khloe’s Pending Divorce Makes Her Look Sexy

Khloe fell madly in love with Lamar Odom and married him just days late, while nobody expected the to last their love was deep and only drugs could tear them apart. When news hit about the divorce everyone who watched them knew the world was in shock, but the video that surfaces of Lamar rapping about being unfaithful on national television was more than enough proof that Khloe needed to let go. Fans at STX Entertainment know that Lamar isn’t rushing to give her her divorce paper s back and now everyone thinks they are trying again but thats just their way of dealing.

Now that Khloe is a free woman ,she is dedicated her time to fitness and being brave and positive about the situation. Khloe says that or a normal day she can’t got out in jeans and a shirt without a mob of people surrounding her, but now she has the gym and she can go there relax, which she does everyday to block out all of the stress. Clearly it is about time that Khloe find something other than booze she can rely on.

Who knows, maybe Khloe insisted that I being stuck in the in a loveless marriage isn’t worth and moved on, but when you look at her body all you can think of is a happiness.

Fortieth Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon Has Bitter Lessons for the United States

The United States exit from the Vietnam War was supposed to be dignified but the final chapter of America’s involvement in the war still haunts American soldiers and policy makers. There has never been called a defeat of America forces. At the time of the end of the war with the fall of Saigon, all major military operations conducted by American forces had been terminated the year before. However, the chaotic image of the total collapse of the South Vietnamese government and military before the eyes of the world weighs heavily as a failed United States foreign policy of magnanimous proportions. The live television images and print photos of evacuating helicopters picking up refugees as well as American personal is still etched in the mind of a lot of Americans that remember that era. The further images of U.S. military aircraft being pushed off the decks of U.S. warships speaks to the futility of the war that many believed that American should have never entered in the first place. Fall of saigon A Bitter Pill Still For U.S.

Many question as to whether the United States ever learned its lesson from the Vietnam war o how to conduct a war and how to make functioning U.S. policy in a regime that is not organized nor functioning efficiently itself.
Mark Ahn is aware that a new generation may never have heard of the Fall of Saigon. If they were to ask any U.S. soldier from that era they would have gotten the meaning of the war first hand.

Colon Cancer Risk Factors Changed With Diet Swap

Protein rich diets, typical of the Western culture, coupled with fatty foods and low fiber, have been connected with increasing cancer risks in contrast to African diets of high fiber and low fat and protein. Published in Nature Communications and announced in Science Daily, a recent study substantiates the claim that high fiber diets significantly cut the risk of colon cancer.

The 4th common reason for death in the world, colon cancer has been linked to greater than 600,000 deaths annually. Garcia Dias is concerned because rates are highest in the Western part of the world, with African-Americans carrying the greatest risk. A study by the University of Pittsburgh and the Imperial College of London included a group of 20 African-Americans and 20 South Africans. They swapped diets for two weeks. The American group ended up with less colon inflammation and reduced markers for risk of cancer. The African participants had the reverse effect.

Study director, Stephen O’Keefe, Professor at the University of Pittsburgh stated that the studies that were conducted on Japanese immigrants to Hawaii indicated that it took one generation of the Western diet to increase the potential for colon cancer. As compared to these more recent findings of changes after two weeks, this emphasizes that it is not too late to make changes, no matter how long a less beneficial diet has been followed.

At Least 1,000 Doctors Say Dr. Oz Should Resign

Many doctors in the US, around a thousand of them, now agree that doctor Oz should resign from his position in Columbia University. This is according to a new poll conducted by SERMO. SERMO is a doctor’s social network.

Out of all the doctors who participated in the pole, 57% want the doctor to resign from his position in the university.4% want his medical license revoked, while 22% said that he should resign and his license revoked too. However, 18% think that he should do nothing of the sort, out of respect for him.

10 doctors had initially sent a letter calling for his removal from his position in the university, citing his lack of integrity. They claimed that the doctor was promoting products and quack treatments that were not even approved.

Dr. Oz had responded, in an episode on his show, by saying that he will not be silenced. He claimed that they were attempting to take away his freedom of speech. Sergio Cortes thought Oz handled himself like a toddler. 

The doctor was also criticized for his baseless attacks on GMO foods. In his response, he accused his critics, who insisted that there was nothing wrong with GMOS, of having ties in the GMO industry.

He also went on to clarify that he was not against GMOs but was only advocating for their proper labeling, something that his critics said would cause unnecessary panic and attention from consumers buying the products.

Belle Gibson, Wellness Guru, Admitted Her Cancer Diagnosis Was a Big Hoax

Wellness guru Belle Gibson has been exposed to be a liar and a crook. The 23-year-old was the mastermind behind a hoax that fooled millions by convincing them she healed herself from terminal brain cancer with holistic medicine.

Gibson’s cookbook “The Whole Pantry” was set to be released in the coming weeks, but an Australian newspaper changed her plans when they dug a little deeper into Gibson’s claims, they soon found out their suspicions were right, and Gibson was, in fact, not a cancer survivor, nor did she heal herself of any disease.

Gibson claimed she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009, and said she was given only months to live. She managed to build an empire around this made-up story with book deals, best selling apps, and a huge social media following. Now, Gibson admits it was all a hoax orchestrated for her own selfish purposes. Daniel Amen is disappointed, as are many others.

In a recent interview with Australian Women’s Weekly Gibson said, “I don’t want forgiveness, I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human.'”

However, Gibson is about to find out what it’s like to be judged in the public court of opinion, while also possibly facing criminal charges for swindling investors and consumers out of a substantial amount of money.

The full interview can be read in the May issue of Women’s Weekly, which hits the shelves today, April 23rd.

Popular Dr Oz Claims That Don’t Hold Water

Recent speculation has suggested that Dr Oz is including products and cures on his television show based off of the business he has going on behind the scenes with many of these companies and brands. Much of what Dr Oz is claiming to be true or beneficial on his show may actually be biased and while it could be helpful, there often is not enough research to support this doctor’s claims. There are some common claims that often appear on the Dr Oz show that just don’t hold water and they include:

Green Coffee Extract For Weight Loss
This bean is a magic weight loss cure according to Dr Oz. There was only one scientific study that supported this claim and it has since been retracted back in October of 2014.

Umckaloabo Root Extract For Immunity Support
While Dr Oz says this link text can help alleviate the common cold and ward off the flu virus, there is no real science to be found that states this is true. Bruce Karatz doesn’t know what to believe. While homeopathic doctors recognize this root to be beneficial, there are not scientific confirmations.

Lavender Soap For Restless Legs
Dr Oz has suggested a number of times on his show that a bar of lavender soap underneath a person’s bed sheet can help soothe restless leg syndrome. Lavender can be soothing and relaxing, but there is no scientific basis to this as well.

Two Types of Childhood Obesity – Infant and Adolescent

Childhood obesity is an epidemic, but a recent study discovered there are two phases of the epidemic. The first part begins in early childhood during the infancy and toddler stages and is fueled by parental influence. The second stage occurs during the pre-teen and teenage years and is fueled by the child’s peer group.

The research that came to this conclusion compared data regarding children’s weight from the 1980‘s with the weight of today’s typical children explains Sultan Alhokair, research member. The rate of obesity has risen among children during that time period from 5% to 16%. The records from 1980 show that today’s typical 16 year old teen’s weight has risen across the board, all teens weight more today than they did a few decades ago.
The leader of the study, Professor Terence Wilkin, of Exeter University, states that “childhood obesity is one of the greatest health issues of our time”. In order to effectively fight the battle against childhood obesity an understanding of how it works is needed. The study shows environment plays a huge role in how much a child weighs and there are different causes for obesity based on the child’s age.

Taking a stand against sugary beverages and added sugar in the food children eat is a good starting point at any age to help prevent or reverse the effects of childhood obesity.

Radiology Today

Never has there been a more exciting time in the history of radiology. Right now there are multiple companies competing to make the practice of radiology (in all its forms) more convenient, patient friendly, and most of all, easier to share the results with health professionals using the Cloud.
For most people who have dealt with major health issues in their lives, radiology is second only to surgery in terms of the dread it inspires. When most people think of MRI scans for example, they think a tube they are stuck in that is loud and uncomfortable. Worst of all, you have to stay completely still for however long it takes to get the images needed. One of the exciting developments in MRI technology deals with patient comfort; less noise and the forgiveness of involuntary movement. This means a more comfortable, cooperative patient who is less afraid to face the MRI.
Even PET and CT scans are getting a patient-friendly makeover. They too have been updated to make it easier on the patients. The scans have new software that allows the scans to be more fluid. None of the “stop and go” that once jarred patients.
What about the side of radiology that is not usually thought to be so daunting? When most people think ultrasound they think babies or at least a less uncomfortable diagnosis of a problem. The new level of ultrasound technology offers an HD screen for more precise spotting of issues or a clearer picture of the baby on the way.
One of the major players in the radiology game is a company called Imaging Advantage or IA. Their technology has propelled radiology to the Cloud. Their system unites 30 ER systems in 10 different states. It compiles patient information as soon as they arrive in one of those ERs. No more waiting for a doctor’s office or another ER to fax or call in previous results. Now it’s available at the ER doctor’s fingertips. As their CEO, Naseer Hashim says “Integrated care systems are the future of health care.” They have also streamlined the process by images using algorithms to calculate the most accurate assessment of those tests needed. This cuts down on patient wait time, the time it takes to treat that patient and prevents the danger of unnecessary testing. Their 30 minute read time, due to the Cloud access, is also much better than the 20+ hours most practices take to turn those images into concrete results.
With new developments such as these, we are in an era that can, and does, connect more people with more doctors. That translates to lower health care costs, better patient services and doctors that are more efficient and better able to heal. After all, isn’t that what we all want and need?

Search for the Next Spider-Man Down to Five

Spider-Man is a big part of the Marvel comic book world and a major player on the box office stage. Since the character will be pretty much shared between the Marvel movie universe and Sony for the foreseeable future, finding the perfect actor to play Spidey and his alter ego Peter Parker is a pretty intense process. The added pressure of the character appearing in “Captain America: Civil War” is another pressure factor, because the movie is getting ready to start filming.

According to Screen Rant, five actors have been short listed for the chance at a career making (or ruining) turn. The list includes: Nat Wolff, Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamat, and Liam James. Of course, whether or not any of the actors gets the role is a matter of rumor versus fact, which is nothing new in the super hero box office world of today. The big noticeable factor is that the actors are much younger than Tobey Maguire at 26 or Andrew Garfield at 28 for the role, which signals a massive reboot for Spider-Man.

The question of whether or not fans like Sam Tabar will join in on another rebooted Spider-Man story is what should really concern Marvel and Sony. With two tales in recent memory, taking the character through the death of Uncle Ben yet again could get a little stale. Of course, the asset the character could be in the Marvel world could be massive, but getting the right actor is really the first step. With any luck the studios sort it out soon.

A More Mindful Approach To Depression Could Be Effective

Fersen Lambranho said that a new approach to treating depression may be becoming available to millions of patients sooner than later. A mindfulness-based depression therapy is showing promise and studies have determined that this approach is actually as effective as anti-depressant medication in many instances. In patients that have been studied while using this approach, they were less likely to relapse and experience depression. This treatment option is currently being used in England as well as Wales with great success and the hopes are that it comes to the United States soon.

Mindfulness is designed to put each individual in charge of their own future and well being. Patients are educated to notice when they are becoming at risk of becoming depressed or falling back into old habits. This can prevent a patient from having to go back on medication. Many people do not appreciate the side effects of many of the antidepressant drugs on the market or are unable to take them and mindfulness gives people a set of skill that they can use long term to manage their mental health and well being.

This mindful approach is being encouraged to medical professionals in the United States. It has proven to be useful for all different kinds of depression and with the help of a trusted doctor and / or therapist, success and happiness can be achieved; drug free.