Securus Technologies Offers World Changing Technology for Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of communications technologies for corrections facilities, safety organizations, and law enforcement organizations. The company services over 1.2 million inmates and their families and over 3,400 clients all over the North American continent.


The technology works on the iPhone, Android, tablet and regular phone platforms. There are several plans available such as direct billing, collect calls, inmate debit where the inmate pays his bill, and prepaid calling.


A recent innovation uses Securus phone call monitoring software to surveil and prevent various criminal activity which can include planning of crimes, selling of illegal drugs, and the use by inmates of drugs and alcohol.


Reports that come in from clients using the software tell the tale of these very crimes from sheriff’s departments, police forces, and prison sources. There are also reports that the use of these measures has improved the security and safety overall in prisons and jails.


Another instance where the monitoring paid off was when a correctional facility received enough incriminating evidence from phone calls so that a search warrant could be obtained.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has offered an invitation to correctional facilities, all loyal customers, and investors to pay a visit to their Technology Center to view the various systems designed to catch criminals in the act or to prevent crimes before they occur. The actual services will be demonstrated to show how crime prevention will work in the various settings.


The positive feedback currently being received by Securus is a testimony to the good that the phone monitoring technology is creating. Customers who serve in the law enforcement agencies and corrections industries are using the technology for good purposes each and every day. Securus has over 250 patents about these technologies. Law enforcement and other officials responsible for the incarceration of inmates and criminals are applauding the great help it provides.


How The Kabbalah Centre has Adapted to Today’s Advanced World

The teachings of Kabbalah span over 4,000 years. The ancient wisdom was closely guarded for centuries, and only a select group of men over the age of 40 were able to become students of Kabbalah. Rav Ashlag first introduced the idea that Kabbalah teachings should be more widely accessible back in 1922. It took many years for it to finally come into fruition, but finally in 1984 Rav Philip Berg and Karen Berg, his wife, began teaching Kabbalah to students all across North America.

The Kabbalah Centre was essentially born out of the desire to provide more people with this wisdom. If you happen to visit a Kabbalah Centre or study group today, you will bear witness to people from all walks of life learning together. There are now over 40 brick and mortar Kabbalah Centres and study groups in the following areas: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, California, Ivory Coast, and several more locations all across the world. Rav Ashlag’s vision is now crystal clear, as we see more and more people unleashing the wisdom of Kabbalah into their daily lives.

The Kabbalah Centre has adapted dramatically to suit the fast pace of our advanced world, but amazingly, they have never strayed from the roots of the Zohar and traditional Kabbalah wisdom. Students are equipped with not only the knowledge that The Kabbalah Center provides them with, but they now also have several avenues to access sacred texts, reach out to other students, find volunteer opportunities, and listen to recorded teachings in order to stay focused in their practice. The Kabbalah Centre has come a long way from technological standpoint, but they have been rooted in ancient wisdom for centuries.

How EOS Beat Chapstick for Lip Balm Leader

EOS started off selling their lip balm in Walgreens pharmacies after the company founders nearly begged for the opportunity. EOS founders knew they had an awesome product, if only they could get noticed. That deal with Walgreens and Target gave the founders the break they were hoping for after Allure and Cosmopolitan magazine editors talked about the new and exciting Walgreens find they had to try and loved.

EOS lip balm gained attention because the product was tailored to the needs of the Facebook active millennial consumer, based upon this age brackets responses to surveys and questionnaires. Their lip balm is created with organic ingredients and placed into a fun orb container that is far from ordinary. Flavor explosions are then added, and moisturizing agents that help keep the lips feeling and looking their best.

EOS listened and the result is a product that people love and trust, even more than Chapstick. Everyone has heard of Chapstick, and likely used it once or twice before. For the past 100 years, Chapstick has been the primary choice in lip balms for both men and women, leaving little room for creativity, fun, or even flavor since a lack of competition existed. When EOS lip balm came about in 2009, things would forever change in the lip balm industry. Now, EOS has achieved greatness, selling more containers of lip balm than Chapstick last year, and earning a spot as the number two lip balm in the world, above Chapstick’s spot at number three.

It is amazing what you can do when you are confident in your product and listen to the people who you are designing the product for. EOS is a company that proves that sometimes, new is better and change is good. This company is the breath of fresh air that you need in lip balm products.

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Thor Halvorssen: A Genius in Human Rights Activism

The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, National Journal, just to mention a few, these are the print media outlets where Thor Halvorssen opinions have featured. In addition to the print media, his opinions have also been featured in stream media outlets such as BBC, Al Jazeera, HBO, CNN, and Fox News. But why do Thor Halvorssen opinions matter to feature this much? He speaks words that can send the politically enslaved free. He is known for his stands against threats to democracy, human trafficking, and slavery by all means. For this reason, he has dedicated part of his life as a lecturer of these things at several universities in the US. These universities and institutions include Harvard School of Law, the United Nations Association New York, the New York City Junto and the American Enterprise Institute. For his efforts and dedication to these causes, he was invited to the British parliament to address the house.

Among the things he is known for is the Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York. With this organization, Thor serves as the chairman. While working with this organization, he has managed to free several prisoners of conscience and has also worked with successful human rights activists. Some of the activists that he has managed to work with include Mart Laar, Harry Wu, Vladimir Bukovsky as well as Vaclav Havel and Garry Kasparov. He has managed to speak for political prisoners in several countries that include Venezuela, Vietnam, Cuba, Bolivia and even Panama and Columbia.

Some of his most successful works include unveiling corruption deals between American artists and dictators. Some of the artists that have been caught by his investigative eye include Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent and Erykah Baduh. Thor is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in history and law. When not working as a human right activist, Thor likes to spend his time as a film director. For instance, he is presently producing a film called the Moon is a Harsh Mistress. His films, however, focus on issues related to the things he strongly opposes. for more.

Bob Reina, An Entrepreneur With A Vision

Bob Reina, founder of Talk Fusion, is a successful entrepreneur that left his job as a police officer and pursued his vision. His company introduced video email.

Reina is the type of person that knew how to get the very best out of individuals in any given environment. Reina and his team always look ahead and start each day brainstorming. Then the idea’s his company comes up with is soon turned into a reality.

Reina’s passions include helping animals find their forever home. To show his coworkers just how dedicated he is to this, he brings his own animals to work each day as he believes it creates a peaceful work habitat.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. The company has been dedicated to helping people build futures and giving back to the communities globally. Bob Reina, founder of Talk Fusion, states that with every great success, even greater responsibility follows. This is center core of Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion donated over $1 million dollars to the Humane Society in Tampa Bay, to his heroic efforts in saving many animals, Reina’s vision is to change the lives through actions.

Reina keeps his goals simple, yet powerful. He hopes that by showing the public what he and his company stand for, that it will spread globally.

For decades, Bob Reina committed himself to finding better ways of reaching out and helping people reach their goals and full potential. Many associates over the years have shared their success stories on how Talk Fusion has made a positive impact in their lives.

The possibilities are always endless. Rebuilding, money to cover medically necessary medications, or being able to help family and friends out when the need arises, these scenarios can be achieved as no goal is unreachable.

The company’s motto is simply to use their success by paying it forward. Reina hopes this type of mentality continues to grow.

Experience High Standard Service At Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star hospital does not conform to inefficient structures. Such factors allow it to create ideas, visions, and structures that give hope and inspiration. Worthy expenditures like the purchase of expensive equipment to provide excellent services help realize the vision.

The hospital facility is attracting worldwide attention because of its luxurious presentation of medical treatment. The hospital has suites for patients, robotic equipment, technologically superior operation rooms, and intensive care units. It has visual images that guide surgical paths and a well-constructed building. View the design at RafArquitetura.

The facility building has great innovative designs together with top edge technologies. It clearly shows the revolution of hospitalization in the world. With the best facilities, it can provide patients with needed care. Copa Star brings new vitality that values and recognizes originality in the market sector.

The hospital now aims to become a superior center for neurology and cardiology with its new unit at Rede D’Or Sao Luiz offering the latest medical technology. This facility includes intensive care units with round-the-clock monitoring of patients by highly trained staff and state of the art equipment.

Latest technological advancements are in use in operating rooms, which incorporates magnetic resonance technology and imaging. Physicians can view patient’s medical scans when performing surgery. Also, hybrid rooms are available for operations requiring less extensive surgery. The equipment is accessible in hybrid rooms ensuring patients get the best medical care anywhere.

Use of sophisticated technology allows surgeons to send imaging to experts anywhere in the world for opinions that can help get a better outcome in surgeries. New architectural designs are focusing on improving the comfort of patients visiting the hospital. Patient care is at a new level by the recent hospital developments.

The facility appears like an upscale 5-star hotel with services delivering state of the art medical treatment. The design incorporates energy efficiency measures lowering power consumption by 50 percent. Crystalline technology helps to improve the overall performance of the concrete, which extends its overall lifespan.

Copa Star Hospital is located mainly in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The facility has the best doctors with years of experience providing excellent services and cares for patients. The services range from radiology, internal medicine, cardiology and general practitioners.

It also runs an excellent restaurant on site operating 24/7. The services ensure family members or patients can enjoy delicious meals as they wait for them to recover. Patients at Copa Star receive healthy nutritious meals that meet their body nutrition needs.

The health center provides a comfortable environment, which is its commitment to health and healing of its patients. The comfort and exceptional service from its staff and amenities make it the best facility in Brazil. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

Why Oncotarget Should Be Considered as Being One of Your News Sources Website

The website Oncotarget has been created to serve as a multidisciplinary traditional journal that enables its users to access that sources it has listed with free-access. It publishes papers in weekly issues in which each one is capable of being printed for what is known as a special demand. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

The goal of the website is to develop results scientifically and make them available anywhere possible in order to maximize impacts of the research through insightful instances of reviews. It should also allow sharing of discoveries quickly so that borders between specialties can be eliminated.

In a world where marketing and networking is taking over the realms of business, it is important to ensure that an individual is doing what they can or need to in order to learn about proper writing. Learning about the proper elements of writing can take time, however, if one does not properly learn it, they may come to find out that there were many things in their developmental processes that they were essentially missing out.

Proper elements of writing should enable one to express their words thoughtfully and freely so that readers will be capable of understanding what the writer is striving to provide for them through their message. Oncotarget can develop a writer’s skills to where they will eventually be the best writer that they could possibly be. If you’re not necessarily sure about what you can do to sharpen your writing skills, it is highly recommended for you to refer to the contact information on the Oncotarget website. The website has been created with elements of minimalism and should be one that someone can depend on to provide them with what they need in scholarly papers, newspapers, and weekly updates on what it occurring around the world. It is a good website that provides many benefits for those who want to perfect their skills in the English language while keeping up to date on current events. It is truly an educational place to go to on the Internet. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Timothy Armour, The Face Behind Capital Group

Timothy Armour is basically a portfolio manager. Having a bachelor’s degree in economics, Timothy Armour has been able to head one of the most amazing companies in the world. He is a man who previously worked as an equity investment analyst at Capital.

It is in 2015 that the Middleburry alumni Timothy Armour was then named the chairman of Capital Group. He succeeded James Rothenberg who had previously died of a heart attack. Timothy Armour was aged fifty-four at the time. Being highly skilled in active management, he was the best candidate at the time for this job. Also, his rich education background in economics added to his general qualifications.

In his time as head of Capital Group, he has been able to devise better ways of carrying out business. Such radical changes have been spearheaded by the need for Capital Group to yield better returns to the end of every year.

During the financial crisis of 2008, investors pulled out their assets from Capital Group. To prevent this from happening again, Timothy Armour had to reduce the number of managers in the company, and replace them with sales people meant to bring in more clients. Nevertheless, Capital Group’s method of stock picking has remained rather undeterred.

For instance, Capital Group is helping Korea recover financially. In Korea today, there is a shortage of the young and energetic population. Thus, modern technology in the Korean market has in the past gone unnoticed. However, Capital Group is planning to help the government of Korea to end this nightmare by bringing these products directly to the people. It is due to Timothy Author’s ingenuity that the institution has been able to penetrate the Korean market and also ended up partnering with Samsung.

Capital Group has been able to endure through the tides of time. Established in 1931, it is a company greatly respected by many people across the world. Its resilience has been a product of its top management coupled with the ability of its members of staff to serve customers in a friendly way.

Therefore, Timothy Armour has really taken Capital Group on the right path. It is under his management that this company will succeed in both local and international markets.


How To Not Settle Down With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App

Among the common ideas that have been thrown around when it comes to dating is settling for someone. This is often one of the dreaded ideas when it comes to dating. After all, very few people like the idea of just getting what they can get. Often times, the thought often brings forth the image of someone settling for someone who is undesirable just because that person wants her. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has come up with dating apps that have gotten women the chance to actually go for what they want. At the same time, there are ways that women can avoid having to settle for less.

Women like Whitney Wolfe would advise women to know their worth and bring out the most from themselves. This involves dressing their best and taking the best care of themselves. Whitney Wolfe herself makes sure that she presents an impressive image to people so that she can maximize her chances of finding a high quality man as opposed to just settling for low hanging fruit. Whitney Wolfe encourages women to do the same. It does not matter the physical shape she is in. She can present herself in a way that would attract a man with a great personality and a respectable demeanor.

View Whitney Wolfe’s profile on Forbes to learn more about her new dating app Bumble.

When it comes to dating apps, being in shape is not just enough. One has to make sure that she has a good picture taken of her. One of the best things to do is take a multitude of pictures. Some of the pictures can be full body pictures that show off the whole body. Also, a full honest filling out of the profile is very important to make sure that one is perfectly matched with someone who is going to be good for her. Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble app is one that is made with a lot of thoughtfulness.


Rick Shinto Promotes InnovaCare Health To Emerge Among Trusted Managed Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry has seen massive growth over the years and many of the changes that were reported are as a result of the input the government has offered to take healthcare services closer to the people. Programs like Medicare Advantage made healthcare better and improved the access to quality care among individuals who have different needs to cater for when it comes to guarding their healthcare. One of the companies in the healthcare industry that took this opportunity to improve and offer better services is InnovaCare Health, a highly established managed healthcare provider based in Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare Health has been in the forefront offering services that have helped to make access to quality services easy. Their system was designed to accommodate the new demands of the industry and to allow for growth and establishment. Today, the company serves people from the larger North American region and their support for programs like Medicare has continuously been growing. Some of the reasons behind the great success the company enjoys is having good leaders who are focused on developing a network that can be relied on. The company reshuffled its leadership system in 2012 to include new professionals who are more experienced and committed to offering ideas for growth.

Rick Shinto

One of the professionals who was invited to work with InnovaCare Health following this reshuffle is Rick Shinto, who is the current CEO and President. Rick Shinto has led the company towards attaining a status of growth and development and he is among individuals who led the development of a unique network of service delivery that has enhanced the quality of services. Before he was appointed to head InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto served at Aveta Inc as the company’s President and CEO.

This was between 2008 and 2012 and before then he worked with several companies including NAMM California and MedPartners. His great services were also extended to supporting the government in various organizations and this allowed him to build a strong career as a clinical medicine expert. Rick Shinto also authored several journals and articles addressing issues in the healthcare industry.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health, is a professional with more than 20 years experience working on clinical medicine projects. She, before joining InnovaCare Health, worked at Aveta as the deputy of the president and also served at several government organizations. She is among people who gave InnovaCare Health the new look the company enjoys.

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