The Man Test

Men are constantly bombarded with the idea that they have to live up to the pressures that are put on them and the ideals of masculinity. There are powerful societal norms that command men to be masculine in every area of their life. The University of Washington released a research paper that has data that proves that men overcompensate when they fall short of these ideals. Men are reasserting their masculinity in minute but substantial ways. The study was published in Social Psychology last week. The initial study took place when the question was posed, ‘how do men respond when their masculinity is questioned or threatened?’. Men would either play up their manly roles or Doe noted they would aggressively reject any type of feminine preference. The study gave male college students a hand grip strength test. When these men underperformed they later exaggerated their height by three quarters of an inch. They asserted that they had more romantic relationships, claimed that they had no interest in stereotypically feminine consumer products, and gave the assertion that they were more aggressive and athletic than what they actually were. These findings don’t just stop at how men bragged to one another. The study showed that men who were threatened would engage in instigating violence against women to get their masculinity back. The study goes deeper into the minds of men and how they identify with their idea of being masculine is.

Tonight Show Cancelled for Three Weeks

The Tonight Show was put on hold on Friday due to an injury sustained by host Jimmy Fallon. Apparently he severely injured his ring finger, and was rushed to an emergency room for treatment. He later posted pictures of the injury to his fans, after the Tonight Show was cancelled for the week. Fans who had tickets for the show were told they will get to see the show at a later date.

The injury that the host sustained is still a mystery. Fallon has been known to play beer pong with his guests and fans, and no one is quite sure if alcohol played a part in the injury he sustained. After NBC cancelled the Friday taping of the show, they decided that they would put the show on hold for 3 weeks after getting word of the severity of the injury. Brad Reifler ( has learned that ring finger injuries are very common in the country, as machinery and such get stuck on the ring and in many cases can take the finger clean off.

When it was discovered that the finger had almost been ripped from the hand, NBC decided to play on the side of caution and take the show off the air until the host was better. Fallon already responded to many fan questions by saying he is doing fine and will be back at the job as quickly as possible to continue with his love affair gig.

Being “Addicted to the Sun” May Be More Than a Humorous Statement for Some

Addiction can be a horrible thing to live with and incredibly hard to overcome. Most of us have things that we crave or really like doing but then there is addiction or when we have the overpowering feeling that we need a particular thing. Drugs and alcohol are typically what people get addicted to, and it can wreck marriages and ruin lives. Yahoo! Finance suggests that there are a plethora of treatment programs for addiction, and some are more effective than others. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are not the only addictive things out there. In general, there is physical addiction and then there is behavioral addiction. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are considered part of the former but they may also have aspects of the latter as well. Gambling addiction is an excellent example of behavioral addiction. Perhaps one of the strangest addictions anyone ever heard of is called tanorexia.

Tanorexia is when someone is addicted to tanning. This may be thought of as a behavioral addiction, but it also has somewhat of a physical aspect because exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause the body to produce the feel good hormone known as endorphins. Those who have tanorexia have also been known to experience withdrawal symptoms just as drug users can. This is a dangerous addiction in its own unique way in that exposure to sunlight is the leading cause of melanoma or skin cancer. It is being debated whether this should be considered a legitimate addiction in the mental health profession.

Constant Movement Helps Kids With A.D.H.D. Concentrate

Having a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or A.D.H.D. can be very trying on a parent or teacher when you want them to listen, pay attention or concentrate in order to learn something. The fidgeting and other random motion they engage in can be very distracting to others, but apparently it is very helpful for them. Scientists have wondered about the relationship between the hyperactivity that is part of this disorder and the impairment in their attention and there has now been a study that makes it more clear.

A number of boys and girls were gathered for an experiment to test their concentration. It included kids with A.D.H.D. and those without it as a control group. The children had to do tests that challenged their ability to focus on what they were doing and there was a time element as well in that they had to select a correct answer as fast as possible. Researchers found that those with this condition who fidgeted the most did better on the exam than those with it who did not. They concluded, therefore, that fidgeting and moving around was a way for these children to cope so they could focus and concentrate better . The Huffingtonpost recently reported to skout members that this is very useful information for those trying to communicate with or teach kids with A.D.H.D., and the only remaining problem is to figure out a way for them to express their need for motion in their bodies to still their minds that does not distract other children.

Dan Newlin and his new #Dan campaign

Sometimes great innovations don’t come from engineers or software developers but everyday people. A recent PR Newswire story revealed that the Law Offices of Dan Newlin may have discovered a marketing tool that can possibly change how businesses and companies are contacted by customers and potential customers. Dan Newlin is the founder of the Law Offices of Dan Newlin, which has offices in Florida and Chicago. He has a passion servicing the public and helping to bring justice to individuals that have been injured. Newlin wants to help as many people as possible and in order to achieve this goal he must promote his company and make it easy for clients to contact him.

To help spread the word about his company, Dan took to social media. With the help of a hash tags, people were able easily search and discover information pertaining to a particular topic. Understanding how hash tags worked and the benefits it provided, Dan wanted to take things a step further. His research led him the idea of #Dan. This hash tag not only would allow people to search for content regarding the Law Offices of Dan Newlin but it could be dialed using the phone. These simple four digits could be dialed by a potential customer and the call would automatically be routed to one of Newlin offices.

Dan thought that this idea would be beneficial for current and potential clients and also his business. By dialing #Dan people would not have to worry about remembering a 10 digit number. Newlin took his idea to various cellular companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. These companies allowed beta testing to operationalize the technology.

Newlin believes that his innovative idea will not only be beneficial for his company but other large companies as well. According to research, the working memory of the average person can only memorize seven items at a time. This means that a person will more than likely forget a phone number that was seen on a billboard or heard on a radio commercial. With the new idea from Newlin, companies may be able to increase their chances of having their contact number remember if it is abbreviated and actually includes a word.

Bernardo Chua Shows How To Make Money, One Cup At A Time

Few adults can resist a cup of coffee. And now that medical studies have revealed health benefits to coffee in certain amounts, as well as certain blends of tea, people around the globe are consuming these beverages in numbers like never before. It could well be a good time for a enterprising entrepreneur to go into the coffee distribution business. Certainly Bernardo Chua thinks so.

Who is Bernardo Chua? He is the owner and founder of Organo Gold, a company that manufacturers blends of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate which contain a herbal ingredient derived from Ganoderma lucidum, an Oriental fungus. While Western medicine has been unable to link health benefits to ganoderma, it has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, where it’s been attributed to improving general good health and strengthening body systems.

A native of the Philippines, Bernardo Chua got his business start in that country working as an executive for Gano Excel, a company that marketed ganoderma derived products as health supplements. Under Bernardo Chua , Gano Excel’s market expanded into lucrative North American and Hong Kong markets. Bernardo Chua owned a coffee shop in Richmond, British Columbia in 2008, and in that year, decided to combine the public’s love of coffee with herbal supplements by introducing a new product line called Organo Gold. In addition to offering the novel approach of coffee as a health food, Bernardo Chua decided that the product line would be sold through direct marketing. Today, in addition to various blends of coffee, the Organo Gold line offers green tea, lattes, a non-hot beverage called Black Ice, and supplements in vitamin form, all containing ganoderma to varying degrees. While many sales come through direct online marketing, they can be sold through conventional retail marketers as well, and Chau offers seven different earnings opportunities for his distributers. Organo Gold’s projected figures for 2015 forecast more than a million global distributers and $800,000,000 in global revenue. Top company earners receive such perks as trips to South Africa and the Bahamas, plus opportunities to lease Mercedes Benz and other well-known luxury automobiles.

In addition to expanding Organo Gold product sales Bernardo Chua has created OG Cares, a charitable foundation that raises funds for underprivileged youth world wide. Its first United States fund raising effort will be with a ball and live and silent auctions in Los Angeles in August of 2015.

Dancing Legal Again in Japan

After World War II, Japan issued a law banning public dancing. Venues had to obtain special dance licenses from the government, and even with the license, dancing had to cease by midnight. This law was put into effect in order to try to reduce the prostitution issues in the clubs and late night venues. After 67 years, and a petition with over 150,000 signatures, the dancing ban has been lifted! The new law will officially go into effect next year. Part of this move by Japanese government is the country coming into the 21st century, and part of it has to do with Japan’s preparations for the 2020 olympic games.

While Japan has lifted their ban, and plans to make everything official next year, Sweden still has a very similar dance ban in place says Susan Mcgalla in this article. Public dancing is illegal in Sweden, unless a venue or club has a special license. While a motion to abolish this law has been brought to the government in Sweden, it has continued to fail to pass. Maybe one day public dancing can be a freedom all over the world, but until then, the movers and shakers of this world will have to make due.

A Little From Those Who Can Help Could Change the World

It is always sad when tragedy strikes. It is always in these times though that communities, friends and family come together to accomplish some amazing things. We hear stories from time to time of generous contributions to charities and such. It is rare though that you hear a story about someone donating directly to the families of victims in said tragedies. In the wake of everything that recently occurred in South Carolina, Jerry Richardson owner of the Carolina Panthers is donating $100,000 to the families of the victims. That is $10,000 for each family. Daniel Amen agrees that this is a very thoughtful act of kindness and something that a lot of people could learn from. There are many that could help and all it takes is a little bit from everyone to make a difference. Thank you to Jerry Richardon and the Carolina Panthers for your very heartfelt and appreciated gesture.

Women and Health Care

Current GOP and Republican politicians are petitioning to completely gut the Affordable Care Act. At the end of June Alexei Beltyukov informedar me that the Supreme Court will hear the case of King v. Burwell. The case is trying to persuade the Supreme Court justices that it is illegal for the Affordable Care Act to give out health care subsidies to federally run agencies. Instead the plaintiffs are arguing that the subsidies should be given to state run facilities. This would completely cut health care availability from the lives of 3.5 million Americans across 37 states. If the Republicans are victorious in passing this legislation, American women will be hit the hardest. If the Affordable Care Act is overturned insurance companies can hold having acne, having a Caesarean section, or having been involved in an abusive relationship against a women as a pre-existing condition. Mandatory maternity coverage could be wiped out as well. Health care companies will have complete control over what they can and cannot not do to women if the Act gets overturned. If the Republicans get their way it could be detrimental for GOP candidates that are in the running for the presidency. They will be pressured into answering questions that are aimed at whether or not they thought their party made the right decision. If they go along with their party, they lose the vote of women. If they go against their party, they lose the vote of their party. The King v. Burwell case has placed numerous individuals in a bind that won’t be loosened until the case is closed.

Drug that Treats Osteoporosis May Also Treat Diabetes

Scientist find that a well-known drug being used to block the breakdown of bone has the potential to help with prostate cancer.

The drug Denosumab can treats osteoporosis, and although there are other compounds that have this effect, denosumab is already approved, which can speed up approval for clinical trials to treat diabetes says Kevin Seawright.

Diabetes arises because of insufficient beta cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. In type 1, the cells die because of an attack on the immune system. In type 2, the body becomes resistant to insulin and the cells try to compensate by producing more, which doesn’t work.

Researchers, led by Rupangi Vasavada at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York have found a link between bone formation and the expansion of pancreatic beta cells.

Vasavada’s team is analyzing how Denosumab and a protein that is bone-derived called osteoprotegerin (OPG) regulate the growth and activity of beta cells.

The team is now looking to begin clinical trials in patients who are being treated for diabetes with denosumab, and treat them for osteoporosis.