QNET and the MCFC: What a Partnership

QNet is working with the Manchester City Football Club in the form of a very unique strategic partnership. Reports on the partnership are being noted in the press and a few eyebrows have been raised. The reason is the partnership seems like a strange match. It really is not. In fact, the QNET/Manchester City alliance is really a brilliant one.

Partnerships play a role in many different business success stories. Closer research of various business entities, be they big corporations or small businesses, do show strategic partnerships contribute to great achievements. Even some of the odder partnerships achieve amazing results. The joint venture between QNet and the Manchester City Football Club seems like an odd team-up. Or rather, it seems like an odd team-up on the surface. Once you look closer at the partnership, the connection between the two makes a lot of sense.

QNet does offer a line of health and lifestyle products and services. A connection to a sports team does make sense. When someone is looking over a nutritional product, images of athletic football players is going to have a very positive impact on the mind. Consumers are frequently motivated by de facto endorsements hinted at through the alliance with the football club.

There are other benefits QNet procures from an affiliation with the Manchester City team. Reportedly, “meet and greet” events may be set up in the future. How these meet and greets will work still has to be planned out. Team members may appear at promotional events around the world to hype up buying from or affiliating with QNet. Another idea being bandied about is rewarding top sellers with personal meetings with players. Sports fans definitely would be motivated to be big sellers with a prize such as that.

The Manchester City Football Club also has something to gain from the partnership. QNet maintains offices in 25 countries. Reportedly, affiliates and sales are present in roughly 100 countries. QNet is priming itself for a great expansion in the Indian market. Through affiliating with QNet, the MCFC could end up boosting its presence globally. Merchandise from the club could be sold far from its home location. The team could end up being booked for exhibition games all around the world. Publicity can do a lot of things and the club might end up benefiting immensely. Check out QNet’s profile on YouTube.

Time will tell how this joint partnership ends up working out. Likely, it will work out just fine for all members.

Citadel: Kenneth Griffin’s Relentless Pursuit of Opportunity

Ken Griffin sat in his Harvard dorm room in 1987, cradling a personal computer, and a dream. Further supplied with a phone, a fax machine, and $265,000, he hoped to establish a thriving investment firm. Through hard work and dedication, the ambitious young man raised close to a million dollars in his first year alone. That caught the attention of hedge-fund pioneer, Frank Meyer, co-founder of the Chicago-based Glenwood Partners. Griffin’s talents continued to grow, and in 1990, he was able to found what would eventually become Citadel Group.

Griffin’s firm rapidly gained a reputation for exceptional performance and outstanding service. It quickly diversified, entering markets around the world, and adopting the Citadel name to signify strength and commitment. By 1998, Citadel was in a solid position, with a billion dollars in investment capital, and a growing team. The firm received the Relative Value/Arbitrage Award, and positioned itself to explore investments in energy.

In 2001, Citadel acquired some of the brightest minds in energy, and developed a commodities business that includes natural gas, crude oil, and other refined products. It entered the world of automated trading a year later, and soon managed over ten billion dollars. This was followed by an expansion into the Chinese market, and another defining moment of recognition. Institutional Investor’s Alpha created the Hedge Fund Hall of Fame, naming Citadel CEO, Ken Griffin, among its initial inductees.

Citadel Group weathered the 2008 financial crisis with its usual combination of hard work and innovation. Recovering its losses in 2012, the Group set to work helping to stabilize the markets. It informed decisions that led to new rules and stronger safeguards designed for an era of automated trading. By 2015, Citadel’s investment capital had grown to $26 billion, and the group was consistently delivering high risk-adjusted returns for its investors.

The group is currently comprised of Citadel, an alternative asset manager that leads the industry, Citadel Securities, one of the leading providers of liquidity in American capital markets, and Citadel Technology, a solutions provider for investment management technology. Citadel Group boasts over 1,250 team members throughout the world.

Kenneth Griffin, once an aspiring Harvard student, is now the CEO of a thriving enterprise. But his wealth has not made him forget the needs of others. He actively supports various educational causes. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund, and has contributed generously to two of America’s finest universities. In addition, he has supported Laurie Children’s Hospital, and The Art Institute.

Citadel is a global financial leader in relentless pursuit of opportunity. It has enriched millions of lives, and stabilized the global markets. From that day in 1987, when Ken Griffin made his first phone call, Citadel has stood for consistent excellence. The group has performed beyond all expectations for its investors, and with Griffin at the helm, it will continue to do so.

Eric Pulier Helps This Company To Improve Everyday

The Computer Sciences Corporation has it right when they say that they want to be improving upon all of the things that they are doing each and every day. Every company should have that much dedication to doing things right, and to improving things daily. It is important that a company like the Computer Sciences Corporation keeps changing things up for the better, because they do not want to fall behind. Not when their clients are counting on them. Not when they are supposed to be one of the biggest and best technological companies out there for businesses to use.
So, the Computer Sciences Corporation has been trying to keep improving with each day that passes. And one of the ways that they have been able to be ensured that they will be able to keep improving is by hiring the right people to work for their company. One of the people that is working for them, who they know will always be dedicated to making them a better company, is Eric Pulier. He is their CEO, and he is a man who knows how to take something and make it great.

Eric Pulier has a lot of smarts when it comes to many different areas, and one of those areas is technology. He is determined to make this company be all that it can be, and he is the perfect CEO for them.
Every company needs to be changing and improving if they want to keep their clients around for long, and the Computer Sciences Corporation was smart to realize this awhile ago. They always make it a point to keep changing things up for the better, and their clients appreciate that. Everyone who uses their services can know that they are getting the best that is out there, and that will make every one of their clients very happy.

BRL Trust: A Name You Can Trust

BRL Trust Investments is one of the most premium investment companies in the market today. Even though BRL Trust is a financially independent company and does not belong to any group, it has still been able to stand out from the crowd. If you have the funds to invest, BRL Trust has a profitable portfolio for your hard earned money!

Being the market leaders of private debt securities, they have a massive portfolio of 800 transactions amounting to the total volume of $4.5 Billion. Rest assured when you invest your money with BRL Trust because they care for your resources as much as they care for their customers.

Between Then and Now

The company was founded in 2005 and began its operations as a private loan trust service. Due to their ethical business standards and formation of trust with the clients, they were able to grow their investment to 100 loans by acting as an intervening trust within the first year of operation. This led to the phenomenal growth of BRL Trust and soon they began expanding into other business areas such as management, accounting, bookkeeping investment funds, custody etc. Within 10 years of its inception, it is already one of the most trusted financial services providers.

The Core Values

The company may be only a decade old but it is built on solid principles of high quality service that is offered by the most experienced experts in their respective fields. By conducting all their business transactions by the standard of ethics has given them the ability to withstand growing competition in the financial market. They always place the interests of their customers ahead by keeping their business completely legal. The company’s core mission is to meet the demands of their customers by keeping the transactions transparent and deliver each time as per the quality standards set by the company and do so efficiently. Here, BRL TRUST was written about by Anbima.com.

Investment Made Safe, Halfway Across the World

After the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil was put on to the global map and so was BRL Trust. Being the official loan partners of Arena Corinthians Stadium in Sao Paulo, the company gained media attention from all over the world. BRL Trust ensured that the stadium was in perfect condition for the match and that too well within the stipulated time. Companies like BRL Trust have been growing exponentially ever since and makes it possible to safely invest in Brazil, one of the top 10 global economies. Investing with companies like BRL Trust keeps your money secure and promises assured results.

Spinal Surgery – Choosing The Right Surgeon

Spinal surgery is a difficult procedure to go through because the time required to complete the entire surgery. The spinal surgery process also requires plenty of resting time in order to gain a better spine down the road. When going to a spinal surgery center, the most important thing to remember is to look for one that is capable of helping you get back on your two feet. They must provide you with the best procedure possible for your own specific body. You need a specific development strategy for helping you overcome whatever spinal condition you may be dealing with. When finding the right clinic, you need to look for a couple of aspects before you invest your money to getting surgery. Not only is the money a thing to think about, but the safety of your life must be checked.

Choosing A Spinal Surgery Clinic

– Specialized In Spinal Surgery

The procedure should take place in a location that specializes strictly in spinal surgery. They should help provide you with all the right quality procedures and programs you could possibly do. It’s highly worth trying to look for a company who has a specialty in this field since you know they can help you out successfully. It goes a long way to have a company who has all the right people in place to help make sure you are given quality help.

– Quality Laid Out Surgery Plans

ChoosingWisely says it’s vital that they explain it all in detail about how they are planning on helping you. If they clearly do not have a strong plan to rely on, then you can be missing out on getting a quality experience. Your surgery needs to be safe and showcase the process of how you’ll be treated. One of the hardest things to deal with is having a set of doctors who have zero knowledge and experience in the field. They should be able to showcase to you the entire process.

– A Serious Recovery Plan

Before you start the procedure, they should be capable of outlining the recovery plan involved and the process of how you’ll get better. It’s not always easy to see progress in the long run. The recovery plan should showcase when you’ll recover and the progress involved.

North American Spine is a great company that has proven that top quality service is the key to helping people with their spinal injuries and conditions. Thy have a new procedure, AccuraScope, that has been able to guide many people with faster recovery and a easier treatment. Some doctors say their surgery is non-invasive, but they can be trickier to complete than other treatments. At North American Spine, their new procedure uses only advanced diagnostics and a flexible tiny catheter that helps give much powerful precision during the treatment. They have explained it to be more accurate, provide multiple levels of treatment, and no need for cutting muscle or drilling any bones. With more than 8,000 successful, they’ve shown they know how to help people with this procedure to get back on track.

Attorney Dan Newlin has a Reputation for Recovery

The Florida-based Attorney
Attorney Dan Newlin is a well-known attorney who is based in Florida. He has recovered millions of dollars to those who have been injured and were not at fault. This is a lawyer who does not serve the powerful. He serves the victim who is in need. Those who have been injured can rely on Dan Newlin and his legal team to listen to them, respect them, assess their legal needs, and to do what it takes to recover all monies that is due to them. This is an attorney who truly cares for all clients and victims.

Prepared to Serve Orlando and Chicago
Dan Newlin and his esteemed firm are centrally based in Florida. It should be known that this team of experienced legal experts are well prepared to be of service to those who have been injured in any way in Chicago areas and Orlando too. These are a team of winners who are legally ready to manage all of your personal injury cases in an efficient and effective manner. Every injured person in Orlando and Chicago areas can fully rely on this trustworthy and legal team.

The Specialty Areas of this Firm
This is a firm that does provide specialty services to their clients. These include the following:
*negligent cases
*any spine or brain injury
*automobile accidents
*wrongful death
*medical cases
*nursing home cases
There are a broad range of services that are provided by Dan Newlin and his experienced firm. This is a team with a solid reputation for ensuring that all pain and suffering is accounted for and compensated for. Check out his firm’s Monster profile.

Over 100 Years of Experience
This is a firm that is proud to offer every client over 100 years of collective legal experience. If you or a loved one have been injured in any way, you will appreciate having experienced, and skilled legal team on your side to guide and advise you every step of the legal process.

Bruce Levenson Sends the Hawks Soaring

When Bruce Levenson took over the Atlanta Hawks in 2002 the Hawks were coming off of a 33-49 season, ranking as one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference. Last year Atlanta won 60 games, made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, and had a shot at going all the way. Levenson just sold his share in the team to a Grant Hill led coalition but it was clear from the get go that he accomplished something special with his time in Atlanta. So what is next for the Hawks under new ownership?

The fact is that Atlanta needs to keep their eyes up while their head stays down. Atlanta rolled to the best record in the Southeast and one of the top records in the Eastern Conference by playing remarkable team basketball and keeping everyone involved at all times while out on the court. Their “no superstar” mode of attack proved to be too much to handle as they rolled through the first two rounds of the NBA Playoffs before getting derailed by Cleveland.

With starting small forward Demarre Carroll gone from the team and back up forward Mike Scott looking at possible prison time for felony drug possession, it appears that Atlanta has gotten of to a rough start as the new season looms around. While the appearance is definitely there that things are going south, there are reasons to anticipate continued success in Atlanta.

To put it simply the Hawks rely on their system more than their stars in order to succeed. Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, Al Horford, and Paul Millsap are a quality starting four regardless of who comes in behind them. Thankfully their system does well even with bench players assuming larger minutes. The Hawks DID pick up a few notable bench players, as well.

In an attempt to clear space for LaMarcus Aldridge (who passed on Atlanta)a the Hawks acquired both Tim Hardaway Jr and Tiago Splitter. Splitter and Hardaway Jr are two dramatically different players who will both contribute in big ways. Hardaway is a scorer through and through and he’ll bring offense to the second unit. Splitter is a defensive stalwart with soft passing hands and a smooth finish around the rim. He’ll like turn into the fourth big off of the bench.

Still, with so many pieces moving and the Eastern Conference shaking up it appears that Atlanta will be hard pressed to repeat last years record. The Wizards will be getting better due to their young core maturing while the Miami Heat had possibly the best off season in the NBA by acquiring Amare Stoudemire and Gerald Green for peanuts. Can Atlanta hold both of those teams off? We’ll see.

The Magic Men and Women of Magic Mike XXL

The Kings of Tampa are back in full swing! No pun intended; however, every red blooded American female can prepare to, once again, glory in the likes of returning actors Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, Pro Wrestler Kevin Nash and Joe Manganiello as the super-hot dancers! Now, we may be a little disappointed that Matthew McConaughey did not reprise his role of MC Dallas, the guitar playing, strip club boss; but, with the sequel focusing more on the entertainment aspect, the decision to bring one, Matt Bomer closer to the forefront totally makes up for it! His character of Ken actually sings in the film thanks to fellow actor Channing Tatum, who once again, plays the tile role of Mike.

But enough about the men! There are plenty of good reasons why you guys just might want to to be the one who takes your’re girlfriend to go see Magic Mike XXL! Among those reasons are the addition of Will Smith’s wife, the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith as the crew’s new promoter, Andie McDowell and of course, Crystal Hunt.

Although the fact that Crystal Hunt was once a young pageant girl, prior to Magic Mike XXL and the current Queens of Drama, actress and producer Crystal Hunt was actually another type of queen entirely! A soap opera queen, that is! She was a permanent fixture on both the Guiding Light and One Life to Live. Born and raised in Clearwater,Florida Hunt stepped behind the scenes to produce her first film entitled “Talbot County” in 2014. Her other films include 2005’s “The Derby Stallion”, “Sydney White” in 2007, “NYC Underground” in 2009 and “23 Blast” also in 2014. Our Crystal is one busy lady!

Christian Broda: What He Does Best As A Notable Economist

Economists are outstanding experts who are well learned to forecast the economies of various sectors. They are equipped with vast knowledge to study the production and allocation of goods and services as well as the distribution of scarce resources such as land, labor and raw materials. They carry out comprehensive research, scrutinize and forecast market trends and in turn use the same analysis to apply in various fields such as the environment, health, and education. They are important in helping us understand diverse economic issues including unemployment levels, exchange rates, interest rates, inflation, and effects of taxes.

They are hard working individuals who mostly work full time and sometime work overtime to meet deadlines. They have organized work schedules where sometimes they are interrupted to attend conferences or meetings and special offers for data. They frequently work alone in an office but may be members of a research team. The government employs most of economists but some work for private sectors.

Among the most notable economists is Christian Broda, a prominent economist, and a financial planner. Over the years, Broda has made a lot of research that touches on issues dealing with macroeconomics, finance, and international trade. He is passionate about evaluating the economy as a whole. Most of his research is based on economic growth, inflation, and unemployment as well as studying monetary and fiscal policies. He focuses on historical trends of the entire economy and predicts future trends of the market.

Some of his research has been publicized in economic journals such as American Economic Review and the Journal of International Economics. He has also partnered with other economists in conducting research and making publications on their findings. He currently serves as the, managing director at Duquesne Capital Management and is a member editor of the Journal of Development Economics. He has vast knowledge in economics, and is honored to share it with the rest of the world such as offering lectures at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. As an accurate researcher and adept speaker, he has had the chance to present his research analysis to universities and banks all over the world such as the Bank of Japan and IMF. His brilliant work has been acknowledged by the National Science Foundation (NSF) that offered to support his research.

Employment of economists has increased rapidly just like other professions as a result of transfer of workers to other occupations, retirement among other reasons. Employment opportunities are on the rise in private sectors, research and consulting firms. Demand for economists is at its peak due to increased convolution in the global economy and heightened reliance on qualitative techniques of predicting sales, planning purchases and scrutinizing business trends.

The Benefits of Investment Banking

Many people put the term investment banking into the same category with traditional banks. This assumption is making many individuals and corporations to miss out on what the entity can offer them. Investment banking is a business model that started many years ago and provided services that centered on the underwriting of security, acquisitions and mergers, secondary market offerings, and brokerages. Fortunately, investment banking has evolved today into a full-service business focusing on securities research, propriety trading, and investment management. Investment banks have emerged to help governments, individuals, and corporations to raise capital by underwriting and through securities issuance.

With the assistance of an investment banker, companies can resolve many of their financial problems with great ease. They can get funds for removing themselves from financial problems or expanding their operations. If a company is not in need of capital, they may be having an idea of merging with other companies or acquiring others. Investment bankers can help the company with the lengthy processes that are typical of mergers and acquisitions. The way a company manages these processes determines their future. Investment bankers are experts with experience in handling various aspects of investment deals like pricing, negotiations, business evaluation, and structuring of transactions. They can also introduce a company to the world of commercial banking where they can get business loans and basic investments products. These products are necessary for the success of any business.

If a company intends to recruit the services of an investment banker, the company should do some homework to ensure they choose one that provides quality and all the services listed above. Highland Capital Management provides these services and more.

James Dondero is the founder and CEO of Highland Capital, and he has many people who look up to him in the industry for guidance due to his level of expertise, professionalism, and experience. Individuals and corporations that want to get into the field of investment banking seek his advice on wide variety investment topics. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the industry. He has worked for household names such as Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and American Express. When Dondero was working for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, he helped raise more than two billion US dollars and then managed it competently. He is a respected graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Finance. Dondero is currently the chairman of NexBank, CCS Medical and the Cornerstone Healthcare Group. The experienced investment banker is also serving as a member of the board of director of American Banknote Corporation and Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. He has a wealth of experience managing investment grade corporates, derivatives, preferred and common stocks, mortgage-backed securities, and emerging market debts, among others.

Experienced investment banking professionals such as Dondero always help government agencies and corporations with investment advice. They have access to small and large offices because they are a great way for a business to get financing and grow and are a way for people to earn a high rate of return on investment capital.