Brad Reifler: A Worldwide Reputation for Excellence

The world of high finance is filled with people eager to establish themselves as experts. However, to do so requires much hard work and perseverance, combined with perhaps a bit of good luck along the way. But when it comes to people like Brad Reifler, hard work and perseverance are simply a way of life when it comes to success in the business world.

As the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital LLC, Brad has again established himself as the best of the best. Working with such financial experts as investment bankers from some of Wall Street’s top firms to board members of Fortune 500 companies, Brad has demonstrated an ability to get along with a wide variety of people. In addition to this, he knows how to tap into the minds of these and other experts and develop strategies that achieve fantastic results. For example, during his 13-year run as founder and CEO of Pali Capital, he created sales strategies that were implemented by he and his team.

No matter where Brad has gone, he has tasted success that few others ever do. Founding one company after another, Brad has taken whatever he learns at one company and applies those experiences to his new venture. Being able to work well with others, along with having the financial knowledge and experience of more than three decades, has allowed Brad to easily spot the latest trends and figure out how to best use them in his companies. When it comes to a worldwide reputation for excellence, Brad Reifler always come to mind.

Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden graduated from medical school in 1998. She attended the University of Texas at Galveston, which has a medical branch. She has been a plastic surgeon for 17 years now. Having spent the preponderance of her now lengthy career in New York, she recently moved back to Austin so her young children could be raised nearby extended family. While in Manhattan, where she relocated after completing residency in Texas, she was an attending surgeon at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat. She moved to Manhattan because she was selected for a fellowship at this Big Apple eye, ear and throat firm. This fellowship is highly-competitive and world-renowned. Capitalizing on her special interest in aesthetic surgery, she also worked at the venerated Lenox Hill Hospital during her time in New York. Dr. Walden also taught surgery when in New York, having been appointed to the position of instructor of surgery at New York University Langone Medical Center.

Dr. Walden graduated Salutatorian from medical school. This is the highest honor conveyed to a graduate, and she was also elected President of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. During her time in New York, and after she completed an externship at the well-known Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami, Florida, she received many awards including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate in Vancouver, BC, in 2014. Another accolade would come in the form of being published in Texas Super Doctors, also in 2014, which is a monthly list that celebrates consummate physicians in the greater Austin area.

Today, from her offices in Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden offers a host of surgical procedures, including face, nose, breast and body augmentations. Fully embracing the fact that looks matter in our aesthetically-driven society, the firm philosophy is to promote health and well-being. They achieve this goal by listening to patients, and guiding them toward the best solution for body image enhancements they are seeking. Dr. Walden has a reputation the proceeds her, and as a result she has interest from potential patients that reach far beyond the Austin area. She has people on staff who are there to help just those patients reach Dr. Walden through her “Fly-In Program.” They help with flights, accommodations and with all facets of organizing the trip to Austin. For Dr. Walden and her staff, in the end it is all about helping people feel better about themselves.

What I Have Learned from Joseph Bismark


When it comes to the life that I am living, I like to find advice and support from as many individuals as possible. I want to know how others are living their lives, and just what has worked for them in regard to the way that they mix their spirituality with the rest of their living. I want to know what others do in regard to bringing spirituality to the workplace, and I appreciate reading about those who are living their lives in a spiritual way while on the job. Through a blog post that I read on Please Don’t Ask Alice, I found out about Joseph Bismark, and I discovered just how he is living his life.

Joseph Bismark is not afraid to bring spirituality into the workplace and into everyday life, and that is something that I learned through him. Through the way that Joseph Bismark lives, and the advice that he gives, I feel that I have learned to let my spirituality stick with me all the time. I am becoming a better person because of Joseph Bismark, and I appreciate the fact that he shares about his life with the world. I am happy that Joseph Bismark has taken the time to let the world know that it is okay to bring your spirituality into the workplace with you, that it is actually good to do that.

How To Hire The Right Lawyer In Brazil

There are several reasons to hire lawyers for advice, particularly when you’re running a business in a foreign country such as Brazil. Proper legal guidance can help steer you in the right direction and prevent problems. Having a lawyer is a smart way to help avoid making bad decisions, and ensure that you’re protected from the onset.

Before you choose a lawyer, make sure the lawyer is properly licensed, meaning, the lawyer’s license is neither revoked nor suspended. Some office branches, have a website where you can perform a background check on a lawyer, including verification of license number.

Don’t be afraid to ask a lawyer about his or her experience in the filed. Past practice experience is essential in determining the lawyer’s ability to handle your case. Find out how long the lawyer has been in practice and look for a track record of success.

Make sure you check references. Talk to people who have knowledge of the lawyer’s ability and trustworthiness. A reliable lawyer will allow you to talk to some of his or her representative clients.

Find out about lawyer’s fees. Most lawyers will not tell you their fees before scheduling a consultation, where they can evaluate your case. It is important that you feel comfortable with the attorney, and ideally with the fee. At times, you may wish to negotiate a flat fee, to ensure your peace of mind.

Find out if the lawyer you are considering is affiliated with reputable associations that cater to your legal issues. Keep in mind that there are many specialties within the law. Specialties include bankruptcy, wills and estate business and contracts, real estate, personal injury, appeals, criminal defense, and family law. General practitioners handle a wide variety of cases.

Hiring a lawyer in Brazil is a big step, and it is important to choose the right one for your situation. You need to hire a lawyer that has a proven track record including a number of successful court trials.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most reputable and experienced lawyers in Brazil. He has earned a lot of respect in the Brazilian legal system and he owns one of the largest law firms in Brazil. Mr Tosto has represented many high profile clients, including politicians, public personalities and companies, and Brazilian corporations and multinationals. Ricardo Tosto can not only help protect your rights, but help you fight for the justice you need and deserve.

An Overview of the Renowned Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a renowned technology executive and businessman. He is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a bachelor’s, master’s degree and doctorate in electrical engineering. Shaygan Kheradpir was raised in London as a toddler but later grew up in Iran. He went to high school in Switzerland at Aiglon College and later relocated to the United States for further studies.

He was once a board member of the National Doctrine of Standards & Technology, a subordinate professor of at Northeastern University who lectures electrical engineering and has numerous patents. He has served on the committee of the United States Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Visiting Committee on Upgraded Technology from 2010 to 2013. He was also a member of the board of advisors YMCA of Greater New York from 2007 to 2010. He is an associate of the Engineering Council at Cornell University and has made significant advancements in the companies he has worked for.

He was announced the CEO of Juniper Networks, a leading industry in network innovation by Scott Kriens, the chairman of the board. His tenure commenced on January 1, 2014, after preceding Kevin Johnson, who remains a member of the board. The search for a CEO was detailed as Scott Kriens described it. Shaygan was selected on the criteria that he has successful business activities and technology management, with industry experience and technical focus. Another vital trait is that Shaygan’s ethics and principals for the company concur with the company’s values that are necessary for building a firm foundation for Juniper’s future.

Before working for Juniper Networks, Kheradpir served as the chief officer of operations for the global retail bank at Barclays bank, a dominant global financial services provider in 2011. He later became the technology officer and chief officer of operations and for the whole bank worldwide across retail, wealth, business, cards, corporate and investment banking. He was an incentive in for the banks advancement along the lines of 21st-century industrialization technique and customer-related innovation. He was at the front line to transform the company into a digital one with industrialized controls plus product innovation that was vital to people’s lives including Pingit and Cloudit.

He also worked for GTE Laboratories where he was responsible for network routing, control, and administration. He later became chief information officer gaining dignity for delivering the latest products on became the chief executive of Verizon’s e-business sector, prior to becoming the first ever CIO/CTO of the company. He was also known for diversifying the company into an expansive range of automated operations and telecommunication services. He played a significant role in restructuring GTE’s core systems based on ultramodern computer science, probing operational excellence through vitally developed cost structure for the company.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort: From One Chair to a High-Speed Gondola

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is recognized as one of the best world-class ski slopes. The resort, however, had some very humble beginnings. This tiny ski resort began with only chairlift and 2 rope tows. The resort itself only had 50 rooms. This did not stop Alexander Crushing, the president of the Squaw Valley Development Company in the 1950s, from recognizing the great potential that this ski area had. To help reach this dream, Crushing petitioned for an Olympic bid and the resort was chosen in 1955 to be the home of the 1960s Olympics. The resort beat out more famous slopes in countries such as Switzerland and Austria. With help from the United States government and other backers the resort was ready for the Olympics. That was one of the first of many dreams for this tiny resort. 

Throughout the years the resort began to grow in popularity, and it is still considered one of the best ski areas in the country. The newest dream for the resort is to connect it with its neighbor Alpine Meadows. It is in the works to develop a high-speed gondola which will easily connect the two resorts. This gondola connection, in essence, would create one of the largest ski areas in the entire country. 6,000 acres of skiable land would be created with the joining of the two mountains. 

According to Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley, this is a dream that has been in the making for over 60 years. He believes that the gondola will create the ultimate ski experience for skiers and snowboards alike. There will be a variety of terrains for their enjoyment that they would not otherwise be able to experience unless they physically moved to the other mountain and stayed at that resort.

Great Visual Effects in the Film Industry


At present, as part of the visual effects industry, there is an extensive variety of procedures that being utilized. To provide an continually expanding feeling of realism to complex scenes, countless visual effect strategies have been produced and refined throughout the years. You have, back projection, cell animation, sound effects, stunt, makeup, pyrotechnics, computer animation, model making, matte paintings, miniatures, puppetry, camera motion control, rot scoping, clay animation, compositing, front projection, stop-motion & go-motion animation and a group of other intricate strategies. A the clock keeps ticking, the visual effects keep evolving, and older film techniques are abandoned to give way for more sophisticated visual tricks.

No single procedure is better than the rest, and its use is essentially dictated by the particular necessities of the scene. Nonetheless, a few visual elements render more authenticity to the scene when contrasted with others and may be the favored choice particularly for specific sorts of scenes. Some of these visual effects are archaic, and these are back and front projection. However, yesteryear directors were able to mimic outdoor shots with these tricks, and the result of these shots were incalculable. CGI or computer generated graphics is the latest technology in the visual effects which has been used extensively.

For example, John Textor is the chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. He always been an active member in the major media companies, has been a keen resource for special projects, venue partnerships, rights acquisition and strategic partnerships. Previously, he was the chairman of Digital Domain, and Variety said it was the market leader in visual effects.

When compared to any other tools, computers have always played an important role in producing great visual effects for movies. According to film industry statistics, the top fifty movies that received high revenues had employed great visual effects. Moreover, those visual shots had been totally distinctive and made the movies a big hit among the audience. In addition to that, forty-four of them are completely animated or has visual effects and graphic shots that make them special. There was a time when a film success was greatly influenced by the visual effects and is crucial for a film’s success.

Image Recognition Ushers In The Future Of Retail Sales

Most people are familiar with the term product recognition because it has been around since products and services were first bartered, traded or sold. Today there is a new term on the market that promises to turn retailing upside down. Image Recognition goes far beyond display cases and store shelves. Let’s consider what this means to the future of retail businesses and maintaining inventory.

Imagine using a mobile device to take a picture of a product, and then tap a button and the imagine is sent on a search. The technology finds matches and returns results that include Product Name, Model #, Description and even comments and reviews. Another tap of a button and purchasing begins on a shopping cart where the rest of the details concerning the order display quickly.

Now imagine holding a dinner party for a group of friends. The menu is decided, decorations chosen, and complimentary garnishes to adorn the plates add that special touch to guarantee success. Then you realize the ingredients for your special recipe are not enough to prepare for that many guests. No problem. Simply photo the packaging, send it off on a search, and finish your purchase complete with expedited shipping. It is sure to arrive in time to present a fabulous meal your guests will praise for years.

You see a car advertised in a magazine and want to know more about its features and options. Just point your mobile device at the photo, tap the button and off the image goes on a search. Suddenly you get a list of matching vehicles and the entire dealer sticker sheet with all the information you need to decide on any make, model or color.

The image recognition software comes in the form of an App for Apple and Android and even allows you to scan a photo into your computer. This technology results from the demand for mobile marketing to provide users with instant access to anything they wish to buy.

How do you get in on this technology? Very simple. You contact a company who specializes in visual search image recognition technology and let them show you how. Slyce is a leader in image recognition and offers Mobile Snap-to-Buy, V-Commerce, Tag & Display for Social Media campaigns, and Physical Advertising Recognition Digital Conversion. For retailers, these products and services cover every facet of selling from digital marketing, inventory and follow-up based on previous search history.

Meet Dr Jennifer Walden- A Cosmetic Surgeon

Based in Austin TX, Jennifer Lee Walden is an American cosmetic surgeon and has been practicing in this field for more than eight years. She focuses exclusively on cosmetic surgery such as face-lifts, breast augmentation, nose jobs and eyelid lifts. Also, Dr. Walden can do liposuction on inner thighs, arms and abdomen. She is a registered member of certified plastic surgeons; hence you should know you are dealing with a professional surgeon.


Over 90 per cent of all plastic surgeries are performed on women. As such, they are more comfortable when they consult fellow women and talk to them about some parts of their bodies. Women want surgery because their bodies have changed in a significant way after giving birth, breastfeeding or their abdominal muscles are stretched due to pregnancy.


  1. Walden was voted and honored as Texas Super Doctor; which recognizes outstanding physicians from a team of medical specialties who have achieved high level degree of professional. Every year doctors are asked to nominate colleagues they think are exceptional in their field. She is recognized as an expert commentator on cosmetic surgery by various news agencies.


When your skin is injured, it has ability to repair itself. Micro-needing or Natural Collagen Induction Therapy is a process meant to facilitate the healing process. The damaged collagen and elastin are replaced by fresh new cells. This is a popular treatment method because it’s safe, no chemicals are needed enhance collagen production and the results achieved are excellent. This type of treatment can be performed on all skin colors. Dr. Walden has been encouraging people to use this method since it’s very safe.


There are certain problems that are associated with old age. The neck is no exception in this case, and Dr. Walden has some solutions to offer. She has several treatment options to address the neck of an aging person. The solutions include noninvasive, minimal invasive and surgical which is extremely effective. These three methods are very safe to use and your neck problem will be eliminated.

Product Recognition Is Changing The World Of Retailing

In the old days, back when Reagan was president, the retail business was primarily a brick and mortar business. Consumers had to leave their homes, drive to a mall or a downtown shopping area, and purchase what they wanted or needed. Most consumers had no idea if their favorite store had the product they needed in stock or if their size was available. Retail buying was a hit and miss endeavor, and consumers put up with that sort of business model. The reason they put up with it is simple. That was the way it was always done. Retailers didn’t have the courage or the foresight to change that system. Then the computer took hold, and life as we knew it changed forever.

Getting adjusted to the computer hasn’t been easy for the older generation, but the millenniums took to it like ducks to water. Baby boomers were cautious, skeptical and fearful of the Internet, but as new applications were introduced the old folks knew they had to get with the program or stew in their own ignorance. When the Internet exploded, and new business models were introduced, retailers realized they had a tremendous opportunity to expand their businesses. The big challenge was how to display products so the consumer would relate to them. The Internet wasn’t “touch friendly,” and a large number of products rely on consumers to see, touch and analyze them before they purchased them.

When product recognition was introduced as an application of image recognition, the retail game changed dramatically. Product recognition has different marketing and e-commerce uses. Companies like Slyce was one of the first companies to introduce an advanced form of pattern imaging technology which made product recognition possible. The Slyce technology can stream capture images, and then it matches images through a series of recognition stages. The Slyce technology produces exact results for every image search. Product recognition is the tool that is slowly putting the brick and motor retail business on notice. Retailers have to sell to consumers online and in stores.