How To Not Settle Down With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App

Among the common ideas that have been thrown around when it comes to dating is settling for someone. This is often one of the dreaded ideas when it comes to dating. After all, very few people like the idea of just getting what they can get. Often times, the thought often brings forth the image of someone settling for someone who is undesirable just because that person wants her. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has come up with dating apps that have gotten women the chance to actually go for what they want. At the same time, there are ways that women can avoid having to settle for less.

Women like Whitney Wolfe would advise women to know their worth and bring out the most from themselves. This involves dressing their best and taking the best care of themselves. Whitney Wolfe herself makes sure that she presents an impressive image to people so that she can maximize her chances of finding a high quality man as opposed to just settling for low hanging fruit. Whitney Wolfe encourages women to do the same. It does not matter the physical shape she is in. She can present herself in a way that would attract a man with a great personality and a respectable demeanor.

View Whitney Wolfe’s profile on Forbes to learn more about her new dating app Bumble.

When it comes to dating apps, being in shape is not just enough. One has to make sure that she has a good picture taken of her. One of the best things to do is take a multitude of pictures. Some of the pictures can be full body pictures that show off the whole body. Also, a full honest filling out of the profile is very important to make sure that one is perfectly matched with someone who is going to be good for her. Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble app is one that is made with a lot of thoughtfulness.


Rick Shinto Promotes InnovaCare Health To Emerge Among Trusted Managed Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry has seen massive growth over the years and many of the changes that were reported are as a result of the input the government has offered to take healthcare services closer to the people. Programs like Medicare Advantage made healthcare better and improved the access to quality care among individuals who have different needs to cater for when it comes to guarding their healthcare. One of the companies in the healthcare industry that took this opportunity to improve and offer better services is InnovaCare Health, a highly established managed healthcare provider based in Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare Health has been in the forefront offering services that have helped to make access to quality services easy. Their system was designed to accommodate the new demands of the industry and to allow for growth and establishment. Today, the company serves people from the larger North American region and their support for programs like Medicare has continuously been growing. Some of the reasons behind the great success the company enjoys is having good leaders who are focused on developing a network that can be relied on. The company reshuffled its leadership system in 2012 to include new professionals who are more experienced and committed to offering ideas for growth.

Rick Shinto

One of the professionals who was invited to work with InnovaCare Health following this reshuffle is Rick Shinto, who is the current CEO and President. Rick Shinto has led the company towards attaining a status of growth and development and he is among individuals who led the development of a unique network of service delivery that has enhanced the quality of services. Before he was appointed to head InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto served at Aveta Inc as the company’s President and CEO.

This was between 2008 and 2012 and before then he worked with several companies including NAMM California and MedPartners. His great services were also extended to supporting the government in various organizations and this allowed him to build a strong career as a clinical medicine expert. Rick Shinto also authored several journals and articles addressing issues in the healthcare industry.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health, is a professional with more than 20 years experience working on clinical medicine projects. She, before joining InnovaCare Health, worked at Aveta as the deputy of the president and also served at several government organizations. She is among people who gave InnovaCare Health the new look the company enjoys.

Talk Fusion Is The Real Deal

Bob Reina and his entire crew are supremely confident in Talk Fusion, as they should be, because they have created a product that is unlike any other product out there. It is an all-in-one video communications provider. It is for people that are looking for a better life and a life that is more enriching to them. They have worked retail, 9-5, and they have worn the suit and tire. While it might have been nice for a while, they have had enough of it. It has worn out its welcome and it no longer brings them any joy or happiness. It is just a job. When something becomes just a job, that is a serious problem.

That is where Talk Fusion comes in to save the day and they truly save the day. They don’t just go at this half way. They go into it full throttle. They know there are a lot of people out there with great ideas, passion, and desire. This has been built up inside of them and they need to release it to the world. One example that comes to mind is perhaps someone is interested in becoming a blogger. Now, more than ever, people are working from home, and they are loving every second of it.

One thing that often stands in their way is money, and they need money to start up the business or get it rolling. Right now, Talk Fusion is offering thirty day free trials to new customers , so this takes the money and the risk out of it. They don’t lose anything in the process. They get to simply jump right in and get to work with the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They see how great it is and why so many people are swearing by it and love to use it.

This is a chance and Bob Reina is confident that once they get the shot and they have the chance, they are going to make something special out of their lives. He truly believes in them and what they are capable of doing out there in the world.

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Rona Borre and Amazing Track Record

              Rona Borre has been recognized with several awards

One of the top female entrepreneurs you can find, Rona Borre has built an amazing resume over her career. The CEO of Instant Alliance, Borre has become nationally recognized as a result of her accomplishments. She has impacted her community in a major way and continues to be a role model for women all over the world.


A leader of the Chicago community, Borre has a long list of accomplishments on her resume. She sits on several important boards including the Economic Club of Chicago and Young Presidents Organization. Rona and her work have been featured by several major organizations including CNBC, CBS, Today, and CNN.  Based on


Rona Borre has been recognized with several awards. She honored as an Influential Woman in Business by The Business Ledger. She received a similar award by the National Association of Women Business Owners. In addition to those accomplishments, she was also chosen as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine. All of these do not include the many awards received by her organization.  Click this related link.


This University of Arizona graduate took her business degree and made the most of it.  Borre passion and determination have led to great levels of success. With her work ethic she is sure to be around for years to come.


The Career of Litigation Specialist Karl Heideck

Litigation is the name for the process of resolving disagreements through the filing of a complaint with the court system and the other party answering to it. Litigators will have a university background education in the law.

There are several steps when a lawsuit is filed against another party, starting with pre-suit litigation activities. The lawyer could write a demand letter to the other party where they will compensate his client for their alleged misconduct, or filing a Notice of Eviction when the other party isn’t paying their rent or a number of other activities. Litigation cases are usually resolved before they end up being argued in court but that does happen in some cases.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer who specializes in litigation
Karl Heideck is a lawyer who specializes in litigation as well as compliance and risk management in the greater Philadelphia area.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer who specializes in litigation as well as compliance and risk management in the greater Philadelphia area. Heideck earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature/Letters at Swarthmore College in 2003 and his J.D., Law at the Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law in 2009.

Heideck started his professional career as an Associate at the Philadelphia law firm Conrad O’Brien where he represented his corporate and individual clients in litigation cases. Karl Heideck was able to quickly move up in position and started work as a Project Attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP where he worked in such areas as compliance, bankruptcy restructuring, pharmaceutical litigation, and white collar defense.

Today Karl Heideck works as a Contract Attorney for Hire Counsel. Among his roles as a lawyer at this law firm, he works in the discovery aspect of litigation for securities fraud and banking litigation cases. Among the issues that Karl Heideck is specialized in are compliance, acquisitions, and risk management.

Contact Karl Heideck for more information on the litigation process.

UK Vintners, The Kings Of Wine

The company was launched in 1363 with the aim of giving wine lovers the best out of the industry. For years now, the drink loved by many has been associated with a long history. The Company owes its origin from two firms, the Allied Wine Buyers, and Nottingham group.

This saw the firm work tirelessly towards their visions and finally managed to brew the best top shelf wines. According to England’s history of wine trading back in the 40s, the product managed to claim a third of the state’s import with the vintners dominating the industry.

As time continued to unfold, the company went through many achievements, which transitioned to the today’s vintner wine industry. Though the journey was not easy, the firm worked tirelessly to put a smile on its customers. In 2013, the organization held its 650th anniversary.

Nature of the business

UK vintners are a public limited company, which was chartered in March 2015. Apart from wine, UK Vintners also produces spirits, beers, and other alcoholic drinks.


Grow the wine industry by providing the best quality products, which meet global standards.


To be the world leading manufacturer and exporter of top shelf wines.

How to shop Vintners wine online

In the past, UK Vintners wine lovers used to do their purchasing the traditional way. As the industry continued to grow, the company introduced online services where customers can place their orders without visiting their stores.

To shop online, all that one need is to visit the company website, create an account, and fill in the requirements with the right information. After the registration process, one can start enjoying the company services. Many clients prefer their online service since they offer free delivery to the customer location and accept different mode of electronic payments.

Tidal is Making Waves and Dez Perez is Stirring the Water

Desiree Perez has really channeled the mindset of a true executive that has her attention on building a quality music streaming service. Tidal is getting recognized by other companies like Sprint because there is a stellar leadership quality that is being shown by Jay-Z. He is picking the best people to turn Tidal around. Desiree Perez has shown her skills in the business world, and there are a ton of people that are looking forward to what she is doing next.

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Tidal is on fire, and Desiree is the one that is behind all of this. She has been in charge of pinpointing the areas where problems exist, and she has been working towards resolving many of these issues. It appears to be what she is good at doing.   According to, there have been times where Tidal was struggling to become a music streamer leader. Now this same company has the attention of Sprint. That may be the thing that has made people look at all this company has done right last year. Tidal introduced the world to Beyonce’s Lemonade through a visual album before anyone else could get their hands on it. Tidal brought fans remastered Prince albums. There were also some concerts that were brought into the home through Tidal.

Access to  for mroe.


This has been what Desiree Perez has been doing. She has shown the world that she has this personality that stands out from the crowd. There are some people that are going to praise the work that Dez Perez has done with Tidal. Others may say that she hasn’t done enough yet. What the naysayers do not know is that Dez Perez is just getting started. She is showing the world that she has the ability to reinvent music streaming services like Tidal and make customers sing a new tune.

Make Your Name Count For Something In Online Reputation

What does your name mean? Your name is not only what you are called by, but it is also a symbol of you are. Your name should be a representation of your personality, work ethic, skills and beliefs. In short, your name plays a vital role in your reputation both on and off the web.

Lets say you want to improve your online reputation or want to go about expanding it. How do you get started? The first step is to find out what your reputation currently is. An easy way to do this is to search for your name on search engines and see what results come up. Browse through results. If you do not like what you see, then you need to get to work creating new content to push down the bad content about your name.

Another thing to do is to clean out your social media postings and comments. Ask yourself this. Lets say my boss or manager saw the comments, posts or images I have put out on my social media. How would they react? Would it get you in trouble? If you answer yes to some posts or images, then go ahead and delete them or remove them if you can. According to, this will clean up your reputation. Remember you want to give out a professional image in public. That is a key thing when it comes to online reputation management.

Take a look at your email outbox as well. Read some of the messages. Think of how you come across to some of the recipients. Remember that you can change the tone of your email messages if you think you come off sounding rude or disrespectful.

Creating a biography and publishing it on all of the different websites that feature your profile is another great idea to boost your online reputation. Add it to places such as LinkedIn and social media accounts. The more prevalent your bio is on the web, the more it will become your actual reputation. Finally, write about content that you are interested in or that is related to your work. You don’t have to be a professional writer or publicist to do this. It will boost your online reputation and establish credibility to your name.



The success made by Troy McQuagge in transforming healthcare management

Troy McQuagge is one of the leading executive manager worldwide. He has dedicated his time and resources in the advancement of the health care system in the United States of America. As such, Troy McQuagge received Goldas CEO of the Year in the prestigious One Planet Award. His exemplary leadership qualities contributed greatly in this achievement. This is a global recognition award that is honored to exceptional leaders across the world who have contributed in the development and success of different institutions. The award is won with both profit and non-profit making organizations who send nominees to be vetted and receive the award. The award is given purely on merit due to the contributions of the nominee to the said organization. Troy McQuagge success started in 2010 when he joined the USHealth Group, he started transforming the institution into a world leading health care group. He revolutionized management roles and made key changes in the management process which then brought positive change and development in the company. This is the basis that brought about international recognition making him to be chosen as world leading chief executive officer of 2016. One planet award is always honored to different o types of organizations across the world including public relations, marketing, corporate communications and executive departments.

Troy McQuagge has a lot of experience in the healthcare industry dating back from his time in the university. He holds a bachelors degree from the University of CentralFlorida. This culminated in his fist employment opportunity at Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. As such he has advanced his career successfully to move through the ranks into becoming a top most recognized and sought after executive personality. When Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in 2010, he came in with the spirit of transforming the company into a productive and successful institution. The company focuses mostly in selling insurance policy plans to people across the United States of America. As such, the company has also conducted a market research where it has categorized its audiences thus focusing on people with 65years of age and below.

Prior to joining USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge was the president of Agency Marketing Group where he worked diligently in advancing the marketing segment to increase on the sales. As such, he also received recognition in his contribution at the company as a dedicated chief executives officer. He has earned many awards as the president of the USHealth Group since he assumed the leadership position. Currently, he also serves as a member of the board of directors of the company where he has continued impacting positively on policy formulation and execution. This has been a major milestone in transforming how people view and understand leadership and management roles. This is according to

The Success of the Fashion and Technology Industries in the Eyes of Chris Burch

Christopher Burch has a over 40 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He has helped more than 50 companies reach their highest success. Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, a company that is an expression of his vision and values or new market opportunities. He contributes his imagination and creativity to help lead disruptive brands and businesses to have a lasting impact on consumers’ lives.


Mr. Burch’s was still an undergraduate at Ithaca College in 1976 when his success in the business industry began. He and his brother invested $2,000 to start a business called Eagle’s Eye Apparel, a business that grew to $165 million before they sold it. In 2011, Chris launched C. Wonder, a home decor retail that also features apparel and accessories.

In his spare time, Burch also participates in fundraisers and social work groups.


Chris Burch notices the modern day changes that the fashion and technology industries have made. As time went on, technology became more fashionable, and fashion became technologically fashionable. It’s almost as if the two have merged together. Kids used to walk around with a Walkman to play music, and since then we have seen nothing short of huge improvements with the invention of the iPod.


Fashion and technology have helped one another out for years and that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Models recently wore Google Glass on a catwalk, the eye glasses are powered by the android operating system and can take photos or videos. Wearing these glasses on the catwalk presented people with questions of both fashion and technology trends. As you can see, technology and fashion work hand in hand and without one the other would not be as successful. A businessman named Soledad Martin has even been working on a new type of shoes that will charge your cell phone while you walk or run. This can also help motivate people to exercise. The impressive advances to technology and fashion have helped make our lives a little easier.

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