A Mentrual Hygiene Day Will Be Held Soon

There is a menstrual hygiene day coming up, and it may sound taboo and even scary. Girls are taught about their menstrual cycles, while they are in school, but boys are taught very little about the same thing. Menstrual Hygiene Day. In Uganda, it’s not uncommon for girls to have to miss work or school, just because they do not have sanitary napkins while they are on their cycle. If these girls end up missing a day of work, they lose money for up to seven days. It’s also possible for them to miss out on a lot of school, especially if their cycle runs longer than one week.

Although the problem in Uganda is being rectified by charities that are donating reusable sanitary napkins and more, there still is the issue of speaking about menstrual cycles in the first place. Many feel that the menstrual cycle is something that should be hidden, not talked about, and even shunned. A girl going through a menstrual cycle is no different than a boy going through puberty, and girls need to learn not to be ashamed of their bodies. Menstrual hygiene day is going to help girls learn to care for themselves, especially during that time of the month.

The event will be held in Washington DC, and it will be hosted by a company that helps to distribute menstrual kits to those in Uganda who cannot afford it. STX Entertainment and the team at the LATimes are hopeful, the entire event will de-stigmatize talking about menstrual cycles.

A Test For Honesty

Public assistance is vital for disenfranchised families and individuals who need a helping hand. These programs have been implemented for decades and have improved millions of lives and started legacies that cannot be undone. Unfortunately, everyone who receives public assistance, such as Food Stamps or TANP, isn’t always as honest as one could hope for. Recently, a legislative group has released a statement aiming to push the government to require people who receive public assistance to take and pass drug tests in order to keep their assistance. The opposition of this idea suggest that requiring someone to pass a drug test who is in need of public assistance tramples over their civil and constitutional liberties. On the other hand, Sam Tabar and Bloomberg agree that the group pushing for the program stipulates that public assistance is just a temporary hand up. It was put in place to temporarily aid people and families until they can make a way for themselves. Supporters behind the program have a very good reason to push for this type of testing. In recent months, the state of Kansas has recorded data of people using government funded assistance at liquor stores, casinos, baseball parks, and even cruise ships. Drug testing someone who is getting assistance is not denying them their liberties, but keeping them honest in order to keep the public assistance program credible. There are sure to be debates over the next few months regarding the legislation.

Delta Air Throws Pizza Party For Passengers On Delayed Plane

Delta Airlines have really stepped up their game lately in bringing in a more large customer fan base, as they have been throwing pizza parties for those passengers who get stuck on a major delay of a flight going places. The most recent one happened in Atlanta and it really cheered up the people on board as well as the overall mood.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater.com, the flight crew had several pizzas delivered to the aircraft and they were served seat by seat like they would with beverages and snacks. This is really a brilliant way to make cranky people trying to get somewhere get in a better mood. Of course just about everyone turned to the different social media platforms to announce the wonderful news, and now the whole world is aware of the fantastic treatment that Delta Airlines offered their customers. I think that this was a fantastic move by the airline, because getting all of those pizzas probably didn’t cost them a whole lot overall, and the pizza companies know that they should be on call in case of instances like this.

Whatever the case, STX Entertainment says cheers to Delta. It can be extremely upsetting when a plane is delayed like that and they have found a way around it to make it not so bad overall. It will be interesting to see if other airlines follow suit.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Turn Down ‘Fuller House’

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are two of the biggest childhood celebrities of all time. Their iconic role was on ‘Full House’ in the nineties, and many people still watch the show to this day. Recently, ‘Fuller House’ has been announced for the Netflix streaming site. As of right now, John Stamos and Bob Saget have confirmed that they will reprise their roles from the original ‘Full House’ show. Apparently, there are several other actors that are on board for the new project as well. However, fans of ‘Full House’ have been wondering if Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would be reprising their roles as well.

Fans at FreedomPop know that John Stamos recently voiced his frustrations with the Olsen twins, and he publicly criticize them for not answering questions regarding ‘Fuller House.’ Sadly, it appears that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be starring in the new show. This news has angered many fans of ‘Full House,’ and it appears that some of the cast members are unhappy as well.

Rollingstone features an in-depth article with further information about this story. As of right now, it appears that ‘Fuller House’ is going to be made without the Olsen twins. Twitter members have publicly voiced their frustrations with the young girls, and many people are hoping that the Olsen twins change their minds.

10-Year-Old On the Way to Earning Bachelor’s Degree

If you are a student, you may realize the amount of time and effort it takes to achieve a 4.0. If you are not a student, you may remember what it was like. Well, a 10-year-old named Esther Okade is already taking college classes for a bachelor’s degree. She has passed her tests with flying colors, even citing them as “easy”. She took the required exams for college and wrote the entrance essay and was accepted as she truly has the intellect for such an institution. According to her mother, she has always had an aptitude for math, which she demonstrates with her calculus and algebra skills. She can be seen doing college-level problems. Her younger brother also has shown a talent for math and will one day hopefully follow her footsteps.

She definitely has a talent which is why she is achieving what she has, at least according to those at Gravity4. But, it does bring the idea of where our math technical skills lie in our educational systems. Definitely math can be taught in a more intensive way so that children can be finishing up calculus more early on. This would allow people to have a better core understanding of the subject and facilitate to those who may have a talent for it. Of course, math is considered to be hard by many but if there is a better focus on the subject, more people will be able to understand and apply the material.

California Beaches Closed For Memorial Day Weekend

The pristine beaches near Santa Barbara will be closed this holiday weekend as a result of an oil spill caused by a ruptured pipeline owned by Plains Pipeline LP. On Tuesday, a foul smell on the beach prompted phone calls to the fire department. When the firefighters arrived on the scene, they saw that a section of the rocks was black and determined it was oil. Upon further investigation, the broken line was discovered, and the track of the spill showed it was flowing under the freeway through a storm drain and onto the beach. Approximately 21,000 gallons escaped before the valve was shut off. The slick in the ocean stretched about 4 miles along the beach, and wildlife is already being found covered in the black tar.

Late Wednesday, California governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Santa Barbara County. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought that would be the case. By doing that, it allowed him to quickly get funding that can be used to bring in the equipment and manpower to get the spill cleaned up as quickly as possible. This is expected to take several weeks.

Girl Stuns Everyone Who Meets Her

According to the lawyerist.com website, Sam Tabar knows, any problem with the brain can cause a lifetime of heartache. Brain damage can cause a person to have zero control over their body or life.

Mysha Dejong is the type of young woman that many younger girls aspire to mimic. At 18-years-old, the soon-to-graduate Rocky River High School student is beautiful, admired by friends and teachers and an honor student.

Yet, Mysha’s life has not been easy. When she was a freshman, she had to undergo brain surgery at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic to remove part of her brain.

Mysha was born originally with a malformation of the brain that resulted in her constantly experiencing severe seizures. At one point, she had to take 27 pills each day to treat the condition, but her brain and her body would not stop seizing and the seizures were disrupting her sleep, health and ability to learn.

The doctors removed parts of the brain that control vision and speech. Yet, within 24 hours of the surgery, her doctors saw immediate improvement. Although her right arm was initially paralyzed and she lost 50 percent of her vision, she quickly adapted and worked hard to regain her mobility and catch up with her classmates. Now, she can function pretty much like all of the other students. She graduates in early June of this year and then plans to go to a local community for now.

Breaking the Sadness One Birthday at a Time

Oftentimes, people who are unaware of social problems might look at homeless people as people who are lazy or don’t want to work. What those people don’t realize, is that circumstances might make it difficult for people and they end of being homeless. It is a heartbreaking scenario, but what is maybe even more heartbreaking is to think about how many children are made homeless each year. Homeless children often have a hard time adjusting to a homeless life. The years that should be spent exploring their imagination and the depths of their mind, are spent with trying to understand why they don’t have a home or other privileges that kids their age usually have. One Denver nonprofit is doing what they can to offer these unfortunate children a little piece of a normal childhood. For most children a birthday party is an exciting time to see friends and family. For homeless children, this non-profit organization has realized that it means nothing short of the world. Denver unfortunately has 3,000 homeless children on their roster. In an article in crunchbase, Brian Torchin mentioned that many of these children are subject to living in substandard housing, witnessing crimes in places that they have to call home, and are in and out of shelters on the regular basis. The Birthday Smiles program offers these children some sense of normalcy. The children know that they can count on the volunteers of the Colfax Community Network to be there if need be. Rise Justice is one of the founders and volunteers for the network. Justice was quoted as saying that seeing homeless children is heartbreaking, but being able to give them back a piece of themselves is the most rewarding experience.

How Noticing a Dimple Could Save Your Life

When people think of breast cancer symptoms, they think of sudden lumps, skin discolorations, rashes, pain, swelling or pimples, sores or other wounds that do not heal. Yet, there is a little change in the surface of a breast that can also indicate that a woman, or man, has breast cancer: A dimple forms at the surface.

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 20, Facebook was abuzz with the story of a 42-year-old British woman, Lisa Royle, who may have saved her own life by going to the doctor after she noticed a dimple under her one breast.

On May 11, Royle posted a public note on Facebook that featured an image of the bottom side of her one breast and a bright red circle around a small indent at the surface of her skin. She wrote that she never thought she would post a “boob picture” on the social networking site, but she wanted to spread awareness before having her breast removed this Monday. She said that she only found the one dimple and that “very subtle dimples” underneath a breast are easy to miss.

As of May 21, the post has been liked and shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook with more than 40,000 likes and more than 70,000 shares.

Christian Broda has learned that other subtle signs of breast cancer include a change in breast shape, a change in skin texture and any nipple changes.

Is Pedialyte the New Cure for Hangovers?

Pedialyte, well-known as a child’s cure for dehydration is quickly becoming a go-to product for hangovers.

Beyond all the hype and marketing buzz, the question is does it really work?

The reason hangovers are so harsh on the body is because alcohol depletes the body of minerals, leaving you to feel sluggish, thirsty and nauseated.

Pedialyte rehydrates the body with those lost minerals and electrolytes, a key component in overcoming a hangover according to STX Entertainment.

Traditionally, Gatorade has always been a first choice to replenish nutrients, but it contains more sugar, and has more calories than Pedialyte.

The popularity has caught the attention of the manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories. They intend on expanding the flavors and including a powdered version.

Endorsements from celebrities have certainly helped the brand transition from a kid’s drink into an adult’s recovery aid.

Miley Cyrus selfie and Pharrell’s plug in USMagazine certainly expanded the Pedialyte demographics.

If nothing else, keep in mind, Pedialyte has been nursing the nastiest stomach ailments for decades, so it makes sense that it can fix an episode of heavy drinking.