments for rent. Fredrik Eklund is a broker at Douglas Elliman broker and he also is on the TV show Million-Dollar Listings New York. He says that one of the things that he tries to do to get his clients to buy a home in New York is to put the idea in their minds that they have not gained true success in life unless they own a home in New York. In reality that tactic has worked, because many people from the rich and famous have apartments in New York City.

Chinese residential buyers are cashing in on this very well-known and real estate rich city. Chinese residential buyers can be price-sensitive, and at the same time it is very difficult for them to get financing, and since that is the case it is important for them to come with a lot of cash down in the beginning. Many Chinese buyers, according to residential CEO Andrew Herberger, want to spend anything from $800,000-$2 million on an apartment. These are individuals that are interested in buying homes in New York because they have proven to be great investments.

There was the first ever real estate showcase and forum in Shanghai. Generally Chinese have not been that interested in United States real estate, but obviously with the popularity of New York and of their apartments their mind has changed. This conversation about the new trend for Chinese investors to look at New York real estate was moderated by the editor in chief of TRD, Stuart Elliott. The panelists talked a lot about the reasons why Chinese were interested in New York housing, and the conversation also shifted into them talking about their personal dream homes in New York City as well.

Town Residential is a very well-known luxury real estate service firm. Town Residential is the leading luxury’s real estate service firm in all of New York City. It was founded in 2010 and they have been able to help very many high-end investors and clients to find their dream home or apartment in many of the prestigious boroughs of New York City. Town Residential comes with a very strong team of executive leaders, individuals that work in new development, marketing and leasing. Town has locations in Gramercy, the financial district, Fifth Avenue, and Astor Place.

Things You should look for While Choosing Vegan Makeup Products

Veganism is not just a trend. It is after all a new approach to make your life and lifestyle free of cruelty, animal products and animal by-products. Adopting veganism cannot be achieved through changing the food habits. In fact, many of our everyday use products include animal-derived ingredients such as collagen, keratin and many other by-products. If you are trying to adopt veganism, then take a closer look at your makeup items as well.

Most of the Lime Crime makeup products on tumbler include animal derived collagen, vitamins, amino acids and proteins. Makeup brushes also use real animal furs as bristles for everyday makeup use. In fact, more than 75 percent of the beauty products, hair styling and nourishing products and the makeup accessories contain animal and animal derived ingredients and by-products. For a vegan lifestyle, you should start choosing vegan makeup products today. Here is a list of things that you should look for while choosing vegan makeup products.

1. Check the ingredient list:

While looking for vegan makeup products, you should be prompt enough to check the product ingredient list. Collagen, keratin, gelatin, and animal proteins are common animal derived products found in makeup and beauty products. Instead of using these ingredients, vegan makeup products include plant derived vitamin E and C, non-animal fats and organic ingredients as other animal product substitutes. By using vegan makeup products, you will avoid dead animal products such as uric acid from bovine origin, beeswax and even collagen from dead animal bones.

2. Go for products with “not tested on animal” label:

Vegan products are never tested on animals. These products also go through a strict lab test and clinical trial if necessary. Each of the vegan makeup products include organic and plant-derived ingredients, which are tested positive in the lab for favorable health benefits. Therefore, most vegan brands claim that their products are suitable for all skin types. Thus, you will always see vegan makeup products with a label saying cruelty-free and not-tested on animal banner. Because these products are not tested on animals, they are still 100 percent cruelty free.

3. Packaging should be vegan too:

Vegan cosmetics, makeup and accessories often come in packs made from recycled and plant source materials. Because these products are 100 percent certified vegan, they are always packed carefully in an eco-friendly and recycled pack. Also, most vegan makeup and beauty brands are cautious about the design of their packaging and the materials used for it.

After learning the positive benefits of the veganism and vegan makeup products, Doe Decree decided to start her own makeup and beauty product line. Her company Lime Crime promotes veganism and sells some of the best and diverse range of vegan makeup products. Lime Crime sells everything from colorful eye shadows to vegan nail enamels. Unlike other makeup brands, Lime Crime specializes in offering glitter and unusual shades of lipsticks, lip colors, nail paints and eye makeup products. If you are looking for a blue or white lipstick, then you are at the right place. Even her newest carousel lip gloss series features emerald shades of shiny lip gloss.

Advertising Methods for The Beginners In Brazil


Are you new in the Brazilian advertising world but want to be successful in your business? tells that many entrepreneurs want to pass their advertising massage to their potential clients without spending a lot of money and also without failing. There are various advertising methods that you can use and finally emerge with the results you are looking for. Here are some few tips to help you.

  • First, if you are not advertising online, then you can use flyers. You will not have to spend a fortune when printing. They are a cheap and effective option for you. When using them, you can target your preferred audience.
  • Second, if advertising online, then you have to start by writing good quality articles. A few good articles can make several people to visit your site. The articles you write will stay there for a long time. If you manage to write several every week, then you can be guaranteed traffic coming in to your site, in a period of less than 6 months. With this kind of advertising, you will not even spend your money.You will have achieved your goal in advertising free of charge.
  • Lastly, if you are not willing to write articles, but have some dollars that you can spare, then you can start using the pay per click search engine Google AdWords. This is actually a very effective method of advertising that will definitely bring results. When using this service,you can bid on the targeted keywords and decide only to pay when someone has visited your website. This is actually one of the top advertising methods that are being currently used by many professionals and experts in the business world today. When you decide to use this service, you will see results and as you get to understand the system better, you will be in a position to figure out how to make those good results even better.

If you want help with advertising in Brazil, then you can contact Claudio Loureiro. He is an advertising executive based in Brazil. He is also a recognized entrepreneur, who was born in Curitiba.Claudio is the founder and theCEO of Heads. His firm is the largest privately held advertising agency in the whole of Brazil. This advertising agency has clients all over the country, and they are believed to offer good advertising services to all their clients. They are also believed to offer affordable services to the clients.


The Brazilian Culture and Literary Works

The rich culture of Brazil is a great factor in the success of authors from Brazil. From the pre-independence era to the 21st Century, Brazil has churned out famous authors whose literary works have shaped and impacted the Brazilian cultural landscape. The Brazilian culture is as diverse as it could get as it is comprised of native Portuguese speakers, other European cultures and other immigrant cultures like Indians. The integration and interaction of these cultures have had a profound effect on Brazilian authors. It is for these reasons that authors from Brazil, from all walks of life, have ended up on the world platform with their works being acclaimed almost in all major cities in the world.

Among the renowned authors in the world in Brazil is Jamie Garcia Dias. Mr. Dias has written well over 20 books and has received various awards. His first major award was the White Crane Award, which he received in 2001. Born to a journalist and writer father in 1970, Dias drew much of his inspiration to be an author from his father. He began his career as an educationist at the Carioca Literature Academy in 1995 and later got to the position of the President of the Academy in 2007. The most famous works by Garcia is the book “Fell from Heaven” which was sold in many different parts of South America and also earned him honor from writers around the world. Other books include Two Ways, Canals and Clouds and Tiny.

YouTube shows among other great authors from the South, American Country is Jorge Amado whose works gained mass popularity among readers and also drew great criticism. His best-known works include the Backlands and the Canudos Campaign. During celebrations to mark his 100th birthday anniversary, celebrations were marked by events all over the world in cities like London, Paris and Lisbon. Paulo Coelho is another literary giant who had his book “The Alchemist” receive endorsement by former USA President,-Bill Clinton. His endeavors enabled him to receive the Crystal Award, awarded to him by the World Economic Forum. One female author from Brazil is Adriana Lisboa, who is a writer for children literature, and poems. She has published six novels in total.

Other famous authors include Euclides da Cunha, Mario de Andrade and Paulo Freire. Brazilian literature is drawn a wide range of styles including; literary critics, novels, fiction and nonfiction, and chroniclers. These authors have skillfully managed to integrate their cultures into their literary works to address and highlight issues that touch on morality, society values, inspiration and even political discourse. However more needs to be done to translate most of these literary works into English.

Use Handy Home Cleaning Services to Clean Up After a Party

So you have a huge party. You invite everyone that you know to celebrate your birthday all night long. There are drinks flowing, people dancing, couples being expressive with each other all over your home and everyone is having a truly enjoyable experience amongst friends. This is the first party that you have ever thrown and you are relatively impressed with yourself.

At the party, you meet a beautiful girl that really suits you in every way one could possibly imagine. She has long legs, a smile brighter than floodlights and a face as lovely and beautiful as you’ve ever seen in your life. Now, it’s the morning and your home is a disaster area. You have one of two options: You could either clean the house now and ask her to assist you, which is probably the most unromantic thing you could ever think of doing in life, you could kick her out of your house, even though she is so beautiful that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Or, you could exercise a third option… hire a house cleaner from Handy.

Now, most house cleaners will want to interview you and don’t work on weekends or want a few days’ notice before you call them for job, but not Handy, Home Cleaning Services. With Handy, Home Cleaning Service App, you will have a housekeeper arrive within the hour to give your house the sparkling makeover that it deserves.

So, you make her breakfast. Pick up your smart phone, and order a housekeeper on Handy on facebook, Home Cleaning Service App without even having to speak to anyone. While you are making breakfast, the house cleaning lady comes and she makes your house spotless while you prepare to leave with your new friend to Starbucks where you can finally get to know each other.

You come back to your house because you left something that you need, she walks into your home and sees that like magic, your house is absolutely spotless. She thinks that you spent a few hundred dollars to have your house cleaned when really it only cost a tiny fraction of that. The house cleaner wins because they made a proper salary, you win because you pay less for more and since there is very little overhead cost for Handy, Home Cleaning Services, they pass their savings on to you, which is what you really want anyway right?

Let’s look at another scenario: your parents have always known you to be a sloppy kid. Messy room, never washes dishes, the works. Since your new job and your new life, you’ve really cleaned up your act and you want to show them exactly how much. You have an extensive wardrobe, a beautiful girlfriend, your compensation at work is extremely handsome, but your parents are in town. What is there to do?

You could invite your parents to your house to stay for the next few days. Now, seeing that you want to make a good impression, you could either run around like a slave clean your own home on your hands and knees while you’re attempting to prove to your parents that you are a big shot and that no one can tell you what you need to do in life because you are your own man, or you could order Handy, Home Cleaning Services and have your home professionally cleaned while you’re out getting groceries for your parents. You tell your parents to let the housekeeper in when she comes by. Your parents open the door for your housekeeper, she already knows what you want cleaned and she cleans it stovetop for you, then she leaves. You come back with your groceries and walk into your kitchen, with zero dishes in the sink and spotless counters. On your freshly cleaned range, you decide to cook your parents a meal, because you have gotten quite good at it. Your parents are happy, you’re happy, the cleaning lady is happy. Everyone wins.

The Singing of Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan performs as a baritone in through American operatic scene. Originally from Endicott in New York, he has worked with some of the best educational sectors in the country before becoming a professional. He has also performed with some of the top operas in the country as well and has been featured in several different prominent magazines and publications due to his skill and fame along the opera circuit.

Growing up, Brian Mulligan knew he wanted to become a professional opera singer. He did not want to sing pop or go the route of most other singers. He had a powerful voice that simply proved to be more in line with the opera than with a pop musician. Due to this, he eventually went to Yale University and then on to the Julliard School of Music with Stephen Smith as his primary instructor.

While still in school, Brian performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York in 2003, which made him one of the younger performers to ever work with the Opera. He has also worked with some other rather impressive operas throughout the years with some very powerful roles. He performed as Marcello in La Boheme for both the San Francisco Opera and the Houston Grand Opera. He performed as Jake Wallace in La Fanciulla del West for the New York City Opera, as Yelesky in Pique Dame for the Opernhaus Zurich in Germany, and as Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor for the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Additionally, outside of these locations he has also performed in some major roles for the Canadian Opera Company, the Washington National Opera, the English National Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and the Minnesota Opera. Some of the most recent performances and appearances he has made includes at several different festivals and one-time shows, such as at the Wexford Festival Opera, alongside the Cleveland Orchestra, at the Aspen Music Festival and he also made small, recent appearances with the Ravina Festival and Spoleto Festival USA and the Saito Kinen Festival, located in Japan.

Brian Mulligan is not just a performer that works with the opera though. He has also worked with some of the top orchestras in the world. This includes the Cleveland Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Deutsche Grammophon (which is available on DVD) and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. All of this has proven to be rather defining in his career.

The Life and Career of Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan has dabbled in the field of media, sports, entertainment and business. He is the current CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This company engages in media activities, sports and entertainment advisory services. In addition to his CEO role, Brian holds the position of Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media and Telecommunications Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
Over his 30 year career, Brian Mulligan has held a number of roles. He has been a chief executive officer, a chairman, chief operating officer and even a chief financial officer for a number of media and entertainment companies. He has held managerial positions in Universal Pictures, Universal Television, Fox broadcasting and cable and Boston Consulting.
As an Executive Officer at the Joseph E Seagram and Sons Company, Mr. Mulligan was tasked with the corporate, financial and strategic business functions. He moved to Cerbus Capital management in 2004 where he was made the Senior Executive Adviser for media and entertainment. Mulligan played the role of Executive adviser at Boston Consulting Group where he worked for a short stint. The BCG Company engages in management and consultations.
His thirst for media was quenched at Universal Studios where he was the financial controller before becoming the executive vice president. He proceeded to work at Fox Television where he served as the chairman and consultant in the division of the news corporation Limited. From his position, he was able to manage the television stations of Fox Group, Fox sports, the Fox Cable Network Group and the rest of the business operations for the network. His experience in the media industry enabled him to establish the universal Partners, a group that was formed for the sole purpose of acquiring Universal Entertainment.
Brian attributes all his success to his hard work, studies and his strong character. He also claims that the skills he acquired in his various positions prepared him for the roles he currently plays. He has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Brian received his masters in Business Administration degree from John E Anderson Graduate School of Management in Los Angeles.
Mr. Mulligan involves himself in charity causes that are aimed at the social development of the community. He has been involved in A Better LA, which helps raise money for schools. In addition, he is a huge supporter of arts, media and entertainment sector. Mr. Mulligan is also an author and has a blog that he frequently uses to inspire and inform his readers.

Susan Mcgalla: The Great Business Woman

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in the United States. Susan was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and had two brothers and a football coach for a father. She went to Mount Union College from where she graduated with her Business and Marketing Bachelor’s degree.

Susan has risen to the top of the business world by refusing to accept any prejudices that were inflicted to her because of her gender. Growing up, her family did her no favors for being a girl and as such she had to work for whatever she wanted, same as everyone else. In the real world, this has made her a go getter giving her a well-earned reputation of incredible pedigree.

She began her illustrious career in 1986 at the Joseph Horne Company where she worked in different capacities in Marketing and Management for the subsequent 8 years. 1994 marked a major point in her career as she joined American Eagle Outfitters, a company she would stay with for over two decades. At the time, the company was predominantly male with no women serving in any executive dockets or on the board. She began as the divisional buyer of merchandise for women’s clothing and over the years worked in several management capacities until her efforts eventually saw her become the company’s president and its chief merchandising officer (CMO). Before achieving this, she served as Chief Merchandising Officer and president of the American Eagles Outfitters brand that has grown to be trusted by teenagers all over. The post she bagged in 2005 made her responsible for the designing, merchandising and ultimate marketing of the brand. In October of the same year, Susan wore jeans in a celebration following the brand’s announcement of setting up its headquarters in the South drawing a comment from the then Governor, Ed Rendell of how young a president she was.

Susan was later approached by an organization that seeks to honor women in leadership. However while filling her application, Susan did not focus on the vulnerability of women. She emphasized that before her womanhood, first she is a person and her upbringing taught her to depict confidence when revealing herself and her ideas. The organizers asked her to write something different.

During her time as president, Susan launched American Eagle’s aerie and numerous kid’s brands. The company also developed an e-commerce site and recorded revenue worth over $3 billion. Susan eventually left American Eagles after an outstanding career and joined Wet Seal Inc. as CEO where she worked until 2012 after which she founded P3 Executive Consulting. The company acts as a consultant for clients in areas concerning branding, management of talent, marketing, and efficiency in operations among others.