10-Year-Old On the Way to Earning Bachelor’s Degree

If you are a student, you may realize the amount of time and effort it takes to achieve a 4.0. If you are not a student, you may remember what it was like. Well, a 10-year-old named Esther Okade is already taking college classes for a bachelor’s degree. She has passed her tests with flying colors, even citing them as “easy”. She took the required exams for college and wrote the entrance essay and was accepted as she truly has the intellect for such an institution. According to her mother, she has always had an aptitude for math, which she demonstrates with her calculus and algebra skills. She can be seen doing college-level problems. Her younger brother also has shown a talent for math and will one day hopefully follow her footsteps.

She definitely has a talent which is why she is achieving what she has, at least according to those at Gravity4. But, it does bring the idea of where our math technical skills lie in our educational systems. Definitely math can be taught in a more intensive way so that children can be finishing up calculus more early on. This would allow people to have a better core understanding of the subject and facilitate to those who may have a talent for it. Of course, math is considered to be hard by many but if there is a better focus on the subject, more people will be able to understand and apply the material.

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